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More Than a Reaction to Fear

September 24, 2010

Earlier this year, around the time I was reading Mac Tonnies’ The Cryptoterrestrials, I spent two, dreary, overcast days and dark, cold nights terrified out of my mind that I was going to be taken by reptilians.

My mother and I had just done some very disturbing work on things that supposedly happened when I was a child, and my fear was completely beyond rational control. I didn’t sleep at all and it was difficult to bring myself to eat. I was consumed by that fear.

Eventually, on the morning of the third day, I came to a singular moment. I realized within that moment, on some deep, trans-rational level, that I would rather not exist than be this terrified, but that I really truly do want to exist. CLICK (as Robert Munroe would put it)

Almost without thinking I got up, went to my computer and started watching funny videos. I was completely exhausted, but I wasn’t afraid anymore. Something had just changed inside of me. I could no longer be that afraid of the possibility of what might have happened, or what may happen now. I had to be taken right to the edge in order to see that.

I still have many deep fears, ones that I can’t overcome by suppressing, denying or hiding, but I hope that I can decide to let them go when they come to me, with a little help. There are really terrible things in this world, and beyond it to, but I am asked to be more than my reaction to that fact. I am asked to be a light, and I will try.

The Big Picture

May 28, 2009

Stace Tussel over at Inter-Intelligence Communications picked out part of an e-mail as something that she wanted to see expanded into a full post and I agreed. The portion that she picked out is in italics.

“It’s quite difficult to convey the way in which I now view reality because it isn’t causal, or at least not in the way that one would usually mean that. I’m certain that I’m genetically and neurologically predisposed to have shamanic/schizotypal experiences, but my energy body and soul also have a shamanic nature. Those three bodies, or parts of me, became associated by resonance. The information structure of my soul resonated with the information structure of this physical body and its probability-cloud path through space-time, and whatever other local dimensions I inhabit. One way of stating this underlying principle is that there are many systems in place that govern the interaction of the information from which they are composed. At the physical level, information slows in the physical way, and at many other levels information flows in its own way that can be intuitive or arbitrary or anything in between, but ultimately all information is in resonance with all other information. There is no separation and consciousness with it’s potential to manifest any set/process of information can tune into any other set of information that exists. This means that, if the manifest component of consciousness is just more information, any being can enter into communication with any other being through resonance of their information systems. This is how I communicate with my guides.”

You are born into this physical system. The physical is an information/energy system, as are all systems. Ours is beautifully complicated and operates in a way that is easy to model, for the most part, with symbolic logic, or mathematics. For some people the physical layer is the only perception of reality that can reach them. Perception of physical reality is the most basic kind of perception for incarnate humans because we agree to experience physical reality as it is, without selectively permitting sets of experience at an energetic level. That is, if you don’t want to have a physical experience, in most cases you have to physically avoid it or tune it out at a neurological level. To incarnate is to agree to this, whether your soul understood or not.

Beyond the basic physical information/energy system there are many other, more subtle systems that are just as much a part of the agreement to incarnate. A rough guide to these could be taken from Robert Anton Wilson’s 8 circuit model of consciousness. The general pattern is one of progressively accepting the experience of ever more subtle kinds of perception. I’m going to skip the various mental/emotional spectrums of perception as these would be much more familiar to most incarnate humans. The beginning of the genuinely rare ranges of perception are what I would call “local non-physical information/energy systems.” The “local” implies that these systems are still tied to our understanding of the physical system, but exist outside it’s obvious or inherent framework. An example of this is the energy body with its system of meridians and chakras. If you are a conscious being, meridians and chakras have very little to do with your ultimate nature, but they are an essential part of the energetic experience you are having on Earth and might be having in any number of similar dimensions. Meridians and chakras are an intermediate layer between our local physical system and what lies outside.

Archetypes are another intermediate layer. Most humans have 13 archetypes that are drawn from the collective consciousness of the human species. These achetypes are templates, or stage directions for the soul and energy body that help them interact and learn in human terms. When a human dies, its archetype templates would optimally be released back into the collective consciousness of humanity. Nothing would be lost because they are information that can be drawn on by anyone. This doesn’t actually happen because there is no training on how to let go when you die in our society. As a general rule Souls don’t have archetypes, only energy bodies. This is because, as I’ve written previously, souls don’t fit into physical reality. The soul needs the energy body to make the intermediate connection and project into the physical. Credit to Caroline Myss for doing a great deal of work on archetypes.

Beyond these local non-physical information/energy systems are many states of reality that are only indirectly linked to physical reality. I refer you to the appendixes in Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys, where he outlines the various states of consciousness between physically locked-in and what I refer to as “open energetic reality.” These indirectly linked energetic systems vary extensively, but some examples are the “afterlives” of numerous religions and the energetic realms where many “alien” beings operate while interacting with Earth. The afterlives are consensual realities, primarily created by their occupants, but are often influenced by more powerful and aware beings that either try to help or feed of the beings that enter their realities. At the higher end of this spectrum you get the local negative and positive intelligences that play their big, long games behind the scenes.

Beyond this point everything gets even more difficult to talk about. The second to last stop on this travelog is what I think of as the membrane between our energetic system, in the broadest sense, and open energetic reality. Our energy system isn’t just Earth, or even just our universe. It’s a hodge podge of related dimensions and realities that exist at a bewildering number of levels, physical and energetic. None the less, they are all connected and related and fall under some kind of unified jurisdiction. Outside of this system is open energetic reality, a state of being where each soul creates its own reality in a way that I don’t think I could ever fully convey here. Being connected to our local energetic system means that a being is always forced to have some kinds of experience because it is never entirely separate from everything else. In open energetic reality your only connection to anything else is your baseline information resonance with it. Put another way, you can experience and find almost nothing but what you can imagine, but simultaneously, you are completely free to experience that which you can find and imagine. If you can imagine the outline of an energetic system like our local one, you can find it. That’s its ident, to use Monroe’s terminology.

We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there.

A few words on the development of perception:The capacity to allow experience of that which is governs how much can be experienced. This capacity goes beyond conscious choice. You are part of all levels of reality and thus all levels affect your ability to experience. Your body/mind/emotions/energy body/soul/ beyond are all part of this. You can’t simply decide to experience all that is, but whether you will try to experience more is a decision you make every moment of your life and that will affect all its levels. Bear in mind the metaphor of light penetrating a crystal. The crystal is your own being and ability to perceive reality. The light is non-conceptualized direct perception of that which is. The crystal becomes clouded and distorted by various needs and forces that exist within your own being. If you hold onto physical reality, there will be a dark cloud at the centre of your crystal, into which only the smallest fraction of light will enter. If your emotions control your perception then your crystal will have a color which will not permit the full spectrum of light. If you are injured in your mind then your crystal will crack and entire view plains will be obscured. If you have evolved your being to the ability to experience all that is while not being deformed or changed by that experience, your crystal will be clear and you will see and act with true clarity, beyond thought.

Energetic Vocabulary

May 17, 2009

I was hoping to have written a much longer post on techniques for achieving clear communication with guides by now, but time, energy and circumstance have not permitted. In the mean time, here is a selection of vocabulary created by Robert Monroe to describe his perceptions during his out of body experiences in energetic reality. This lexicon was published in his book, Far Journeys. My notes are in parentheses.

Blanked: Don’t understand.

CLICK!: Instantaneous change in consciousness (denotes an immediate alteration in the perception of realty as accompanies a nonlinear shift in time, space or dimension).

Closed: Tuned down or out external stimuli.

Curl: Organized energy, usually intelligent.

Dulled: Lost interest.

Flickered: Uncertain.

Ident: Mental name or “address,” i.e., energy pattern of item (name and address are synonymous in energetic reality because relation is by resonance, not spatial temporal or other standards).

Lighted: Idea, happy.

M-band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc.

M-band noise: Uncontrolled thought (deafening levels of m-band noise on Earth).

Open: Receptive.

Percept: Insight, intuition, understanding (primary means of perception in energetic reality)

Plied: The way things are/ goes with the territory (this doesn’t translate well. Communicating something by demonstrating that energy flows in that way).

Rolled: Amused, laughed.

Rote: Thought ball, a packet of thought/mentation/total memory, knowledge, information, experience, history (very effective means of communicating large amounts of any kind of information. I started using rotes naturally long before reading about them. Very intuitive technique).

Run the rote:To recall portions of rote after receipt of total.

Smooth: Get it together, in charge of self.

Time-Space Illusion (TSI): An anomaly among the “standard” energy systems, which includes the entire
physical universe.

Turn in: Consider.

Vibrate: Show emotion (It can be much more than emotion. To resonate, potentially with the quality of an entire experience).

Sometime soon I’ll do an entire post on Robert Monroe and Far Journeys. The book is one of the best overviews of energetic reality I’ve ever read.

In Media Res

March 27, 2009

“White bears graze in lush green meadows. A shrieking black boy dances around in civilian bones … emerald whirlwinds. “It’s always her toes to be left alone.”

These magical visions are totally devoid of ordinary human emotion and experience. There is no friendship, love, hostility, fear or hate. There are no rules, no series of steps by which one can be in a position to see. Consequently such visions are the enemy of any dogmatic system. Any dogma must postulate the way, certain steps that will lead to the salvation which the dogma promises. The Christian heaven of pearly gates and singing angels, the Moslem paradise of eternal whores and plenty of water, the Communists’ heaven of the worker state. Otherwise there is no place for a hierarchical structure that mediates between dogma and man, that dictates the way.

To endure in time, any structure must present predictable recurrences. The visions, the glimpses of the Western Lands exist in space, not time, a different medium and a different light, with no temporal coordinates or recurrences. The medium bears some relation to holograms. 

I remember seeing an exhibit of early holograms, mostly chess pieces in little glass cases. There is something strangely oppressive about these objects, a feeling of something that doesn’t belong there. The vision medium can be faked. A hologram can fake it. But when faked, it becomes quite disorienting and unpleasant. A hologram is the illusion of magic without magic.”  W. S. Burroughs – The Westernlands

These “magical visions” are textualized,  direct, unfiltered experience. In this way, they are the raw medium of experience, or information. This information takes on a common kind of meaning only when it is “bent,” or conformed into structures that are recognizable to the viewer.

If the premise is true that all information is existent as a binary code, whether it be in the form of 1s and 0s in a computer system or peaks and troughs of waves (The angle and frequency of Fullerian geometry and synergetics), then the kind of information conformation discussed above would be an abstract, or high-level, form of programming because it contains whole words, usually in grammatically valid sentences.  High-level programming means rearranging large sections or continua of the basic computational language involved to create form, instead of individually placing each 1 and 0. These large sections or continua are analgous to functions in computer programming, but more immediate to the human condition they are signs or symbols in the semiotic sense. See Terrence McKenna’s lecture “Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines” for a comparison of semiotic languages and computer languages.  The majority of modern society functions on the communication of these signs and symbols in the form of the spoken word, text, facial expressions, icons and money.

The shamanic experience is a shift to a lower-level semiotic programming language of the mind. The reality of the symbols upon which your previous lived experiences were predicated come into question because you can see them as constructed and made out of smaller parts that can be rearranged, or they simple appear incoherent. Far more complicated and sublte symbols manifest as your perception is refined in the lower-level languages. Soon you begin to redefine your personal identity and the set of experiences that you are willing to admit into the realm of the “real.”  Which brings us to me.

My definition for a shaman, outside of the cultural role, is “anyone who both perceives and interacts with informational, energetic, etheric or spiritual states of existence and has guides or helpers within those states. I am a shaman.

I’m blogging as an experiment in documenting and relating my experiences. The title is from Robert A. Monroe’s Far Journeys. A rote is a bundle of thought and experience, so you can imagine what a wild rote is.