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Protection: Physical Pain in the Place of Spiritual Infestation

May 30, 2012

I am often told that I am protected by many spirits, beings and layers of energy at all times. I think this is true because I feel them there at this point in my life and looking back I can see the ways in which I have been favored and cared for. In the past I had great difficulty accepting the idea that I had this kind of protection in my life for several reasons, the most prominent among them being that I have been in physical pain for much of my life. Other reasons include my sensitivity to various physicalities, such as light, chemicals, sound, crowds, other peoples emotions, etc., but the pain has been the most irreconcilable for me. How could I be so protected and loved if I have been subjected to such pain?

The answers to this question has become clearer to me recently. I say answers intentionally because there is no one answer that explains or covers every situation that I am trying to address. I will talk about several of those answers, but never all.

I experience physical pain and discomfort in place of the influence and infestation of negative beings and forces. Some of these beings and forces are internally present because of my spiritual and family history. They are inherited as a debt that must be ended. Some of these beings and forces I will encounter externally in my daily life and spiritual journey.

The negative beings and influences that manifest from spiritual and family karma or debt are very insidious on Earth because humans lose their memories while they are here. If a human can even realize they are being hurt or manipulated by something that is not part of them there is still the hurtle of finding the internal hook, or history that allows these beings and forces to attach to the human being.

Before entering my current life, I think I chose that instead of directly experiencing the control, manipulation and psychic invasion of negative forces, I would experience them as physical pain. This pain would allow me to know that something was wrong, but would also protect me from being possessed, controlled or damaged. I do not think that I can be without pain and still clearly perceive what I need to be doing at this stage in my development. The volume on that signal cannot yet be adjusted. If it was silenced I could not access the negative realms that must be healed within me and my family.

This realization has the strange consequence of making me thankful that I only experience the physical pain. I have learned that physical pain is so transitory. The kind of emotional and mental suffering that these negative forces create is unimaginably more destructive, both for the individual who experiences them and for those closest to that person.

Appointments Page

May 13, 2012

I have a new Appointments Page to the top right of this screen. I’ve had an ad with the same text on this blog for a long time, but I’ve never put it on the front page before.

I’m returning to regular appointments with clients after a sabbatical. I’ve already had a number of people contact me, but it seems right to show the kind of work I’m doing and let them know they can seek me out if they wish.

Discourse on the Lateral and Trans-rational Cycle Breaking of Psychic Abuse and Violence Reverberations

November 9, 2011

It is necessary for the abuser to convince either his victims and or the matrix of his society that his actions are natural and just, otherwise he and they would immediately be rejected and quashed. The abuser most frequently achieves this conviction by the projection of a false image or narrative structure.

“It’s your fault this is happening. You did something bad. You wanted this and you still do want this. You enjoy this.”

This false image and narrative structure projection is most effective when it originates at a subconscious level. This has both benefit of absolving the abuser’s rational ego structure of guilt and of employing the psychic and emotive subtle energies in reworking perception and reality around the abuser.

It should be noted that the victim/s are usually complicit through some mixing of attractive and repulsive forces or by some unknown absence of internal awareness. On the animal level violence of all kinds tends to generate the response of escape or destruction. On the psychic level violence creates reverberations and frequencies that draw attention and easily form into self sustaining feedback loops. Complete innocence in victim and bystander alike is vanishingly rare. This fact cannot be allowed to induce one to identify with the abuser’s false projection, or psycho-trope. Doing so will allow your reality framework to be subsumed by the abuser’s, making you an implicit extension of their will, and worse yet, obscuring the clarity of your own perception and purpose. Similarly identifying with the victim locks you into the narrative structure of the conflict. This is a safer position in general, but limits ones options for radical lateral and trans-rational action to break the psychic feedback cycle of violent reverberations.

The mixing of attractive and repulsive forces is of central importance to understanding the abuse cycle. Abuse in its pure form requires entrapment for the prolonged effects to take hold. External entrapment is sufficient, but internal entrapment is necessary for full effect. Merely external entrapment of the human form, for example, requires the use of various torture methodologies to achieve the same level of dimension spanning self abnegation that internal entrapment achieves with far less energy expenditure. Internal entrapment depends upon the entanglement of polar oppositional forces and their subsequent confusion with and for one another. The primary example of this exchange is between love and pain, love being the attractive and pain being the repulsive. Complete entrapment depends on the victim coming to believe that these oppositional forces are the same, or of a kind to the point where one cannot be accepted without the other. This is a reality tuning function and prolongs the agony and abnegation-of-self beyond any conceivable physical manifestation.

The abnegation of self is the purest purpose of all abuse. Through violence and entrapment the undesirable elements of the self are suppressed and the desired elements can then be created in the blank space that is left. This concept can most easily be revealed in the conflict between self and pornography. We must be absolutely clear that pornography in this context has nothing to do with human sexual proclivities necessarily. In its pure form pornography is merely the subtraction of genuinely perceived reality with a false, stimulating and evocative image. Nature photography is the best example. An image bereft of smell, touch or meaning of place, disembodied and painless. With that distinction made we return to the self. The self is an ecosystem structure of cycling and semi-oppositional and semi-contained forces. It is an internal wetland, from the deep peat of the subconscious, flowing waters of the rational mind and the sunlight of the higher being and self. It is dirty, complicated, fragile, resilient and completely useless at being anything at all but what it is. This state of being is intolerable to control oriented forms. The metaphor of a physical ecosystem must be broken here because under physical law it cannot be self abnegating. The self under psychic law may be self abnegating and this is the ultimate abuse, to coerce a being into trying to destroy, or obliterate it’s own being, which stems from the source of all being and life and is the definition of sacred. It must be made clear that the physical body is not excluded from this process, but it is the merest point within the true image of the self.

Breaking the feedback cycle of violent reverberations is usually a transgressional and discordant act. Discordant against the harmonies and cadences that those reverberations of violence have created through time within the space in which they exist. The longer they are and the more entrenched the more discordant will be the process of cycle breaking. Lateral and trans-rational movement is advisable. Such movement is not possible for control oriented mind structures on the level in which the trans-rational act occurs. Agents of control within higher orders of frequency will still attempt interference, but their physical and lower order agents will be at a disadvantage.

You must never use violence in the attempt to break a psychic feedback cycle of violent reverberations. Violence can end physical entrapment, but until an internal jailbreak occurs under internal power, no freedom will be had. Transgression is not necessarily violence. Discord is not necessarily violence. In true form of the human condition each individual human interpenetrates and exists partially within hundreds of thousands of other beings and is in constant relational contact with all other human forms on Earth and other celestial and planetary forms. This is a consistent reality that is at odds with individual ego structures, which are carried within and around each of those individual human forms on Earth specifically. Transgression of that ego structure is not necessarily violence.

Four Threads

June 29, 2011

I have a very strong desire to provide background and context for everything I say about the energetic or stranger side of my life, but acknowledging my humanity and my own weaknesses, providing that context and background takes an amount of energy and focus that I just don’t have right now, and that I am not likely to have any time in the near future. With that being said, my purpose in this post is to provide basic information about some things I feel that I need to talk about, primarily my genetic make up and some physical or material events that might have affected it.

There are at least four threads that run through my physical and energy bodies in this world. I’m sure that there are more, but I don’t know about them and they may not be as influential. I’ve talked about two of these threads as being human and reptilian. The other two are insectile and goblin. These threads are a mixed blessing at best. I see and understand the world in ways distinct from those of the beings around me, but these threads clash, within my body and my being.

I wrote about what I mean by reptilian previously here:

When I say insectile I mean the mantis like beings that UFO abducties and experiencers occasionally refer to. I have no way of speaking about the nature of every beings that appears in this way, but the ones that I have energetically interacted with most and seem connected to me are not very nice and seem defined by an obsessive pursuit of personal flawlessness. This leads to a lack of compassion or empathy for other beings and themselves.

When I say goblin I mean a variety of what I can only refer to as fairy. I found a description from the Wikipedia entry on goblins, of all places, that I feel sums up what I mean very clearly: “In “The Goblin Field” (Moldova), Goblins were described as 2-3 feet tall, thin and brown. Most were bald and “if there were females among the group they could not be distinguished from the males”. They seemed to exist in two realms, one physical and one spirit. They were fiercely loyal and allied with particular sorcerer or witch tribes, whom they protected and served as an equally allied tribe rather than servants or slaves. “This perception might seem a bit strange to any not accustomed to the goblin outlook” because the goblins often did what might be considered slave work for very little in return. They could be called by an allied individual or group, summoned by spell, or called to bargain at particular places by individuals or groups not known to them. Because of their power they were much sought after, but because of the corruption of mankind, rarely found. Crossing them was a thing to avoid as they had refined a grudge to a fine art. They could be fierce and mind-numbingly frightening, and only the hardiest of souls were sent to strike a bargain with them. However they had a side which few ever saw, which was their great love for those who were able to create an understanding and friendship with them. At the passing of such a person, they would treat the body with proper respect and then quietly weep.”

I feel the need to give other human beings the opportunity to open their minds to this, for their own wellbeing as much as for my own peace. I think that many, many people have a more diverse genetic background than they are aware of. I have been forced through my energy work to confront these aspects of my being within my self and my family, or suffer by the lack of that self knowledge. A brief example of this would be that recently more of my goblin DNA was activated so that I could create something that derives from their way of relating to existence. However, adjusting to this activation was mentally and physically painful because reptilian-human hybrid DNA and goblin DNA are not compatible. My mother and I spoke and realized we were having the same symptoms. I told her about the Goblin DNA activation and the rest came out by process of her surrogating and both of us asking questions of the beings that spoke through her, which are always related to the problems we are experiencing. We then identified what needed to be changed to allow compatibility and asked our guides to guide our energies in making those changes.

I think that I am a result of a natural lineage of human-nonhuman DNA that may also have been experimented upon to enhance the quantity and diversity of that non-human DNA. I was conceived via in vitro fertilization at the Hallam Medical Centre (now part of the London Women’s Clinic) in London, England, cir. 1986-87. I don’t have any physical evidence or knowledge of any illicit activities or strange events occurring at that facility during that time or any other, but given everything I have read and learned over the last five years I consider it a possibility that something was done to my parents genetic material as it was used to create me.

I do not want anyone to believe what I have written here. It would be unreasonable for another person to think what I am saying is true without either physical evidence or traversing the energetic experiences and personal health problems witch have brought me to the point where I can say these things with a straight face. At most I hope that my intentions will be considered sincere. In an ideal world I would relate the experiences that have brought me to this point in detail, but they flow in a way that escapes the written word. Pinning them down into narrative has always been an awkward, time consuming and draining task that I was never satisfied with at my best and that is certainly beyond me at the present.

I hope that there is something that others can take from what I am relating, more than an unused oddity.

Blemish in the Line of Duty

May 12, 2011

I was working with someone recently and I was guided to ask them to look at the sixth chakra point on my forehead while I worked, which lead to a few very intense moments for me, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Several hours later, after we had finished working, I noticed in the mirror that I had redness and small, paler raised patch in the centre. It looks like a minor sunburn or an allergic reaction, but it’s been rainy all week, I spent all day indoors, we were working in the middle of the night and I certainly haven’t been applying anythign strange to my forehead. It doesn’t hurt but I am very aware of it now that I know it’s there.

It’s kind of frustrating, but also kind of amusing that of all the thing’s I’ve been through over the years this is the one that leaves a mark that other people can see.

Have a look.

Different Kinds of Change

January 7, 2011

In the space of 24 hours I have been exposed to both of these stories. Their similarities are striking, as well as their differences. Please do not simplify. I do not advocate or admonish, but reading these words so close together has had an impact upon me and I feel the need to transmit that in some form.

These are the words of Mark Flaherty. He dealt with suicidal pain and emptiness through ayahuasca and a spiritual tranformation:

These are the words of Bill Zeller. He could not deal with the horrible pain that he had been subjected to and recently committed suicide:

The Healing of Shame

January 7, 2011

I once wrote that shame is the most destructive emotion. I said that because I have had to fight the shame of other beings, each of them feeling that they need to suffer endlessly, hurting others in the process. They need to suffer and to throw themselves to those who will help them suffer. They do this because the alternative is unbearable. To transcend your first unthinking emotional reaction, you genuinely need to process the event that created it. In the case of shame, that process is agony, and for most beings it is literally impossible without help.

It takes a tremendous focus of energy to maintain an open awareness through any intense emotional reaction. It so much easier to just ride along with it and follow the script behind your eyes. The moment you open your awareness and stop reacting, you have to feel everything anew with perfect clarity. All you want to do is close right back up. This process is hard enough when the shame is small, a mistake of daily life, but when the shame is large, the death of a loved one or a terrible act committed by or against that person, it becomes insurmountable for the individual. The shame can almost be thought of as a separate entity that tries to protect itself. It prevents the healing of the original event. It whispers into its host’s ear “I need to suffer. I need to be punished. If what happened is healed then I won’t be punished.” No healing of the original event may occur while this continues and until the original event is healed it will continue to hurt everyone it touches and everyone that they touch, not solely the one who seeks punish himself.

Be a Lens and Light Will Come

January 2, 2011

Chris: You don’t give me much to hang onto, you know.

Guides: Because what you do must come from a place so deep within you that it can never be taken away.

Imagine: You open your eyes to one who is trapped in suffering. You move to help them. It comes as easily as the beating of your heart and the sigh of your breath. Your hands touch their chains and they begin to dissolve like wet tissue. Perfect awareness without thought, each action flowing, spontaneous. Their wounds are next. Lesions are washed and healed with light. Pathogens are drawn out and taken into custody. Curses are ended. Karma is healed. Their minds and memories restored to them. Their emotional trauma washed and allowed to heal. Their capacity for joy and the connection to the source of their being returned. Open a window to a place of safety and freedom beyond the reach of those who would harm them, and allow them, their family and friends to go there.

Flow through this until it is part of you. Each time it is different you will be different. Listen. Be a lens and light will come.

Anything you remember will be taken from you. You only get to keep what you become.

Who I Tend To Work With

October 12, 2010

For my purposes in this post, the human species can be largely divided into three groups.

The first group is the largest. These are people that, usually through an unconscious process, have decided that what I do is not going to be part of their life experience. My work is simply not a part of their reality system and they will go through surprisingly large amounts of hardship before ever even allowing me to try helping them. Some of my closest friends fall into this group.

The second group is the second largest. These people desire the idea of what I do, but want it for the wrong reasons. They are usually young, excited, seeking adventure and knew experiences. Simply put, they want fun, in comforting pleasure or the excitement of self destruction. They have never endured the physical hardship or spiritual transformation that compels a person to reach with clarity beyond who and what they have accepted themselves to be.

The third group is the smallest. These are people who are, very simply put, ready to change. Some of them are haggard, some of them are successful by the standards of modern society. All of them have struggled, with life and with themselves for so long that they have finally come to a point of stillness where they are ready to release what is causing them pain. They are not seeking a fun experience, nor are they trying to limit what truth may touch their lives. They are just ready for the pain to stop, and will be lucid to whatever reality is waiting for them.

These three groups are useful fictions, but the story they tell wanders in the right direction. I have worked with all of them, but I have always been most successful with the last, and they are the ones I am really here to help.

My Life in Seven Minutes

September 28, 2010

This is essentially what my life is like, aside from the difficulty with talking to young women. I’m barely joking.

Also see Adventure Time and everything else that Pendleton Ward has ever done.

I think “Hey, any time little guy. Helping little weird things is what it’s all about” Sums it up pretty well.

Note: This post is probably the product of having to deal with a race of non-physical beings sucked into our universe (not from another dimension, but from the non-dimensional space outside our universe) by the machinations of a positive intelligence. I don’t even know why, but the vortex they were entering through was apparently right over my head and they were glomming onto me and unwittingly disrupting my energy pattern because being around me makes them feel good in a cross between watching fireworks and being on MDMA.

For clarity and an extraneous level of detail, I wasn’t aware of most of the above until I spoke to my mother who can surrogate and lend her voice to beings that we need to work with. Sometimes I am aware of that level of detail, sometimes I have no idea what is going on except through her and minor impressions. This was closer to that later. Though actually, we both got a fair number of the details once the we new they were there at all.