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Warnings in the Beautiful Night

September 26, 2012

The following is magical text. Reading it makes you part of it. Please do not read it if you do not wish to be part of it. Its character is transformation. If you don’t know how to work your own fate you should probably turn back, here.

I don’t like you very much. I feel that because you refuse to acknowledge your inner reality, and the pollution and detritus thereof. You will not see that what you feel and create within your self is a radiance that touches every other in your life. Your self denial is denial of every other being. Your self hatred is hatred of every other being. It touches us with a sick caress. It is unwelcome and unwanted. You have been given opportunities to be larger than you have been in the past. You passed them up. You have been pushed to open. You pushed back to close. Eventually it will no longer be your choice, because your choice stops with the conceit that you are a separate being that does not touch another.

I cry out “touch me with the eyes that see.” I cry out “touch me with the ears that hear.” Because the blind eye burns and the dead ear scolds with cold.

This is my poison. Help me. I give it up. Enough. I cry out.

You are sublime. You were made in the image of beauty and love. You hold the image of god in your heart. It is a flame and flower that does not die. You exist. You are present in place, time, substance and meaning. Please, there is a gift waiting for you. I know it will hurt. I am sorry. I am hurt too. I wish it upon no one, but if you do not take it, then you will take away a tiny part of god and everyone and everything will die by that.

Gods and Alien Machines

May 10, 2011

Alien machines masquerading as gods. Sometimes I just love being me because I’m in a position to get the joke.

For anyone who doesn’t get it look up VALIS and Philip K. Dick, or Solid State Intelligence and John C. Lilly. Look up gnostic archons while you are at it.

Actually, allow me. Replace autobot with ECCO and decepticon with SSI:

“Later on, as the frequency of his use on K increased, Dr. Lilly began having contact with another alien intelligence agency, which he called (SSI), short for Solid State Intelligence. SSI was a supercomputer-like entity, much in the same techno-mystical vein as Philip K. Dick’s VALIS. But unlike VALIS, SSI was of a malevolent nature, at odds with ECCO. SSI’s apparent goal was to conquer and dominate all biological life forms on Earth. To combat SSI, ECCO enlisted Lilly in this archetypal battle of good against evil, charging him with the mission of alerting the world at large to these solid state beings of evil intent. To further confirm the dual existences of these two opposing alien intelligence networks, Lilly was given a sign, and message, in the autumn of 1974. Flying into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Dr. Lilly saw the comet Kahoutek out of the southern sky. Momentarily the comet grew brighter. At this point a message was laser-beamed into Lilly’s mind, which said: “We are Solid State Intelligence and we are going to demonstrate our power by shutting down all solid state equipment to LAX.”

Dr. Lilly shared his foreboding message with his wife Toni, who was seated next to him. A few minutes later, the pilot instructed the passengers that they were being diverted to Burbank due to a plane that had crash-landed near the runway and had knocked down power lines, causing a power failure at the airport.”

Taken from here.

New Posts at Shamayin

March 1, 2011

There are new posts at Shamayin. I suggest checking them out:

Why I Persist

April 11, 2010

I apologize. This probably won’t mean as much to you if you didn’t grow up with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Don’t spoil the ending if you haven’t seen it.

Q: We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons, and for one brief moment, you did.

Picard: When I realized the paradox.

Q: Exactly. For that one fraction of a second you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.

Picard: Q, what is it that you are trying to tell me?

Q: *little smile* You’ll find out… In any case, I’ll be watching and if you’re very lucky I’ll drop in to say hello from time to time. See you… Out there.

That’s why I keep going. To play both parts. Falling angel, rising ape. To face the unknown in between. You know the rest of the story.

St. Patrick’s Rune

March 17, 2010

“At Tara in this fateful hour,
I place all Heaven with its power,
And the sun with its brightness,
And the snow with its whiteness,
And the fire with all the strength it hath,
And the lightning with its rapid wrath,
And the winds with their swiftness along their path,
And the sea with its deepness,
And the rocks with their steepness,
And the Earth with its starkness
All these I place
By God’s almighty help and grace
Between myself and the powers of darkness!”

The rune of Saint Patrick is supposedly derived from Saint Patrick’s Breastplate, but I first heard my mother read it from A Swiftly Tilting Planet, by Madeleine L’Engle. Perhaps it’s because I heard them when I was a child, but the words have power for me.

The Runaway Bunny

January 8, 2010

This is the final post in a four part series that I planned based on clips from the screen adaptation of Wit, with Emma Thompson. In each part the clip illustrates some aspect of being that I find moving. This last contains a vision of god, and our selves.

Links to the other parts of the series:

“Message Simple…”

December 20, 2009

“Message simple…be love.”

I very much wish my message was as simple and elegant and ultimately as true as that.

“A Gospel of Sorts”

August 9, 2009

I’ve just added Open Your Eyes and Love Them: A Gospel of Sorts to my blogroll.

It’s really a tremendously interesting and beautiful journey that I’ve only just started to take in. It’s essentially a woman’s journal of becoming aware of subtle realities, first within the long abandoned roots of her Catholic upbringing, then extending out into a direct experience of her understanding of god and the life of Yeshua, that transcends denomination, religion, language and, ultimately, time and space.

If anyone’s wondering, the only religious indoctrination that I’ve received in my life was when my father told me that when he was growing up as a Christian Scientist he was told that “God is love.”

A Thousand Voices: II

May 13, 2009

From Mali and France in 2006, to Plaster Rock, New Brunswick around 2003. I was signed up for a home schooler’s class for teens that had never had the opportunity to use a high school chemistry or biology lab. My mother and I were going to be staying in residence at Atlantic Baptist University where the class was being held.

There were about 40 people in the course and the majority were from a Christian fundamentalist community in the area. By majority, I mean everyone but me. Atlantic Baptist University “reflects the values of Christian Higher Education” as their website says.

Our chemistry prof for this course was a piece of work. He tried to pass off protein folding and calcite’s double refractive properties as proof of the existence of the Judeo-Christian god. I found his reasoning lacking and disingenuous, to say the least. Generally speaking, he gave the impression of someone who does not make life more worth living. I kept my mouth shut. The other students were actually quite easy to work with. They were diligent and focused, but had very little academic background outside math, writing and bible study. I had loads of science background by this point, but found it difficult to pay attention to the plodding nature of the lab work. If we had any personal conflicts I don’t recall them. One girl was particularly impressed with my knowledge.

While I was doing the lab work my mother was usually free to talk to the other parents. In their conversations it came up that the parents of the other students also had issues with the chemistry prof. Part of the practice of this Christian community was, to paraphrase, training to sense and invite the presence of god, and whenever this prof walked into the room all of these people said they felt god leave.

To my great regret I didn’t hear this story until several years later, when both my life and my mother’s had become significantly more open to non-physical reality. I still wish I could talk to those people about their practices and what they experience. Would god leave the room for them if I walked in?

Because this is the first post where I’ve really said anything about Christianity I want clear up some impression I might have given. I tend to quote a lot of people who are very rough on Christianity as a whole. I don’t want to be rough on Christianity as a whole because, for starters, I don’t think I understand Christianity as a whole, or should I say the Christianities, as there are a plurality of forms. I do have issues with certain people who identify as Christian and with their practices. I will try to be frank when this is the case, but otherwise I don’t intend my quotations or comments to be insulting or derogatory.