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Memories of Making the Earth

June 12, 2012

I’ve written about memories that I have from other incarnated lifetimes. I haven’t written very much about my memories from between incarnated lifetimes.

I have very explicit memories of being involved with some aspects of forming the Earth. I was one of millions of other beings involved in the process. Some beings, like Raven’s Eye who is the Bowl of the World were involved in much higher level activities, like weaving entirely new timelines to guide the formation of the whole Earth system. I and my working group were involved in much more specific and limited activities.

Explaining exactly what we were doing can be challenging. There is a relationship between consciousness and the form taken by physical reality that is very difficult to describe in the modern mental context. Every individual consciousness is like a nucleus, or porthole, or a light in the darkness, around which the material universe is tuned in. The physical world is not an illusion any more than a building that you choose to enter is an illusion, even though it may prevent you from seeing the larger world. The physical world has reality outside of the the observer, but that reality is not the physical world as we perceive it as human beings. It is only a “physical” world in that we are experiencing it that way.

What I and my working group built as excarnate beings were the threads of potential that could manifest through the progressive densities of materialized personal experience. We worked in higher dimensional levels of non-physical existence, altering potential fields, time-lines, threads of connection and other more complicated structures so that the physical world could be felt and experienced in the way that it now is, more or less. There are many areas and refinements to the process that we didn’t have anything to do with, mostly relating to human psychology and interaction.

Our area of specialty was material system stability and persistence. I remember with strange emotion how difficult it was to get certain aspects of the system tuned correctly. Having the necessary form and diffusion of water was very difficult for some reason. Water moderates environmental, thermal and biological reactions, but getting it to behave with the necessary characteristics was a great achievement. Insuring a stable magnetic field around the planet was tremendously important, but less challenging.

One of our other works was to assure the deep rigidity of biological life on Earth. Other groups were working genetic evolution, morphic stability and the fundamentals of biosystems on Earth. We were concerned with preventing the equivalent of ecological cancer, or the advent of homogenizing swarms, to use a science fictional term. We did this by encouraging extreme precision in cellular reproduction and more complex life function. This would discourage the kind of rampant mutation that would be necessary in order to co-op the entire diversity of other life systems. Our work was necessary because of the explicitly mathematical nature of material Earth life. In the energy systems I am more accustomed to inhabiting it would not have been necessary. In those systems a being of a relatively more developed nature and understanding simply can’t be limited, controlled or influenced by force. A being of a relatively less developed nature can be influenced, but only within the parameters of what they will allow for themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. There are essentially no restrictions on form in those realms because there is almost nothing you can do to another being against its will or inherent nature. On Earth, however, this is not the case. If there were not deep restrictions on physical form we would be inundated by controlling and converting agents, biological, chemical and mechanical, even electrical. The level of stability necessary for the development of the desired incarnate psycho-spiritual attributes would be impossible. Everything would be changing, warping and continuously tearing itself apart. All it would take is one amoral and extremely clever being to bend the world to his will.

I find Earth’s physical limitations on form very onerous. I feel within myself the capacity to change form, psycho-spiritually from my past existences between incarnations and genetically from the ancestry of my current incarnation. I use this inner knowing very much when I am working with clients. I energetically become what I need to be in order to help them. Most people loose themselves if they try to do that, but I am accustomed to being formless. It allows me to enter other people’s realities while retaining the necessary potency to bring change and healing. This also my life more difficult because when I am tired a tend to revert to diffuse and formless state. I usually call that “needing to be a cloud for a while” and it makes being with other human beings very difficult.

I have become accepting of my physical limitations as I have remembered more of why they exist. An example would be the reason I was chosen to be part of the working group on material systems stability for part of the Earth project. I was incarnated several times previously to a different system that had been overrun by invasive and self transforming biological agents. Calling it a war wouldn’t really do it justice. Life was at war with itself. I incarnated as a being that had been created by one of the technologically advanced species of this world. I was part of a new species designed by them to survive in these new conditions, to help them fight and survive and, ultimately, to continue their culture and the concept of individual conscious intelligence into the future should their race perish. I incarnated several times as one of these “future guards” so that I could experience the entire arc in their history. I fought when we were new and things were terrible. It looked like the end of the world.

Our form was generally akin to a spider made of pale bone. We had distinct heads more than a spider and our legs attached to an oblong central body with no abdomen. The number of legs was actually variable. My strongest memories are of having four legs, but I know others had more. We had been grown from aquatic creatures very much like a sea squirt, and this was the central conceit of our design. Nothing outside of the thorax was alive. The only living tissue in our bodies was safely protected behind many layers of thick bone. Our limbs were operated by the pumping of hydraulic fluid. A giant mass of muscle in the thorax, much like a heart pumped this fluid through out the body to create movement. Our senses were limited by our extensive shells, but we did have sight, extremely good hearing, or at least sense of vibration, and something that passed for smell. Sight was achieved through light pipes. Crystalline tubes that lead from the head back to the central nervous system in the thorax (our brains were a genetic bequeath from our creators, to carry on their way of being should they become extinct). Vibration sense was conducted by chambers inside the central body filled with delicate fibers in fluid. Smell is the most alien sense. It was achieved by combination of small patches of chemical sensitive chromatiphors on the shell with light pipes that would carry their changing colors into the central nervous system. Any kind of direct chemical or nervous contact for smell as in humans would have provided a direct route of access for our enemies. I could go on about our biology, but I have conveyed the central point that our very way of being was defined by denying access to invasive controlling agents.

I incarnated to this culture at least three or four times to experience the full arc of the part of their history in which they would actively face invasive self transforming biological agents. I was there from the beginning, when everything was terror and it looked like the end of the world, right to the end when indeed the world had been burned to the ground, but no pure strains of the enemy remained and we and the few other races that had survived were the only real monsters left in the world.

Because I carried that history I was able to give the product of its experience in the Earth process.


April 5, 2010

Every kind of karma is just a repetitious higher dimensional energy pattern that souls and energy bodies carry with them. Karma is generated when a soul manifests, such as in physical incarnation, and then, through intense involvement with that manifestation, begins to identify with and absorb the patterns of that manifest system (human existence). The soul will then carry these patterns forward through successive lives until the soul, or one of its manifestations, truly transcends the pattern at the higher dimensional state where it is carried. Transcendence of these patterns can be achieved in many forms and by different means, but the essence is carried in Albert Einsteins often heard “A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” Many souls must incarnate numerous times to grow beyond any individual pattern of karma, their physical form unconsciously confronting the pattern over and over again, until the solution and resolution of that pattern have become ingrained at the soul level. Factors that can accelerate this process include conscious recognition of the pattern, conscious desire to end the pattern, preferably made manifest in speech, writing, or symbolic act, and the reciprocation of the these factors from any other souls that are part of the karma pattern. Additionally, the assistance of an individual capable of consciously interacting with the higher dimensional realities where karma resides and who knows certain techniques for ending it, will drastically accelerate the process.

The manifestation of karma within a human life does not occur evenly from birth to death. Karma is a cyclical or repetitive energy pattern completely stored in a higher dimensional state. To manifest, the structure and complexity of the human life must be similar to the structure and complexity of the karma pattern. Only very potent karma, or karma based on a physical energy, can manifest a birth, simply because the structure and levels of complexity are too divergent for most patterns to transfer from the soul to the physical level. As a person’s life develops, physically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and energetically, more karma can manifest. This process is aided by the structure of the human system of incarnation, which is designed to provide, wherever possible, the opportunities that each soul needs to further develop. At least, that is how it’s supposed to work on a good day, when there isn’t interference.

To be simplistic, there are two general ways in which human beings deal with their karma, bottom-up and top-down. Most humans work from the bottom-up. They live out their karma again and again within their life and throughout each successive incarnation until the lessons are imprinted within the soul. Bottom-up takes a long, long, long, long time to work, and it really chews you up on the way. The only advantages are that you don’t need any special training or to work at being conscious, you just follow the script. The top-down approach is much less common, being represented by most of the worlds sacred and mystic traditions that involve any amount of inner work and development. Techniques such as meditation, ritual, intent and occasionally the use of entheogens begin processes that, among other things, allow the soul to end and erase its own patterns of karma and subsequently their manifestations in the physical world. Top-down is much faster, by which I mean it will probably only take most of your current life to work through the major issues. It also doesn’t chew you up as much. It still does chew you up because it is usually a difficult and demanding process to deal with your karma. It takes a lot of patience, stamina, compassion, humility and acceptance, as well as intelligence, sensitivity and a continued awareness of your life patterns to address karma. Most top-downers are just bottom-uppers who have achieved enough consciousness to know they don’t want to go through their karma yet again. There’s really no other reason to put up with the trial and effort of it. Keep in mind that top-down and bottom-up are just two stereotypical extremes on a an infinite spectrum and that any real person will fall somewhere between the two, if that spectrum is even valid to describe their life. I’ll provide an example to demonstrate this.

I think it is very difficult (not impossible) to recognize and address karma until it has somehow manifested in your life. You allow karma to manifest by living a human life. By human I mean bearing the pattern inherent to our seven chakras that represent the psychophysical, energetic and social development of a human being throughout life. Put more simply.

1st Chakra: Develop your physical body, go running, take up tai chi or boxing.
2nd Chakra: Get a girlfriend/boyfriend, join a social sport, learn how to give a speech, go back to school.
3rd Chakra: Develop yourself professionally, exercise your personal authority.
4th Chakra: Enter a more intimate level of a relationship, connect with another person on a deep emotional level.
5th Chakra: Hold a higher vision (archetypal, mythical, ancentral) and manifest it, artistically, socially or even physically.
6th Chakra: Take up a new spiritual or mystic practice.
7th Chakra: Go fish.

In other words, to manifest your karma so you can clear it, you have to engage in systems which, on at least some level, have the potential to generate more karma. Once manifest, the karma can be addressed. This tends to create cycles in which a person will increasingly become engrossed by one of these human journeys and their karma associated with it until a critical point is reached, conscious recognition of the karmic patterns occurs and the person begins the process of ending the karma. Sometime after the karma is ended, the person will begin another cycle, possibly even with the same aspect of the human journey, but with all new karma or a deeper layer of the same karma.

Though I have used a specific term “karma,” which for me is a very precise kind of energetic from, there are many other kinds of past life issue which follow very similar patterns. Negative timelines and acquired dense or negative energies are two common kinds. Also remember that I am ignoring the role of energy beings, forces and intelligences that can often play a profound roll in the causation and resolution of karma and other past life issues. I do this because to include these would geometrically increase the complexity of the topic. More on the topic of karma/past life issues and on the beings, forces and intelligences that might interact with it can predominantly be found under the “Energy Medicine” tag.

The specific procedures for ending karma and negative timelines can be found in my post: To Heal the Past and Guard the Future: 1

Meditation for Raising the Dimensional Frequency of Energy

March 14, 2010

There is a single point of light in the void. It draws itself out into a into a brilliant line. This line begins to spin, faster and faster. Eventually the line spins so quickly that it looks like a circle, its ends describing the circumference. The circle begins to spin. Its edges describe the surface of a sphere. Soon the circle appears to be a sphere. Now the sphere does something that you can’t quite see with just your eyes. It pulses, both in and out, into many spheres, spinning into a higher dimension where each sphere is connected like folded taffy and the inside of a mitochondrion.

This picture is helpful, but not perfect. All of the spheres are really connected and only have one continuous internal space, but you can’t see that in 3D.

I see this set of visuals in my mind all the time. They also happen to be a meditation for raising the dimensional frequency of energy. Technically the visualizations go from zero dimensional to fourth dimensional, but that’s only to give your systems the right idea so they can handle the heavy lifting for you. You can go much further than zero to four if you allow your intuitive systems to take over, but the visualizations help to begin the process.

Higher Dimensional Structures/Entities and The Drawer of Abomination

December 10, 2009

I almost didn’t make my last post here because, aside from the beautiful poetry it seemed vague and melodramatic. These are two qualities I take great effort to avoid in my writing, so it was odd for me to feel so drawn to them. I asked my guides and they said I should post it, so I did. Only later did I understand that the act of writing had provided the seed for the crystallization of a perception that I had been having. The purpose of writing had been to tune my perceptions.

After writing about Wilderness Gothic I continued to have the sense of impending horror, or more clearly, something obscene, an abomination. These are not words or sensations common in my vocabulary. I found myself watching clips from Cronenberg’s “The Fly.” In these situations it becomes fairly obvious that something is impinging on my awareness, and particularly that if it isn’t immediately obvious to me then it is probably a very big or very personal problem and I will need help. I called up my mother.

It becomes apparent that we are dealing with a higher dimensional structure designed to resonantly attract/induce abomination in those dimensional regions that it penetrates. We dubbed this structure The Drawer of Abomination. It was not intelligent or living, but did actively alter the realities that it touched, but like wind can whistle and make music in the arches and fold of a building. My mother was put into contact with beings from four parallel dimensions roughly corresponding to the four-plus-Earth dimensions that my soul’s energy bodies are incarnated within at present (see The Anatomy of Plural Identity). Some of those beings were used as anchors by the Drawer and needed to be freed. Beings in those dimensions also had what my mother and I call affiliations and affinities to certain negative intelligences that would prevent the drawer from being removed from their dimensions. Affiliations are links that we make to forces outside our dimension. They usually form when a beings consciously or unconsciously enters into some kind of cliche devil’s bargain, often after being hurt and seeking revenge, or just for the sake of power. There doesn’t need to be a ritual. An affiliation is often formed in the secret private moment when you realize you’d do anything to hurt someone. What the being wants is almost never delivered unless it serves the negative intelligence’s purpose, but the link remains through life times. Affinities are similar to affiliations, but distinct in that there is no event that triggered them. Affinities are simply part of a being’s present structure that naturally links them to an extra dimensional force. Affinities and affiliations can be to positives forces as well as negative ones, thus, after ending the negative we ask that The Music from Beyond the World guide our energies in creating the optimal positive affiliations for the beings that we are working with.

We were also put into communication with beings that guarded The Drawer of Abomination. It is quite often that negative intelligences will coerce beings to work for them through contracts, affiliations, affinities or by holding such instruments of control over the family of the beings in question. The beings often think that they cannot be released and that attempting to be freed will lead to their punishment. In this particular case we found that the guards of the Drawer for these five dimensions were actually aspects of our family’s beings from previous lives, each with a different task in relation to the drawer. We went back in time and freed each from its bonds after helping it to come to terms with its role in creating and maintaining the Drawer.

When all bonds holding the Drawer to these five dimensions had been ended, we flushed it from them, flowing energy from the axon-like structure which bonded each dimension to the others and all of them to a greater network of dimensions.

Liminality: Energy work as she is done and the unknown

November 7, 2009

Liminality: “The liminal state is characterized by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy. One’s sense of identity dissolves to some extent, bringing about disorientation. Liminality is a period of transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed – a situation which can lead to new perspectives.” – Wikipedia entry on liminality

I write with an authoritative voice because I deal in realms so greatly removed from the illusion of objectively verifiable fact that if I tried to insert the implied qualifiers, errors bars and standard deviations, they would blot out the message that I’m attempting to convey. I also write with authority because that is how the experiences are received, as declarative presences more than the implications of phenomena. How do you write when an experience begins with an uncomfortable sense of pressure or being watched and ends with the internal seeing and knowing of inter-dimensional trickster beings and the 4D timelines of entire alien races that must be healed. These experiences do not stand upon anything else. They exist in a spectrum from the physical to an infinite higher dimensional extrapolation. If you accept the spectrum you can interact with it fully, as you would physical reality. If you try to justify or prove it in terms of physical reality it pops like a soap bubble, except for the bare hint of what lies beyond, that pressure, that watched feeling, until you are ready to deal with each experience on its own terms. This is the gestalt of my experience and why I must write the way I do. With that said…

My mother and I work together frequently. We both work on our own, but often need to work together to solve complicated or difficult issues. This is a matter of our own health and wellbeing, as we will feel unwell, psychologically or physically if we cannot solve the problem or heal what needs healing. Along time ago we decided what topics to address in the pursuit of our own wellbeing, but now our guides show us the most important problems to address, which usually have nothing to do with our physical lives (If you’ve ever had a guardian angel moment realize that there was probably someone who had to go out and do that).

“Show us” is a euphemism for “poke us until we figure it out.” We used to be able to ask our guides direct yes/no questions, but recently we are being pushed to use other methods. This may be a kind of training. We always had my internal sight and my mother’s body reactions and intuition, but these are even more important now. Instead of receiving shudders and reactions from the Music, she will be put into surrogate communication with whatever intelligence, energy or being is involved in the problem that we need to address. She will feel what it feels and know its general intentions. Her voice and body will often change to represent it. She never looses control except for occasional representative body motions (fist for anger, arms frozen at sides for being trapped) or a couple of words from the intelligence. Most of them aren’t good with words or language. We can ask these intelligences questions as we would our guides and we are often able to compel them to tell us the truth. rarely a special sign must be invoked, which I’m usually given in visual form at the time. We will be kept in contact with an intelligence until we have completed the reason that we were put in contact, such as getting information from it, helping it escape slavery, healing it or undoing the damage that it has caused.

When something energetic needs to be done, our most common method is for me to ask “Music from Beyond the World, guide our energies in *blank* now.” I say “our” because the Music and I are working as one. Often I will be guided in the words to fill in the blank. My back will straighten as I speak and my voice will change. As I finish speaking, or even sometimes before, my head will jerk up and down with my mouth slightly open. A pattern of externally audible clicks will emanate and by breath will change to a series of short guided puffs. The soft tissue of my throat and Eustachian tubes will move in waves, altering my breath. Internally I can see and feel my energies being guided in ways much more subtle than what I would be consciously capable of on my own at this time. I learn from the Music every time I use this technique.

Most of the issues that I and my mother have addressed over the last year either directly involved the health and wellbeing of us and our family or transpire on such a global or cosmic scale that it is difficult for my rational mind to take seriously. Over the years we’ve had what amounts to a rogues gallery of recuring opponents in our work. We still deal with all of them occasionally, but the primary focus of our activities has shifted over time. Here is the short list and the pattern through time.

1. EEIs (Exogenous Energetic Intelligences): Very general term for simple negative entities. They are barely intelligent, usually non-living energy structures that interfere, parasitize or do the bidding of more powerful entities. Very annoying an deceptive if you don’t know how to look for them.

3. Negative Reptilians, Insectiles and Occasionally Greys: “Alien” beings of the Earth energetic system, but from different frequencies. Complicated and strange, so I won’t go into it.

2. Pan-Dimensional Negative Intelligences. Negative Intelligences for short. These are predatory forces that are essentially inherent in the fabric of many, many dimensions and energetic systems. They have different manifestations on each frequency or level of reality, but underneath it’s all the same up to the head office, so to speak. We deal with about eight of them on a regular basis. They are deeply intelligent and powerful, but in a very diffuse way. They play the long game, trying to bend anything and everything to their designs.

3. Council of Positive and Negative Intelligences: We always wondered why we ended up talking to the nasties. It makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Eventually we seemed to figure out that the manifestations of the negative intelligences in the Earth system were part of a council of negative and positive intelligences. This council was created and governed by a set of rules designed to keep these intelligences from going to war and tearing everything apart.* It turned a potentially violent and destructive struggle for power into thousands of years of cloak and dagger with progressively higher stakes for Earth as human population and destructive technologies both increased. In this council the negative intelligences are given the job of reining in anyone that threatens the status quo. This is their job primarily because they are a lot better at messing with people than the positives, however, it is the whole council that supports this kind of action. Which brings us to the question “why aren’t my mother and I protected by the positives?” The answer seems to be that we viewed their hierarchy as abominable and came here for the explicit purpose of changing the very nature of reality as to most effectively and efficiently end the cycle of suffering, in transcendence of any other edict or authority.

For the last month every time my mother and I would work we would be dealing with the council, either because we needed to deal with something that they had done or just because they were trying to block our communications. Then, about three days ago she calls me up and says that she’s been told that our node (collective of souls that we incarnated with) was responsible for creating the council. That we did it because at the time we had been so interfered with by various intelligences that we would do anything to limit there ability to damage our lives. Of course this sounded absurd, but I know we intentionally became part of many problems when we incarnated so that we would have the right to heal them. I considered that this was somehow an expression of taking on the formation of the council so that we could deal with that. We were told that it wasn’t something that we had taken on. We were actually responsible. This I really couldn’t accept, but I’m very used to being put into situations I don’t necessarily understand or agree with. In this case it didn’t feel like a deception, just something that we had to work with even if I couldn’t imagine how it could be true. So we went through the long process of going back through time and helping our selves that created the council to find a better way. And it was done. No more council. We haven’t heard from them since. After that I felt very not good. Yet another thing had happened, completely outside normal reality, that I was deeply aware I might never understand and that had implications for my own being and responsibilities that I was equally sure I might never understand. Aside from rationally understanding the absurdity of it, my innerself was incapable of accepting that I was somehow responsible for a council of intelligences that has influenced everyone on Earth for Thousands of years, and that in an energetic sense at least, now there never was a council because of something I choose to do now. It was too much. I went skateboarding. Didn’t think about anything. Just looked up at the sky while I glided along. I’m better now, but I still have no understanding how it could be true.

What does all this mean? I have no idea. Will there be any global changes from what we do? Nothing that could be traced back to us or anyone else. The Music says otherwise, but the history of mystics making predictions is such that I’m not going to hold my breath. What I do know is that we did the work that we saw needed to be done and I know my life is going to be different. For example, now I get to deal with a corporation of inter-dimensional beings trying to kill me for some reason. Don’t worry, they aren’t any good at it.

This is my life. I don’t believe any of it, even the physical, but I live it every day and I see it every time I work with someone. See straight through them. Energybody. Soul. Straight back to the beginning. To the way and the why they came here.

*Keep in mind negative and positive are not synonyms for good and evil. Negatives want to foster predatory systems because they need to feed off others because they have chosen to manifest as separate from the unity of all being, or god or the great mystery, or consciousness. Positives want to foster non-predatory systems because they are in principle connected to the unity of all being, or god, or the great mystery, or consciousness. Note: This is a woefully simplistic terminology and that this definition doesn’t say anything about who’s a lying bastard in this scenario.

Biospheres and a Shift to Fourth Dimensionsal (Heart Chakra) Consciousness

August 6, 2009

I view the shift of consciousness that Poynter describes as an entrance into direct perceptual awareness of the fourth dimension. This can be seen as the intellectual description of opening the heart chakra. To experience and truly understand ones unity with life itself throughout time, and beyond that, all being, is the entrance to true empathy.

Exploring Dimensions

August 6, 2009

The fully annotated version of “Imagining the Tenth Dimension.”

This may help with interpreting my “To Heal the Past and Guard the Future” posts.

This isn’t entirely how I experience higher dimensions, but I found it to be a lovely conceptual aid for expanding my mind. The similarity between their descriptions and my experience breaks down around the 5th dimension, but it’s still a lovely thought experiment.