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Why I Persist

April 11, 2010

I apologize. This probably won’t mean as much to you if you didn’t grow up with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Don’t spoil the ending if you haven’t seen it.

Q: We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons, and for one brief moment, you did.

Picard: When I realized the paradox.

Q: Exactly. For that one fraction of a second you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.

Picard: Q, what is it that you are trying to tell me?

Q: *little smile* You’ll find out… In any case, I’ll be watching and if you’re very lucky I’ll drop in to say hello from time to time. See you… Out there.

That’s why I keep going. To play both parts. Falling angel, rising ape. To face the unknown in between. You know the rest of the story.


April 4, 2010

A new blog has come to my attention through Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience. Luminosity is Dan Mitchell’s blog, documenting his numerous encounters with beings and forces that seem to transcend our perception of reality. These experiences most closely fit the popular mold of the UFO and abduction phenomena, but very much in the vein of Mac Tonnies “The Cryptoterrestrials” there is much more going on and the truth of these events seems to be far stranger and more complex than we yet imagine.

I fully recommend reading the entirety of Dan’s writings, but I will draw your attention to three of his posts in particular. The first is They, which is potentially one of the better descriptions of the zeitgeist I find myself living in. the second is Metaphysics and Emanationism: Possible Explanations, or more accurately the comments on the that post. Lucretia Heart of Toward a New World drops in to express her differing views on the phenomena based on her own experiences. It’s very good to see two intelligent, articulate first hand experiencers contrasting their conclusions. The third is Dan’s most recent post, RH Negatives, in which he relates one of his most revealing encounters. I will leave you with a short excerpt of that post:

One night this summer several hours after I went to sleep, I woke up and found myself standing in my backyard. There was a being holding on to my right wrist. This experience is as real as any memory I ‘ve ever had. It spoke to me intuitively in the same manner the “Tooth Fairy” being spoke to me as a young child. The first thing I “heard” was,

“You will only see me peripherally. I do not want you to turn your head or you will be frightened. Do you understand?”

Well, I was already frightened to some extent but I wasn’t terrified. What I did see out of my peripherals was completely unbelievable. This being appeared to look almost like a praying mantis that stood approximately 8 feet tall. Yet at the same time, I was noticing that it would change shape instantly back and forth into a very tall man that was somewhat disproportionate. It’s shape was in a constant state of flux. I was told that I would have the chance to ask several questions and that I would be given the answer in a manner that I could understand.

First Impressions of The Cryptoterrestrials

March 30, 2010

I received my copy of Mac Tonnies’ “The Cryptoterrestrials” today and I just finished reading it. I will need to time to digest and absorb, but here are my first impressions.

“The Cryptoterrestrials” balances its contradictory qualities of boldness and subtlety, its profusion of ideas with its laser-like focus and lucidity. Mac’s approach is cyclical, taking us from point to point, paradigm to paradigm, but always returning us to his elegant and “tantalizingly testable” cryptoterrestrial hypothesis before setting out once again.

The power of mac’s work rests not in an attempt to colonize the mind with a new vision of The Truth, but in that it resembles nothing so much as a challenging and subtle instrument, or device of investigation. Whether its findings are positive or negative the instrument has the potential to reveal fundamental dynamics in our relationship to these most liminal of phenomena.

Liminality: Energy work as she is done and the unknown

November 7, 2009

Liminality: “The liminal state is characterized by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy. One’s sense of identity dissolves to some extent, bringing about disorientation. Liminality is a period of transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed – a situation which can lead to new perspectives.” – Wikipedia entry on liminality

I write with an authoritative voice because I deal in realms so greatly removed from the illusion of objectively verifiable fact that if I tried to insert the implied qualifiers, errors bars and standard deviations, they would blot out the message that I’m attempting to convey. I also write with authority because that is how the experiences are received, as declarative presences more than the implications of phenomena. How do you write when an experience begins with an uncomfortable sense of pressure or being watched and ends with the internal seeing and knowing of inter-dimensional trickster beings and the 4D timelines of entire alien races that must be healed. These experiences do not stand upon anything else. They exist in a spectrum from the physical to an infinite higher dimensional extrapolation. If you accept the spectrum you can interact with it fully, as you would physical reality. If you try to justify or prove it in terms of physical reality it pops like a soap bubble, except for the bare hint of what lies beyond, that pressure, that watched feeling, until you are ready to deal with each experience on its own terms. This is the gestalt of my experience and why I must write the way I do. With that said…

My mother and I work together frequently. We both work on our own, but often need to work together to solve complicated or difficult issues. This is a matter of our own health and wellbeing, as we will feel unwell, psychologically or physically if we cannot solve the problem or heal what needs healing. Along time ago we decided what topics to address in the pursuit of our own wellbeing, but now our guides show us the most important problems to address, which usually have nothing to do with our physical lives (If you’ve ever had a guardian angel moment realize that there was probably someone who had to go out and do that).

“Show us” is a euphemism for “poke us until we figure it out.” We used to be able to ask our guides direct yes/no questions, but recently we are being pushed to use other methods. This may be a kind of training. We always had my internal sight and my mother’s body reactions and intuition, but these are even more important now. Instead of receiving shudders and reactions from the Music, she will be put into surrogate communication with whatever intelligence, energy or being is involved in the problem that we need to address. She will feel what it feels and know its general intentions. Her voice and body will often change to represent it. She never looses control except for occasional representative body motions (fist for anger, arms frozen at sides for being trapped) or a couple of words from the intelligence. Most of them aren’t good with words or language. We can ask these intelligences questions as we would our guides and we are often able to compel them to tell us the truth. rarely a special sign must be invoked, which I’m usually given in visual form at the time. We will be kept in contact with an intelligence until we have completed the reason that we were put in contact, such as getting information from it, helping it escape slavery, healing it or undoing the damage that it has caused.

When something energetic needs to be done, our most common method is for me to ask “Music from Beyond the World, guide our energies in *blank* now.” I say “our” because the Music and I are working as one. Often I will be guided in the words to fill in the blank. My back will straighten as I speak and my voice will change. As I finish speaking, or even sometimes before, my head will jerk up and down with my mouth slightly open. A pattern of externally audible clicks will emanate and by breath will change to a series of short guided puffs. The soft tissue of my throat and Eustachian tubes will move in waves, altering my breath. Internally I can see and feel my energies being guided in ways much more subtle than what I would be consciously capable of on my own at this time. I learn from the Music every time I use this technique.

Most of the issues that I and my mother have addressed over the last year either directly involved the health and wellbeing of us and our family or transpire on such a global or cosmic scale that it is difficult for my rational mind to take seriously. Over the years we’ve had what amounts to a rogues gallery of recuring opponents in our work. We still deal with all of them occasionally, but the primary focus of our activities has shifted over time. Here is the short list and the pattern through time.

1. EEIs (Exogenous Energetic Intelligences): Very general term for simple negative entities. They are barely intelligent, usually non-living energy structures that interfere, parasitize or do the bidding of more powerful entities. Very annoying an deceptive if you don’t know how to look for them.

3. Negative Reptilians, Insectiles and Occasionally Greys: “Alien” beings of the Earth energetic system, but from different frequencies. Complicated and strange, so I won’t go into it.

2. Pan-Dimensional Negative Intelligences. Negative Intelligences for short. These are predatory forces that are essentially inherent in the fabric of many, many dimensions and energetic systems. They have different manifestations on each frequency or level of reality, but underneath it’s all the same up to the head office, so to speak. We deal with about eight of them on a regular basis. They are deeply intelligent and powerful, but in a very diffuse way. They play the long game, trying to bend anything and everything to their designs.

3. Council of Positive and Negative Intelligences: We always wondered why we ended up talking to the nasties. It makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Eventually we seemed to figure out that the manifestations of the negative intelligences in the Earth system were part of a council of negative and positive intelligences. This council was created and governed by a set of rules designed to keep these intelligences from going to war and tearing everything apart.* It turned a potentially violent and destructive struggle for power into thousands of years of cloak and dagger with progressively higher stakes for Earth as human population and destructive technologies both increased. In this council the negative intelligences are given the job of reining in anyone that threatens the status quo. This is their job primarily because they are a lot better at messing with people than the positives, however, it is the whole council that supports this kind of action. Which brings us to the question “why aren’t my mother and I protected by the positives?” The answer seems to be that we viewed their hierarchy as abominable and came here for the explicit purpose of changing the very nature of reality as to most effectively and efficiently end the cycle of suffering, in transcendence of any other edict or authority.

For the last month every time my mother and I would work we would be dealing with the council, either because we needed to deal with something that they had done or just because they were trying to block our communications. Then, about three days ago she calls me up and says that she’s been told that our node (collective of souls that we incarnated with) was responsible for creating the council. That we did it because at the time we had been so interfered with by various intelligences that we would do anything to limit there ability to damage our lives. Of course this sounded absurd, but I know we intentionally became part of many problems when we incarnated so that we would have the right to heal them. I considered that this was somehow an expression of taking on the formation of the council so that we could deal with that. We were told that it wasn’t something that we had taken on. We were actually responsible. This I really couldn’t accept, but I’m very used to being put into situations I don’t necessarily understand or agree with. In this case it didn’t feel like a deception, just something that we had to work with even if I couldn’t imagine how it could be true. So we went through the long process of going back through time and helping our selves that created the council to find a better way. And it was done. No more council. We haven’t heard from them since. After that I felt very not good. Yet another thing had happened, completely outside normal reality, that I was deeply aware I might never understand and that had implications for my own being and responsibilities that I was equally sure I might never understand. Aside from rationally understanding the absurdity of it, my innerself was incapable of accepting that I was somehow responsible for a council of intelligences that has influenced everyone on Earth for Thousands of years, and that in an energetic sense at least, now there never was a council because of something I choose to do now. It was too much. I went skateboarding. Didn’t think about anything. Just looked up at the sky while I glided along. I’m better now, but I still have no understanding how it could be true.

What does all this mean? I have no idea. Will there be any global changes from what we do? Nothing that could be traced back to us or anyone else. The Music says otherwise, but the history of mystics making predictions is such that I’m not going to hold my breath. What I do know is that we did the work that we saw needed to be done and I know my life is going to be different. For example, now I get to deal with a corporation of inter-dimensional beings trying to kill me for some reason. Don’t worry, they aren’t any good at it.

This is my life. I don’t believe any of it, even the physical, but I live it every day and I see it every time I work with someone. See straight through them. Energybody. Soul. Straight back to the beginning. To the way and the why they came here.

*Keep in mind negative and positive are not synonyms for good and evil. Negatives want to foster predatory systems because they need to feed off others because they have chosen to manifest as separate from the unity of all being, or god or the great mystery, or consciousness. Positives want to foster non-predatory systems because they are in principle connected to the unity of all being, or god, or the great mystery, or consciousness. Note: This is a woefully simplistic terminology and that this definition doesn’t say anything about who’s a lying bastard in this scenario.