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February 18, 2011

Rhythm is the structure of life.

Guide Communication II

October 25, 2010

I was going to write this as a very technical post about all the different kinds of communication that I and my mother have dealt with over the years, layed out in chronological order. Very tidy, very technical. It would have completely missed the point.

The point is that, I can see and feel a conduit of light over my head. The conduit is a part of me and also of the force it links me to. Through that conduit I can see and feel something that I call the Music from Beyond the World. Rolling waves of translucent light and music that live in the space between all systems of reality and thought. I can hear and feel the music all the time, but I can make the choice to hear it more clearly if I need to or if it needs to tell me something. It speaks to me in words and emotions, pictures and sensations. Quite often I just know, as if I have heard a subtle language of meaning, without words.

In the comments to my last post I referred you to my technical writing and video on communication and muscle testing. All of that is still accurate, but in this post I am going to refer you to another kind of experience. What happened in that parking lot was another kind of communication, and possibly a much better description of how it is usually experienced than anything I could write about muscle testing or the subtle states of the mind. On that day my guides were with me, though they were not the centre of the experience, they wanted me to learn and I did. I lived a set of experiences that altogether changed me and communicated with a depth that no words could have for me in any normal state.

The reason that this post is alive instead of being an operators manual is because my guides took me through an experience. My second paragraph was written almost without thought. The experience just flowed down through my hands, through the keys. It was like being awash in light and something new as well. I felt intense heat and warmth on top of my head, as if fingers of this light were reaching down through me. I could see this light coursing through me, but the warmth was in dollar sized patches on the surface of my head. The physical sensation is the least important thing to me, a side effect of something far more challenging, but I can still be surprised when this becomes so real, beyond the phantoms I could try to pretend weren’t there.

I hope this does justice to the questions and to the reality. I will answer any more specific questions as best I can, but this is the truest way I could answer in the abstract.

Feel So Different

October 14, 2010

It’s difficult not to, but watch what she does with her hands and body.

Edit: I use very similar motions when I am doing intuitive energy work. Sometimes I sing as well.

Care of Jason Louv’s youtube page.

Almost Touching

September 20, 2010

A little while ago, when I was writing about being a reptilian hybrid, Stace Tussel sent me a little gift that reminded her of me and what I was going through. It feels right to pass it on now.

The moment at the end where they are almost touching hands is so meaningful for me. I feel like that so much of the time. I’m right there with my guides, or a being, even a few human ones, and we connect, even though we are just out of reach.

In the Night

September 17, 2010

I’m afraid I don’t have any commentary to go with this one.

Where I’m Trying to Be

May 25, 2010

It’s not good or right, or wrong, for that matter. It’s just where I need to be right now, particularly when I work and when I am being worked on.

Semi-explanation: Stepping Out of the Way

Burning Karma

May 19, 2010

Dedroidify Coming Back?

April 13, 2010

There is finally a new post over at Dedroidify. Check it out.

Physical Work

February 14, 2010

Six months ago, near the beginning of July, I asked to open and align myself with what I now refer to as the Music from Beyond the World. Since that time I have been undergoing nearly continuous alteration to my physical systems. I’ve talked about this before in terms of the work that was being done on my ears, neck and throat. This work as progressed to include my spine, ribs, lungs, stomach and I suspect my heart. This work will occur whenever I clear my thoughts and allow the energy to flow. Waves of energy and muscle contraction will pass through my body in ways that I could not consciously control if I wished to. The waves of muscle contraction include my sinuses and eustachian tubes, as well as other muscle systems that I have very little or no conscious control over. I suspect my cranio-sacral tissue and mesenteries are included in these contractions. I will also be guided to move my skeletal muscles in very finely tuned and controlled ways. The rapid neck movements are an example I have described previously. The guided movements have taken on many other forms that I have not talked about, such as almost dance-like movements which adjust my spine and stomach. More recently my arms will be guided in motions that I can only describe as waving or spiraling. The arm motions stress or work on joints and tendons that see very little action, so I reach my limit relatively quickly.

The process of physical adjustment has been maddeningly slow for me. I have gotten into trouble several times by allowing too much work to be done too quickly. There have been very few external physical changes to mark my progress. Only a slight increase in the symmetry of my face.

The most noticeable changes have been internal. My throat muscles have shifted so that I can produce tones I was never able to reach before. Along with this change I have been guided to use these tones in my healing work with other people. I have seen and heard other healers use sound and tones, but I have no training and would never have tried to copy what I have heard others do. I just started doing this over the course of several weeks. There was no decision or intent. Another internal change is to the structure of my neck muscles and bones. I can literally shake my head and body like a dog drying itself. Before I began this process I would have strained something immediately if I tried that.

I do not know what the ultimate result of this process will be. I know that I am being cleared of that which limits the flow of energy in my body and that the work I am doing will allow me to transmit energy, and the energy of the music in particular, more clearly, but beyond that I do not know.

One of the reasons my rate of posting has decreased here is that it is very difficult, and not always helpful to others, for me to write about the physical process. It’s long term and very repetitive, much like an exercise regime.

Kèlè Mandi

January 20, 2010

I’ve listened to this about fifty times today. It is probably more spiritually and energetically significant than anything I usually say.

Rokia Traore is Malian and Wikipedia says she’s a member of a noble family who are discouraged from singing outside of their function in traditional society. This is very similar to what I read about Mamani Keita who I have posted about before. I will quote the relevant section of that post here.

“No, that’s OK! Things are different now. Singing’s considered to be a profession. But when I was a kid I got a few beatings from my mother because she really didn’t want me to sing, even though her own mother had. I was brought up by my grandmother. I’m like her namesake and the Good Lord saw fit to give me her voice. My grandmother used to sing for people who were possessed. Her singing would help cure them of their troubles. In Bamako, she used to go round all the different neighbourhoods seeing people and I accompanied her wherever she went. I remember one day when I was a kid I was drawing water from the well and I started singing. My grandmother turned round and said ‘You’re going to have great adventures in life!’ She could see the destiny that lay before me even back then.” – Mamani Keita