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Introduction To Muscle Testing for Communication with Non-physical Beings

March 24, 2010

This is a link to my original written description of this technique.

Shudder (Shiver) Testing

October 20, 2009

A long time ago my mother asked to be given a signal if something wasn’t correct in whatever energy work she was doing. This was way back when my mother was working with the energy healer who helped get us started. Even back then they faced much of the same resistance that her and I still do and it was important to have a real-time means of knowing if a process wasn’t working correctly. The result of this was that my mother began to have sudden, momentary body tremors, shudders or shivers, while she was doing energy work. They would always indicate that something wasn’t working correctly, whether it was a treatment that had failed to finish, or an entity interfering with the process.

Later, she discovered that if she directly asked the universal healing energy a question she would receive a shudder if the answer was “yes” and nothing if the answer was “no,” or if the question couldn’t be answered. This method seemed to work better and more reliably for her than the finger testing method.

My mother’s shudder testing has changed a great deal over time, as has my own experience, but her’s has been much easier to track by its dramatic outward manifestation. While we are working, or just talking sometimes, if she comes to a word that has immediate importance to our work she will often shudder freeze while trying to say it. Fortunately, this only happens under safe conditions where she feels comfortable. This body manifestation also happens when we are trying to remove entities. The situation manifests through her body. That is, if the entity is held in place by something while I’m trying to remove it, her arm(s) may begin flapping in a repetitive motion that we’ve come to know means that something else needs to be done before the entity can be removed.

The two most recent developments in her shudder testing are definite yes/no answers and a direct empathic connection to whatever she surrogates for. Previously, she would only receive a shudder if the answer to a question was a “yes,” but this has recently been refined to the point that she receives answers via her head shaking up and down or side to side. empathic surrogating is likewise a refinement of a technique/phenomena we’ve been using for years. Surrogating is a process by which your own energy systems become entrained with another being or entity. This is relatively easy to have happen in energetic terms. It actually happens accidentally to people who are more open. Through surrogating, my mother was given a way to feel what the beings we work with are feeling. One could equate surrogating with channeling or telepathy, but neither of these seem to describe what is actually happening. In channeling, something else seems to have control of your systems and is using them to send a message. Telepathy implies the reading of thoughts. The actual experience is that part her being is entrained with the other being that we are working with. She isn’t receiving a message or reading thoughts, she is feeling and perceiving what that being is feeling and perceiving. This is amazingly helpful because it allows us to directly access the emotions and intentions of whatever we have been put in contact with. The Music from Beyond the world seems to guide the process very actively. If we are communicating with something we either have work to do with it or it is actively trying to block us from communicating with something else.

I was recently made aware of others who have this kid of experience through the author of the Towards a New World, formerly, In A World Cracking Open. The post where she describes her experiences can be found here. Check the comments for other describing there own experiences.

Paranoia and Love

May 4, 2009

Care of Dedroidify

I’ve found RAW’s last comments in this video to be particularly true. Because of my negative experiences I still hedge into fight or flight/paranoid reactions, even though I’m consciously trying to balance that reaction into compassion and safety in my own light. A band of color in my mind’s eye is still very easily interpreted as a snake/worm, and a curl as a flitting parasite. This reaction is compounded by my experience that there are actually negative beings and forces that feed from and manipulate incarnate and excarnate beings.

Finding a balance between the paranoia and universal acceptance can be surprisingly difficult. Either path frees you from having to take a harder middle way. Every experience and action needs to be considered in its own light. Cautious compassion is the way I would describe the conscious response I try to cultivate. Always ask your guides if you are dealing with a being that does not have your highest good at heart, even if it seems benevolent and shrouded in light. If you find it is not benevolent, or just doesn’t have youd highest good at heart, ask if you can help it reach a state of harmony and compassion.

I’ve been told that one of the reasons I have so many negative experiences is that instead of freeing itself to focus on higher forms of interaction, my soul chooses to be an energetic warrior against the forces that enforce an unaware state of being. I found this strange because as an incarnate being I’m the epitome of not being a warrior. I’m completely non-violent, and I’ve essentially given up adversarial argument as an effect means for me to evolve anything I want. In an energetic sense, however, I use light to stop negative forces and send them into the custody of the Universal Healing Energy, or whatever force can help them. If the negative forces are not conscious I often return their energies to an unformed state. I do this much more than I use energy purely for the purposes of healing. Take that for what you will.