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Guide Communication II

October 25, 2010

I was going to write this as a very technical post about all the different kinds of communication that I and my mother have dealt with over the years, layed out in chronological order. Very tidy, very technical. It would have completely missed the point.

The point is that, I can see and feel a conduit of light over my head. The conduit is a part of me and also of the force it links me to. Through that conduit I can see and feel something that I call the Music from Beyond the World. Rolling waves of translucent light and music that live in the space between all systems of reality and thought. I can hear and feel the music all the time, but I can make the choice to hear it more clearly if I need to or if it needs to tell me something. It speaks to me in words and emotions, pictures and sensations. Quite often I just know, as if I have heard a subtle language of meaning, without words.

In the comments to my last post I referred you to my technical writing and video on communication and muscle testing. All of that is still accurate, but in this post I am going to refer you to another kind of experience. What happened in that parking lot was another kind of communication, and possibly a much better description of how it is usually experienced than anything I could write about muscle testing or the subtle states of the mind. On that day my guides were with me, though they were not the centre of the experience, they wanted me to learn and I did. I lived a set of experiences that altogether changed me and communicated with a depth that no words could have for me in any normal state.

The reason that this post is alive instead of being an operators manual is because my guides took me through an experience. My second paragraph was written almost without thought. The experience just flowed down through my hands, through the keys. It was like being awash in light and something new as well. I felt intense heat and warmth on top of my head, as if fingers of this light were reaching down through me. I could see this light coursing through me, but the warmth was in dollar sized patches on the surface of my head. The physical sensation is the least important thing to me, a side effect of something far more challenging, but I can still be surprised when this becomes so real, beyond the phantoms I could try to pretend weren’t there.

I hope this does justice to the questions and to the reality. I will answer any more specific questions as best I can, but this is the truest way I could answer in the abstract.


Where I’m Trying to Be

May 25, 2010

It’s not good or right, or wrong, for that matter. It’s just where I need to be right now, particularly when I work and when I am being worked on.

Semi-explanation: Stepping Out of the Way

“Altered States and Shamanic Initiation”

May 15, 2010

Stace Tussel has a new post up at Inter-intelligence Communications. She’s finally done a real post about several experiences she’s been teasing me with since we started communicating over a year ago.

“Another extraordinary ASC echoing shamanic initiation occurred during another “vivid dream” when I was a small girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years old. While “asleep” or at least visiting another dimension, I had an extremely vivid vision of being inside a huge, transparent, crystalline structure – a cathedral of sorts — realising that someone I loved deeply had died. For awhile I was totally inconsolable, but gradually my altered state began to fade away with a rush of waking tears, leaving me with indelible images: The towering quartz crystals! The overwhelming sorrow! Waking, weeping, in my mother’s arms…!” – Stace Tussel, Altered States and Shamanic Initiation

Sense Ratios and Communication

September 17, 2009

Subjectively, about three fifths of what I experience is energetic reality, not physical. Quite often my energetic experience has nothing to do with my physical experience. They are divorced much of the time. My energetic experience at any given time can range from calm, open and untuned, to clearly focused on a highly complex scene that has nothing to do with my 3D physical situation. This can be difficult for others to understand. There is an innate desire to relate one experience to the other, but in my case this is usually counter productive. I’m usually seeing what is most important for me to see at any given moment. What is most important for me to see rarely has to do with my physical life, except in very superficial sense.

People are the primary area where energetic reality and physical reality come together for me. I can feel the energy of the Earth and sky and plants and so on, but it’s usually much less intense than that of humans beings. The energies of other people can be quite difficult for me to deal with. They can be overwhelming and I pick up on the negative more than the positive. Even positive energies can be uncomfortable and overwhelming because most humans never learn to control or direct the mental/emotional/physical energies they are radiating at all times. Beyond this, many parts of our selves act independently of ordinary conscious control, such as the energy body, archetypes, ego states, inner self, higher self and the soul. Quite often these parts of our selves are trying to manipulate and coerce us and those around us. This can also be highly uncomfrotable for me, particularly if the person’s conscious self isn’t involved in the manipulation at all. Being in a room with another person can be like being in a room with at least three or four people, all with different goals and agendas, no regard for personal boundaries and rarely any desire to communicate with each other. There’s no easy way to bring that up.

It bothers me a great deal that I can’t communicate with other humans energetically. Surface thoughts, the constant chatter of a mind not aware of its own working and nature, is a simplistic, error prone and deceptive way to communicate. Unfortunately that is the place from which most human communication seems to derive. More than that, surface thoughts are like blaring white noise. They blot out subtle communication. Over the last year I’ve learned to allow what I say to rise from within me with a minimum of surface thought. This is not automatic speech. I am simply allowing space within myself for my genuine perception to crystallize. Once the perception becomes clear the words come easily. Nothing more needs to be said. Saying anything more would hide genuine experience.

When space is allowed, true communication can occur. True communication isn’t a surface thought. It is what is felt and experienced. This is why most humans would rather die than have a genuine experience of communication with those around them. We live in fear of others.

Energetic communication isn’t anymore thought than kissing someone is the thought of kissing them.

Non-verbal Communication and Learning

August 2, 2009

Via Mac Tonnies’ Posthuman Blues.

This is utterly amazing if you’ve ever had the struggle of trying to get any number of people to quickly understand a concept and work together to manifest it.

This video also relates to a future post I hope to make. The means of communication demonstrated here has three properties which make it of great interest to me. The first is emergence. The audience didn’t need to be shown more than two positions and tones to understand the relationship to a potentially infinite series on either side of the original two. The second is that the medium of communication and action are one and the same. There is a single “language” which is both the means of communicating an action and of carrying it out. The third is that the system for understanding and using this kind of communication is latent within the majority of human beings. I would wager that most of the audience doesn’t know what the pentatonic scale is, yet they were able use it almost perfectly without previous conceptual understanding.

All three of these qualities are present in non-verbal energetic communication and energy work itself. The only major difference is that energy work takes place in a highly multi-dimensional space and relies even more on systems that almost all of us have but are even less aware of.