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Where Home Is

January 19, 2011

I don’t know why, but I’m really being asked to write this now.

I need to be in Nova Scotia. I’ve known that and felt that for several years now. There are other places in the world where I might fit in better. Sometimes I look longingly at Portland Oregon, but I need to be here. It’s overwhelming.

The reason I’m given for this is that I agreed to be here and to play an important role, not in human affairs particularly, but in the energy function of this region and in keeping it safe. I have a map of the province inside my head and I can live anywhere on that map, but not any farther. Everywhere on the map is covered by a dome of energy which keeps it safe and hidden from forces that would hurt this place. It feels like I’m part of the dome, like my energy extends out into it.

Inner and Outer Passages

November 22, 2010

The absence of form is a gateway for that which is beyond ourselves. Whether the miraculous or terrible comes through that gate is defined by the nature of the formlessness and by that which we bring with us into that void.

Noise and silence are merely the inside and outside of the formless. Their shades and hues, fractured and mingling scintillations create the outer passage.

We bring the inner passage with us, named in the secret history of our hidden moments.

When inner and outer become transparent, the passage is formed. The gate opened.

Through the passage comes what has always been there. Simply what is, if we allow it.

“I want to show you what we do here”

November 22, 2010

If I were you I would go read Dan Mitchell’s latest post at Luminosity. To my eyes it is one of the more accurate renderings of some realities broader than our own.

I should take this opportunity to make a small point. Dan Mitchell and I often have very different interpretations for each of our experiences. That being said, I consider interpretation to be the last and least important step of this process. I have a great amount of respect for Mitchell and his experiences.

Guide Communication II

October 25, 2010

I was going to write this as a very technical post about all the different kinds of communication that I and my mother have dealt with over the years, layed out in chronological order. Very tidy, very technical. It would have completely missed the point.

The point is that, I can see and feel a conduit of light over my head. The conduit is a part of me and also of the force it links me to. Through that conduit I can see and feel something that I call the Music from Beyond the World. Rolling waves of translucent light and music that live in the space between all systems of reality and thought. I can hear and feel the music all the time, but I can make the choice to hear it more clearly if I need to or if it needs to tell me something. It speaks to me in words and emotions, pictures and sensations. Quite often I just know, as if I have heard a subtle language of meaning, without words.

In the comments to my last post I referred you to my technical writing and video on communication and muscle testing. All of that is still accurate, but in this post I am going to refer you to another kind of experience. What happened in that parking lot was another kind of communication, and possibly a much better description of how it is usually experienced than anything I could write about muscle testing or the subtle states of the mind. On that day my guides were with me, though they were not the centre of the experience, they wanted me to learn and I did. I lived a set of experiences that altogether changed me and communicated with a depth that no words could have for me in any normal state.

The reason that this post is alive instead of being an operators manual is because my guides took me through an experience. My second paragraph was written almost without thought. The experience just flowed down through my hands, through the keys. It was like being awash in light and something new as well. I felt intense heat and warmth on top of my head, as if fingers of this light were reaching down through me. I could see this light coursing through me, but the warmth was in dollar sized patches on the surface of my head. The physical sensation is the least important thing to me, a side effect of something far more challenging, but I can still be surprised when this becomes so real, beyond the phantoms I could try to pretend weren’t there.

I hope this does justice to the questions and to the reality. I will answer any more specific questions as best I can, but this is the truest way I could answer in the abstract.

The Subtle Conflict of Positive and Negative Intelligences

July 6, 2010

(Preface: To repeat one of my standing caveats. When I write in declarative voice it is not because I’m certain, and certainly not because of any fundamentalist belief in my own words or experiences. I speak in this way because my experiences present themselves in this way. Treat this as a story, a tool that has been useful because it seems to bear resemblance to the reality of my situation and has allowed me to act in meaningful ways within it.)

Those I am forced into confrontation with most often are the positive and negative intelligences. These are highly adept energy beings that exist at a much higher state within the web of interconnecting and dependent energetic reality systems within which the Earth energy system is just one node or nuclei.

As I have written previously, the negative and positive intelligences reflect a division between predatory (negative) and open-universal (positive) sources of energy. This division actually a spectrum, but for my purposes this is rarely significant and none of these beings has anything more than a tenuous relationship to what we might recognize as morality.

Negative intelligences are dominated by the need to feed from the energies of other beings. They use pain, fear, anger, violence, deception, disease, insanity, and physical and spiritual coercion as tools for generating the energy that they require.

Positive intelligences are dominated by the need to create harmony through any means necessary. Anything else is intolerable to them. They tend to use the trappings of authority and hierarchy more than negative intelligences, but otherwise their repertoire of techniques is remarkably similar, only directed toward the fruition of their plans for the denser manifestations of reality, i.e., the physical, lower energetic world.

Both groups have demonstrated a hatred toward me of such passion and conviction as I have rarely observed, though they are loathed to admit that I cause them any inconvenience. More often each describes me within their own terms, as prey for the negatives and something abhorrent to the positives, a human being whose soul chose to reincarnate for the express purpose of changing the system of incarnation within this reality system and whose soul once, a long ago, produced an emanation which became a positive intelligence itself. You aren’t supposed to come back after something like that.

The negative and positive intelligences are playing many conflicting long games with humanity and the Earth system, as they are with many other reality systems. By long games I imply the form of a chess match, with move and counter-move over long periods of time, all designed to reach largely predetermined goals and agendas. These games and agendas are played out in the physical world through subtle manipulation of people and events, as well as more active conflicts in lower and higher energetic realms. This conflict has been a cold war of subterfuge and manipulation for most of the duration of our present history. This is because neither side was certain they could win in an all out conflict and the costs of that conflict would be unimaginable. Each side sought the means to a definite victory while maintaining their present advantages. In the mean time they both work together to prevent the lower realms from interfering in their plans.

We are approaching a point in the cyclical evolution of this Earth system, and many other reality systems, beyond which neither side can win. The barriers between physical and energetic existence are growing thin. The energies are changing in a way that will not allow this cold war. They feel it, a tug that says “your fight is ending, put away your toys.” (This paragraph came to me as I was writing. The idea bears similarity to other work that my mother and I have undertaken relating to changes in Earth energies, but we have never explicitly been told this before.)

The positive and negative intelligences will not listen to this tugging voice. They will fight and twist the world as long as they are able to.

Ask the Mountain if You are Alone

May 1, 2010

The article Spirits Among Us from Reality Sandwich is a much more straight forward vision of what I was trying to convey in my post Not Alone.

The article follows the thoughts and experiences of a woman who is being guided in a tradition of contact between humans and the spirits of this Earth, or as I would call them, beings of the local energetic.

“If you want to know that a mountain is alive, just ask it” – Stella Osorojos

It might answer if you know how to ask it with respect.

If there was one gift I could give to human beings it would be the experience of knowing the other vital, intelligent beings that inhabit this world. I cannot think of any other knowing which would begin to change us so much. I am eternally sorrowful that we would also misuse this knowing because it has been hidden from our sight for so long. We would fear them and try to trap them in a bottles like jinn, or worse, actively try to kill them.

What Holds Me Back

April 26, 2010

What holds me back from going completely into my felt presence of reality? There is a simple answer. I do not yet know how to feed the people.

What keeps me from my own experience is the fear of death. Not my own, for though my body clings to life my mind and soul would make no nest of pain from my passing. I fear the death of others who have not remembered yet, who would tear at the world and themselves in leaving it.

Healing, I have seen. Communication across time and space, I have seen. Many things I have seen, but food is what holds me captive. When oil is gone industrial agriculture will collapse. From oil we make both the fertilizers and pesticides that we need in massive amounts to maintain high-yield industrial monoculture crops. Even if we had energy to drive the machinery it would not replace these material inputs. Billions will starve, die in pain and anguish trying to find any way to survive, no matter how grotesque. I cannot accept this and I cannot leave the world as-it-is-presented until I see for myself a way beyond it.

I spoke to my mother about this. A voice came to her and said that if the people were opened and could receive a signal then they could be fed. I need to see. I need to see it done.

Stepping Out of the Way

April 20, 2010

One of the harder things I am asked to do is to step out of the way. By this I mean to get my conscious mind and ego out of the way of the Music and the other beings and forces that are trying to help me. I’ve practiced a similar technique for many years as part of my shamanic and healing work, where it is essential to accurately hear non-physical beings and sense the condition of those you are working with. In that state you are clear and open, but keenly aware, directing your openness to your guides and those you are working with. However, there is a more pervasive and complete variety of this state, one which I have often experienced in my life and am experiencing again now with a much greater intensity. This is a completely unfocused state in which large amounts of information and energy can be imparted without the filter of my conscious mind. I only become aware of the content of this information and energy much later when it rises into conscious awareness, manifesting as inner knowing, knew kinds of energy medicine and perception, or occasionally as things I say or do that didn’t previously exist in my awareness before hand.

The hard part of this process is remaining in the unfocused state which allows access beyond conscious awareness, or I should say, remaining in the unfocused state for the long periods of time that are asked of me. Concurrently, entering and leaving this state of consciousness is not like flipping a switch. Remaining unfocused for long periods of time will have cumulative impact on my consciousness, meaning that it will take an amount of time and rest for me to return to the state in which I am best able to deal with physical life. Being unaware of the content that is being transfered also makes it psychologically more difficult to justify the time invested over the short term, particularly when it is more advantageous and effective to distract the surface consciousness than to have it engage in a meditative state where it might interfere with the transfer. The subjective experience is of being spacey, unfocused, possibly having a headache (depending on the intensity of the information and energy and your ability to absorb it) and needing to be distracted. The differentiating factor between this state and merely having those subjective symptoms, at least for me, is that when I do momentarily focus on what I am receiving, tears often come to my eyes, as if I have just experienced something of great intensity, and yet I have no outer or inner form to ascribe to it. I cannot focus on it for more than moment and trying to do so would be actively detrimental to me and the signal.

I am not unique in having this variety of experience. Many others describe receiving downloads, though the subjective experience and symptoms are different for each person and change over time. The most common mode of download I have read about in others is through their dreams or while they are sleeping. I do not experience this, I suspect because that avenue is blocked for me at the moment, another result being my sense of extreme unreality and entrapment in my dreams. One factor that is more limited to me is that the open and unfocused state will often further the physical adjustments that I am experiencing, though there are actually several different states of consciousness in which different kinds of physical work take place.


April 5, 2010

Every kind of karma is just a repetitious higher dimensional energy pattern that souls and energy bodies carry with them. Karma is generated when a soul manifests, such as in physical incarnation, and then, through intense involvement with that manifestation, begins to identify with and absorb the patterns of that manifest system (human existence). The soul will then carry these patterns forward through successive lives until the soul, or one of its manifestations, truly transcends the pattern at the higher dimensional state where it is carried. Transcendence of these patterns can be achieved in many forms and by different means, but the essence is carried in Albert Einsteins often heard “A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” Many souls must incarnate numerous times to grow beyond any individual pattern of karma, their physical form unconsciously confronting the pattern over and over again, until the solution and resolution of that pattern have become ingrained at the soul level. Factors that can accelerate this process include conscious recognition of the pattern, conscious desire to end the pattern, preferably made manifest in speech, writing, or symbolic act, and the reciprocation of the these factors from any other souls that are part of the karma pattern. Additionally, the assistance of an individual capable of consciously interacting with the higher dimensional realities where karma resides and who knows certain techniques for ending it, will drastically accelerate the process.

The manifestation of karma within a human life does not occur evenly from birth to death. Karma is a cyclical or repetitive energy pattern completely stored in a higher dimensional state. To manifest, the structure and complexity of the human life must be similar to the structure and complexity of the karma pattern. Only very potent karma, or karma based on a physical energy, can manifest a birth, simply because the structure and levels of complexity are too divergent for most patterns to transfer from the soul to the physical level. As a person’s life develops, physically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and energetically, more karma can manifest. This process is aided by the structure of the human system of incarnation, which is designed to provide, wherever possible, the opportunities that each soul needs to further develop. At least, that is how it’s supposed to work on a good day, when there isn’t interference.

To be simplistic, there are two general ways in which human beings deal with their karma, bottom-up and top-down. Most humans work from the bottom-up. They live out their karma again and again within their life and throughout each successive incarnation until the lessons are imprinted within the soul. Bottom-up takes a long, long, long, long time to work, and it really chews you up on the way. The only advantages are that you don’t need any special training or to work at being conscious, you just follow the script. The top-down approach is much less common, being represented by most of the worlds sacred and mystic traditions that involve any amount of inner work and development. Techniques such as meditation, ritual, intent and occasionally the use of entheogens begin processes that, among other things, allow the soul to end and erase its own patterns of karma and subsequently their manifestations in the physical world. Top-down is much faster, by which I mean it will probably only take most of your current life to work through the major issues. It also doesn’t chew you up as much. It still does chew you up because it is usually a difficult and demanding process to deal with your karma. It takes a lot of patience, stamina, compassion, humility and acceptance, as well as intelligence, sensitivity and a continued awareness of your life patterns to address karma. Most top-downers are just bottom-uppers who have achieved enough consciousness to know they don’t want to go through their karma yet again. There’s really no other reason to put up with the trial and effort of it. Keep in mind that top-down and bottom-up are just two stereotypical extremes on a an infinite spectrum and that any real person will fall somewhere between the two, if that spectrum is even valid to describe their life. I’ll provide an example to demonstrate this.

I think it is very difficult (not impossible) to recognize and address karma until it has somehow manifested in your life. You allow karma to manifest by living a human life. By human I mean bearing the pattern inherent to our seven chakras that represent the psychophysical, energetic and social development of a human being throughout life. Put more simply.

1st Chakra: Develop your physical body, go running, take up tai chi or boxing.
2nd Chakra: Get a girlfriend/boyfriend, join a social sport, learn how to give a speech, go back to school.
3rd Chakra: Develop yourself professionally, exercise your personal authority.
4th Chakra: Enter a more intimate level of a relationship, connect with another person on a deep emotional level.
5th Chakra: Hold a higher vision (archetypal, mythical, ancentral) and manifest it, artistically, socially or even physically.
6th Chakra: Take up a new spiritual or mystic practice.
7th Chakra: Go fish.

In other words, to manifest your karma so you can clear it, you have to engage in systems which, on at least some level, have the potential to generate more karma. Once manifest, the karma can be addressed. This tends to create cycles in which a person will increasingly become engrossed by one of these human journeys and their karma associated with it until a critical point is reached, conscious recognition of the karmic patterns occurs and the person begins the process of ending the karma. Sometime after the karma is ended, the person will begin another cycle, possibly even with the same aspect of the human journey, but with all new karma or a deeper layer of the same karma.

Though I have used a specific term “karma,” which for me is a very precise kind of energetic from, there are many other kinds of past life issue which follow very similar patterns. Negative timelines and acquired dense or negative energies are two common kinds. Also remember that I am ignoring the role of energy beings, forces and intelligences that can often play a profound roll in the causation and resolution of karma and other past life issues. I do this because to include these would geometrically increase the complexity of the topic. More on the topic of karma/past life issues and on the beings, forces and intelligences that might interact with it can predominantly be found under the “Energy Medicine” tag.

The specific procedures for ending karma and negative timelines can be found in my post: To Heal the Past and Guard the Future: 1

Introduction To Muscle Testing for Communication with Non-physical Beings

March 24, 2010

This is a link to my original written description of this technique.