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Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

March 7, 2013

I have been traveling through a real darkness over the last months.

I feel like I am coming out of it now. It’s been very difficult, but I know it will make my work better. It’s a sign of who I wish to work with. My clients are going to look into my eyes and see “that man knows the pain that I am feeling.” It’s a sign of who I want to be. I want to be able to look into my clients eyes and say “I know the pain you are feeling.”

I have to thank Laura Burns and Patricia Wilson of Hatha Girls for helping me through the last leg of my ongoing journey. As I’ve said before they are the real deal, powerful healers and mediums, and I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of my development or my life if not for them. Working with them has not only helped me through this, but also helped me to develop tools that will help to protect me from the negative and wounded energies I need to work with and keep me from burning out in the future.

I have been able to choose tools to bolster and enrich my work that I previously could not because of my karmic history. I have been freed to improve my work in ways I couldn’t before. Months ago I asked my guides for “a practice that gave me separation from the unalloyed process. A gateway that I would have to choose to enter, instead of an unbidden power.” I see this as a continuation of that quest. I have spent years learning to hold an inner fire in my hands. Now, because I have moved through another part of my self, I can learn to hold that fire in a new way.

When you are afraid or uncomfortable with your light, your truth or your darkness, then those aspects of your being will make others uncomfortable. When those aspects of your being seduce and beguile you, then they will seduce and beguile others. When those aspects of your being have become transparent, neither sought nor rejected, but held like seeds in an open hand, then they will grow and bear gifts for you and all those in your life.

I have chosen another journey for myself. It feels good.


Freeing the Enslaved

July 10, 2010

Quite often my mother and I need to work with small, very naive beings that have been coerced into doing bad things or into working for other beings which do bad things. I say need because the most common thing they are made to do is hurt one or both of us. Our goal is always to free them and send them somewhere, often along with their family and friends, that they can be happy and free without hurting anyone.

This process almost always involves convincing the coerced being to let me try to end the contract it was coerced into. This may be difficult because the being knows it may be punished for trying to escape. These beings are often unable or unwilling to give there direct consent, remaining silent when asked if they will allow themselves to be freed. This silence often means that they will allow you to try to free them, but don’t want to take the blame for trying to escape. When the being has agreed or at least seems willing to allow me to try to free them, I ask the Music from Beyond the World to guide my energies in ending the contract which binds the being. If that is successful, I then ask the Music to guide my energies in ending the  affinities and affiliations that allowed it to be coerced in the first place.

Reminder: Affinities are inborn similarities or connections to whatever force is coercing the individual. Affiliations are often unconscious allegiances to the force coercing the individual. They are most often formed unconsciously through choices and events in our lives, such as the moment we realize that we truly hate another person, or that we would hurt others to satisfy a desire.

At this point the being is now free. Some beings are able to take care of themselves at this point, many are not. Ask if the being would like to be sent beyond the reach of those who threatened and coerced it? Check if it has any family or friends that should be sent with it. After these details have been addressed, I ask the Music to guide my energies in guiding the being and its family/friends to a place of happiness and freedom beyond the reach of those who controlled it. when this is done, check with the being if it needs anything else. Many of these beings have been deprived of some essential energy or need while they were enslaved. This is often not an ordinary need for us, such as food or water. More often it is something like relief, healing, to evolve, having their religion restored to them or healing their connection to the guiding force with their wellbeing at heart. sometimes it’s as simple as helping them have fun. When what they need is identified, I ask the Music to guide my energies in giving whatever it is to them. Repeat this process until they are able to exist in wellness on their own.

One of my favorite moments was when I asked one these little beings if it could see or hear the Music. The essence of the exchange went like this.  Through my mother it said, in a very small voice “No.” So you don’t see anything when I talk to the Music? “No. We think you’re crazy.” It was a very enlightening moment.