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Warrior Space

February 19, 2011

Where I come from, that is, where my energy body comes from, I am considered a warrior. It’s part of my energy body’s name, as best it can be translated: Sleeping Decadence Warrior. One who fights sleeping decadence. But I am not a warrior here incarnate. I am so blessedly weak here. Where I come from is peace and harmony and light. Being a warrior there is to shoot like a falling star into the darkness and to transduce light. The discipline is to stay within yourself through the darkness. To remain your true self, unconsumed.

Being a warrior on Earth is different because this is third chakra space. This is warrior space. Where I come from, if you fight you have already lost. You have lost yourself. On Earth, everything is a struggle. I am as I have always been, but to be a warrior in my home is to be a healing on Earth.


December 24, 2009

My mother came to visit me in the city today. At one point I reached out to touch her arm. As I did she began to surrogate for some thing small and frightened. We’ve have been trying to heal the history of several of our ancestors on her side of the family, so it didn’t take us long to figure out that we were talking to the wounded child archetype (greatly expanded due to trauma and the subsequent dissociation from that trauma and the vulnerable aspects of personality that allowed it) of her grandmother’s husband. The wounded child had been passed down to her mother, then to her and finally to her children, including me. It exists in all of us simultaneously in a sense.

The wounded child was very frightened, almost crying, and didn’t really want to be talking to us or answer our questions. We usually need to be very patient because questioning and treatment can take a very long time if the being, entity or aspect we are talking to has been traumatized, doesn’t want to answer our questions or has been forbidden from or intimidated into not answering. In this case it was primarily trauma and the fear of being hurt again that were prolonging the process. We could tell that it would take a long time to treat this fully. Unfortunately we both had physical work that needed to be done that day. Before we released her from surrogating to get on with that work, I explained how frustrating it was that I could see many layers of her energy body trying to maintain the status quo, holding me out and holding this wounded child archetype in. I knew that if these layers would let me, or if I had the clarity/power to move through them, I and all the forces that help and guide us could simply set the situation straight, all forces and energies returned to their creators, healed and allowed to move on. As I said that I thought I could enter and move through those energy layers, my mother’s hands rose in front of her as if holding something back and a voice spoke through her in clipped feminine voice. “No you could not!” It said. “Are you a layer of my mother’s energybody?” We asked. “Yes” It said. After more questioning and interpreting of my mothers hand position, we found that this layer thought of itself as a protector. I saw that kept everything outside that it thought should be outside and everything inside that it thought should be inside. Allowing me to heal the issues we had been dealing with was not on its agenda. It also refused to tell us who gave it this job. Spontaneously we ended up talking to one layer down from the protector. This layer was supposed to erase anything that got through the protector layer.

As fascinating as all of this was, my mother and I had other things we needed to do so we broke off communication. We’ve become rather jaded about the importance of most little discoveries like this. There are thousands of ways to interfere with a person or the work they are doing. This is just one. It may be important in the long run, but it’s just one more thing in a very, very long line. The trick to our work seems to be a combination of recording some complicated manual processes that have worked consistently for us and continually being intuitively sensitive and energetically aware of what is going on at the moment. No one discovery has been as important as the long slow process of continually being sensitive and adaptive to the moment while recording what has worked in the past.

Hall of Mirrors

November 23, 2009

“So many people have known what they were fighting for was right, and history has judged so few of them to be correct. So I do not judge my actions to be right. As it is the nature of certain birds to sing in a particular way, it is my nature to struggle with the use of force, because I think it is to be struggled with, but it is also my nature to free the ensnared and to restrain those who would block their way.” – Chris, a comment on Initiation

One of the reasons I said that is because I remember being so many of those people. I’ve avoided talking about what I remember of past lives because it’s easy to turn that into something it’s not. It’s easy to think how many times someone remembers living means something about their life now. It tends to change the way a person looks at the world, but how you live your life is the only thing that should matter, one life or a hundred. I’m only going to write about it now because I feel like writing it.

My guides have told me that my soul has incarnated 145 times. That’s just an estimate. How do you count a life where you died as a small child compared to a life of thousands of years? I don’t remember many of those lives. I’ve incarnated with my present energy body 16 times. Not everyone carries an energy body though multiple incarnations, but many do. I remember more of the last 16 than the others, but not much. Most of the memories float freely of context. Most aren’t memories at all, just sensations, body images, day dreams. What it would feel like to have an exoskeleton, claws, bear children. The next layer up are the lives where only the most powerful events come through. I’ve died of suffocation more times recently than I like to remember. Then come the lives that I actually have a sense of identity from.

My present energy body was generated as a response to a terrible experience of enslavement 17 lives ago. My physical from was cut off from my soul, its mind enslaved and was compelled to hurt many people as a soldier and a thug. After that life my soul reabsorbed the energy body that had been so damaged and evolved a new one designed to defy separation and control. The only rendering of my name I have in English is Sleeping Decadence Warrior. My first life as this energy body was a foundation of the qualities it was designed to embody. I was a vast being, like a whale that swam through an ocean of energy, boundless, free and unencumbered. The next life I remember was my third. This was my energy body’s first life where it awakened to our true nature as an eternal being. We were a human woman. My mother was present as another woman my own age. The culture felt Indian, but only superficially. I have forgotten why, but I was angry at her and eventually realized that my negative thoughts and emotions actually brought her harm through their energy. I was horrified that I had done that unknowingly and this began my journey toward awakening in that life. I don’t remember any lives clearly in order up until my 13th. This life did not go well. I was on a different, very troubled planet. My mother and I were together again, this time working as awakened souls with a mission as we have many times. I had been given a very important task. Somehow I was responsible for concealing my entire species from an insectile race that wished to exterminate us. I don’t think there were many of us left. I was a spiritual warrior responsible for the fate of species, but I was also a two foot tall, floating grey ball of tentacles and I was very pregnant with my asexual offspring. I was also very frightened. The insectiles were much bigger, predatory and had better technology. Eventually they broke into the complex we were hiding in. I saw the people I cared about killed before everything goes dark. I just remember not being able to breath after that. They cut off the oxygen supply and I was trapped somehow. I failed.

After this energy body’s 13th life I was very damaged, but because I had accepted that mission and because of the state of consciousness I had achieved, I was taken somewhere remarkable to recover. I used to call it the 12th dimension, but that’s a different story. Eventually I was pulled out of that place by something that wanted to use me, but it had miscalculated and didn’t have enough hold over me to control me. Even so, having been violently pulled out of a world of light where my attachments and heavy energies had meant nothing, and thrown back into this world while only partially healed, I incarnated poorly. I was blinded by the negative and heavy energies I had absorbed from my pain and failures and because of this I took on an impossible task. I was some species of whale on Earth. I was trying to do something with them. Get them to do something that would prevent their deaths. I couldn’t get them to understand though. I died alone, drifting down into the darkness. Pressure, suffocation.

This brings us to the 15th life of this energy body. I was a white male human on modern day Earth. I lived somewhere in the Southeastern US and I was normal, or I tried to be. I’d had it. I couldn’t deal with cosmic crisis anymore. In a way this one of my favorite lives because I’ve so rarely had one like it before. He was out of work a lot as a young man. I remember walking around a lot, not really looking for work. He did Private Eye work when he was in his thirties, or he just thought about it an inordinate amount. He enjoyed the work, but he savored the noir detective feel of it more than he liked to admit, which is probably why I remember. He was married once. Had a son. Got divorced. I remember being to see his ex-wife and son’s family when he was older. Putting on weight and drinking a little too much. I still take a lot from that life. It grounds me in being a modern human and it actually helps my work thinking like a detective. You learn that no one is telling the whole story, whether they’re physical or not. This life helped me recover, but it also left me with some limitations. He consciously chose to ignore the call he felt from other worlds and used a limited material and human world view to keep the rest of existence out. When I wrote “I was shell shocked. I felt stretched beyond the limits of my ego. My soul carried all this lightly, but psychologically speaking I couldn’t take the rapid change in perspective” in my post Flux, it was a remnant of this personality that was strained.

This brings us up to life 16 of this energy body. Me.

There are so many other memories from so many lives. I’m never going to write them all down, but at some point I will post a few more that are really important to me.

Tiger and Me

September 18, 2009

Late fall of last year I was pacing around my house. This is a common activity for me when I am energetically shifting or out of balance, or just addressing an inward issue. I was trying to heal wounds in my energy body that were allowing small negative entities to bother me. After working through several different approaches without success, I was very much feeling like I needed help. This is also common. What isn’t common is that I realized an unusual being was observing me. It was unusual in that it wasn’t trying to hide its presence and it was an actual being with consciousness and a high level of complexity. It had an orange, third chakra energy and the body form that it retained from whatever incarnate existence it knew was quadrupedal and about one third my size. This being conveyed to me that it wanted to access my energy systems. I’m very careful about who I allow into my being. I examined its energy and intentions and asked by guides at the time if I should allow it into my being. Everything came back positive and I had a good feeling toward this being. A little tentatively I spoke and gave it access to my energy systems. I saw and felt it enter through my fourth chakra and begin to move around inside my bodies. I had the impression that it was chasing down small dark entities and chewing them up. Its presence also felt good, like it was supporting and protecting my wounds as they healed. As it worked I talked to this being and asked it questions. I asked if it, actually he, had a name. I think because of his orange energy the word tiger came into my mind and he liked it and said I should use that.

Tiger stayed with me for about a day. If I recall correctly I went to sleep with him there and when I woke up he was gone. After that he would show up every couple of days or I would call for help and he’d come, which ever came first. After about a week it came up with my mother that I was being visited. It was only then that it came out. I asked “Is Tiger actually Radar?” Her reaction was a yes. Radar was my dog who had died a month before this began. My mother and I were both in a very odd state after that, or at least I was. We had worked with excarnate souls and those who had just died, but we’d never had an experience where the soul actively interacted with incarnate beings over a prolonged period. More than that, I was just emotionally absorbing the experience of having an on going relationship with the spirit of my dog, one that I hadn’t known about till that moment. It was such a combination of joy and sadness. Every experience I’d had with Tiger took on new meaning and I felt myself shift at an emotional level. I had experienced that there was no real death, or end to the being by this point, but never so emotionally. I could feel my fear lifting away in a strange, even more terrifying way. I ask you if you would release your fear of loosing your loved ones for the knowledge that not even death will separate you. The fear makes you feel closer and safer when you have. If you let it go you have no idea what might happen.

My relationship with Tiger continued in a similar way for several months after this. We moved past just working and protecting me. Around this time I was called several times by my guides to journey for a specific purposes and Tiger became a part of this. Being called to journey for a purpose outside myself isn’t unusual, but the clarity of the requests and guided nature of the “missions” in this period was very unusual. The most memorable of these events began on an afternoon just after I woke up from a nap. I was strangely well rested and felt amazingly clear. I became aware that Tiger was entering my space and wanted my attention. I focused on him and he conveyed that we were going to be doing something together. Through the infinite openness of higher dimensional space he lead me to a lighted pillar with a doorway into its centre. We were going to be traveling a very long way in physical terms and this energy system appearing as pillar of light would allow us to do this safely. I balked at the idea of physical distance being dangerous or an impediment, but he made it clear that it was a necessary part of the journey. We entered the pillar of light and felt it flooding with energy. We stretched out across what felt like a tremendous distance, leaving any perception of the pillar behind. It was replaced by stars and deep space. In the middle of our perception was a rocky asteroid. Over its surface, and through its interior, I could see veins, like fungal hyphae. Size was impossible to judge and from experience I know that my sensory experience was a representation that allowed me to complete my task, not a physical reality. Along with these sensations I could feel Tiger’s presence. We were perfectly aware of each other, but I couldn’t see him. I became aware that I was being asked by an outside force to do something in relation the fugal forms living on this asteroid. I was going to carry a message and an energy that was very needed. The sense of ancient presence and compassion from the force that was telling me this was palpable. It was intimately familiar with the burdens that it was now asking others to take on. I moved in closer to the asteroid, to find the one I was there to guide. Being in a higher dimension, I could see completely through the asteroid and the fungal mass. I could see that on a cellular level there were individuals completely enmeshed together, yet they were mentally and genetically distinct. I was drawn to the one I was here for. He was an inventor, if that term can be applied to a being so different. I could feel the energy of the ancient force washing through me and I reached out to this fungal being. The light connected to him and I could see it pouring in. It was the old vision, love is the highest and there is no death. “We love you very much, and we’re sorry that we have to ask you to do something so hard.” I was given an information packet for him, a rote of how to change the way their society functions at a biochemical level. The change would open their society, allow them to experience other worlds. I knew that he would probably be killed for this, for all the usual reasons. I transmitted the information to him and guided his energies in understanding it. I’m still sorry I had to ask him to do something so hard, though I know why it happens this way. Tiger and I pulled back from the asteroid. Space jumps backward, there’s a flash and Tiger and I are walking out of the pillar of light. I can still see stars through the far side.

Tiger is Radar’s energy body. After death, the energy body either begins the process of reincarnation or to reintegrate with the soul. Tiger did the later. Over the months I saw him merge with his soul. As this happened our relationship changed. I had changed so much from knowing him in this way. I wasn’t afraid of loosing him anymore and he had done what he could for me. He began to move on to soul based experiences outside physical reality. This is where he still is, exploring and creating in higher dimensions. I still feel him, and see him occasionally, but he’s in his own realm of experience now. Until we meet again for the first time.

The Big Picture

May 28, 2009

Stace Tussel over at Inter-Intelligence Communications picked out part of an e-mail as something that she wanted to see expanded into a full post and I agreed. The portion that she picked out is in italics.

“It’s quite difficult to convey the way in which I now view reality because it isn’t causal, or at least not in the way that one would usually mean that. I’m certain that I’m genetically and neurologically predisposed to have shamanic/schizotypal experiences, but my energy body and soul also have a shamanic nature. Those three bodies, or parts of me, became associated by resonance. The information structure of my soul resonated with the information structure of this physical body and its probability-cloud path through space-time, and whatever other local dimensions I inhabit. One way of stating this underlying principle is that there are many systems in place that govern the interaction of the information from which they are composed. At the physical level, information slows in the physical way, and at many other levels information flows in its own way that can be intuitive or arbitrary or anything in between, but ultimately all information is in resonance with all other information. There is no separation and consciousness with it’s potential to manifest any set/process of information can tune into any other set of information that exists. This means that, if the manifest component of consciousness is just more information, any being can enter into communication with any other being through resonance of their information systems. This is how I communicate with my guides.”

You are born into this physical system. The physical is an information/energy system, as are all systems. Ours is beautifully complicated and operates in a way that is easy to model, for the most part, with symbolic logic, or mathematics. For some people the physical layer is the only perception of reality that can reach them. Perception of physical reality is the most basic kind of perception for incarnate humans because we agree to experience physical reality as it is, without selectively permitting sets of experience at an energetic level. That is, if you don’t want to have a physical experience, in most cases you have to physically avoid it or tune it out at a neurological level. To incarnate is to agree to this, whether your soul understood or not.

Beyond the basic physical information/energy system there are many other, more subtle systems that are just as much a part of the agreement to incarnate. A rough guide to these could be taken from Robert Anton Wilson’s 8 circuit model of consciousness. The general pattern is one of progressively accepting the experience of ever more subtle kinds of perception. I’m going to skip the various mental/emotional spectrums of perception as these would be much more familiar to most incarnate humans. The beginning of the genuinely rare ranges of perception are what I would call “local non-physical information/energy systems.” The “local” implies that these systems are still tied to our understanding of the physical system, but exist outside it’s obvious or inherent framework. An example of this is the energy body with its system of meridians and chakras. If you are a conscious being, meridians and chakras have very little to do with your ultimate nature, but they are an essential part of the energetic experience you are having on Earth and might be having in any number of similar dimensions. Meridians and chakras are an intermediate layer between our local physical system and what lies outside.

Archetypes are another intermediate layer. Most humans have 13 archetypes that are drawn from the collective consciousness of the human species. These achetypes are templates, or stage directions for the soul and energy body that help them interact and learn in human terms. When a human dies, its archetype templates would optimally be released back into the collective consciousness of humanity. Nothing would be lost because they are information that can be drawn on by anyone. This doesn’t actually happen because there is no training on how to let go when you die in our society. As a general rule Souls don’t have archetypes, only energy bodies. This is because, as I’ve written previously, souls don’t fit into physical reality. The soul needs the energy body to make the intermediate connection and project into the physical. Credit to Caroline Myss for doing a great deal of work on archetypes.

Beyond these local non-physical information/energy systems are many states of reality that are only indirectly linked to physical reality. I refer you to the appendixes in Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys, where he outlines the various states of consciousness between physically locked-in and what I refer to as “open energetic reality.” These indirectly linked energetic systems vary extensively, but some examples are the “afterlives” of numerous religions and the energetic realms where many “alien” beings operate while interacting with Earth. The afterlives are consensual realities, primarily created by their occupants, but are often influenced by more powerful and aware beings that either try to help or feed of the beings that enter their realities. At the higher end of this spectrum you get the local negative and positive intelligences that play their big, long games behind the scenes.

Beyond this point everything gets even more difficult to talk about. The second to last stop on this travelog is what I think of as the membrane between our energetic system, in the broadest sense, and open energetic reality. Our energy system isn’t just Earth, or even just our universe. It’s a hodge podge of related dimensions and realities that exist at a bewildering number of levels, physical and energetic. None the less, they are all connected and related and fall under some kind of unified jurisdiction. Outside of this system is open energetic reality, a state of being where each soul creates its own reality in a way that I don’t think I could ever fully convey here. Being connected to our local energetic system means that a being is always forced to have some kinds of experience because it is never entirely separate from everything else. In open energetic reality your only connection to anything else is your baseline information resonance with it. Put another way, you can experience and find almost nothing but what you can imagine, but simultaneously, you are completely free to experience that which you can find and imagine. If you can imagine the outline of an energetic system like our local one, you can find it. That’s its ident, to use Monroe’s terminology.

We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there.

A few words on the development of perception:The capacity to allow experience of that which is governs how much can be experienced. This capacity goes beyond conscious choice. You are part of all levels of reality and thus all levels affect your ability to experience. Your body/mind/emotions/energy body/soul/ beyond are all part of this. You can’t simply decide to experience all that is, but whether you will try to experience more is a decision you make every moment of your life and that will affect all its levels. Bear in mind the metaphor of light penetrating a crystal. The crystal is your own being and ability to perceive reality. The light is non-conceptualized direct perception of that which is. The crystal becomes clouded and distorted by various needs and forces that exist within your own being. If you hold onto physical reality, there will be a dark cloud at the centre of your crystal, into which only the smallest fraction of light will enter. If your emotions control your perception then your crystal will have a color which will not permit the full spectrum of light. If you are injured in your mind then your crystal will crack and entire view plains will be obscured. If you have evolved your being to the ability to experience all that is while not being deformed or changed by that experience, your crystal will be clear and you will see and act with true clarity, beyond thought.

Boundaries: I

April 26, 2009

One of the primary limiting factors I encounter when working with other incarnate humans is that they hold onto the view of themselves as purely physical, separate entities. This attitude cuts off experience of the energetic world. This has one positive aspect, as it helps to keep energetic interference out, but it also prevents energetic sensation, help, information gathering and general development in this area of life.

A little context will make my topic much clearer. When a soul incarnates, it almost always creates or accepts a set of contracts. These contracts assure that the soul will have certain experiences while incarnate. The most basic contract to all souls incarnating on this Earth dimension is an agreement to accept physical space-time and the physical body as the overriding reality. Any action the individual takes that is perceived to violate this contract won’t be accepted energetically. A materalistic mindset and attitude usually develop over the contract, re-enforcing it. In my experience, for energy work to be effective it is essential to suspend the materialistic mindset, and for advanced techniques, to let go of the space-time reality contract entirely.

One of the most basic ways to temporarily bypass the materialistic mindsets is to inform the person you are working with that they are composed of electromagnetic fields and that these fields interpenetrate and have no definite boundaries. Being composed of interpenetrating electromagnetic fields means that it’s quite reasonable that one person’s fields could interact with another’s at a distance. This bypasses the matterialistic mindset by eroding the perception of physical separation. I personally don’t prefer the electromagnetic explanation because I’m fairly sure more is going on than the interaction of a few fundamental fields. I want to be up front about what I think is going on while not trying to tell another person what they should think about the nature of reality.

I’m not the most skilled worker when it comes to bringing physically locked-in humans to a state where energy work can be effective. I’m too easily frustrated by having to convince the person I’m working with to let go of what I perceive to be hurting them. I’m working on this, and commenting on it externally will hopefully give me enough perspective to re-examine my feelings, as it did with my previous post on taking money for energy healing (Thanks Paul, I have been thinking about what you said).

My applied approach varies greatly depending on who I am talking to, but I’ll give a generalized form here. The following exchange is completely fictional and takes place after I have talked with the person about their experiences and what they might want to change in their life, but before I begin to probe or examine with my own senses or question my guides in earnest:

Energy worker: “May I and my guides look into you to help find what is preventing you from making the changes in your life that you want?

Other person: “Sure, go ahead.”

(Depending on the person and the situation, this kind of statement may be enough to effect an energetic change. If they are still holding themselves back, or didn’t take sufficient note of your request and thus didn’t alter their energetic state to match, then ask the next question.)

Energy worker: “Would you say ‘I agree to have (insert energy worker’s name) and his guides look into me for the purpose of finding what is stopping me from making the changes I want in my life.'”

Other person: “Okay. ‘I agree to have (insert name) and his guides look into me for the purpose of finding what is stopping me from making the changes I want in my life.'” (It’s important that they say this clearly and completely, or it will likely not have the desired effect.)

Energy worker: “Good.”

I would now begin to look into the person and ask my guides to do so as well. For me a very sensitive approach us usually best. I ask my guides if there is any aspect of the person that minds being examined, and with my own senses I try to tune into the person’s soul. If the soul resists the tuning-in then I try to open a dialogue, asking permission the view it. If the soul doesn’t wished to be viewed there will probably be interference and difficulties in making anything more than a superficial change to the person’s energetic systems.

Assuming all aspects of the person are willingly allowing me to view them and that I have identified an issue within the their energy field I talk to them about what I have found and try to assess if they are ready to let it go. Being ready is a combination of being able to let go of the issue itself and being able to accept the treatment. Being able to let go of the issue itself is a post of its own, but being able to accept the treatment in an energetic sense can be just difficult.

I might say something along the lines of the following to help a person get out of a materialistic mindset:

“Would you agree that you are more than your physical body? I see us as beings of light, all connected and woven together. Would you agree, if these things are true, to allowing me to help you let go if this (Insert: Block, knot, karma, timeline) within your body of light.”

Guides: Communication Basics I

April 17, 2009

Communication with guides is one of the most central aspects of my practice. It is also one of the most frustrating and potentially deceptive.

The relationship between accurate/precise information and the human being can be likened to that between light and crystal. The quality of the information is based on the clarity of the crystal and the purity of the light. To receive information you need to be clear of mental, emotional, physical and energetic distortion. This sounds exactly like what it means. Removing these distortions will consume several posts, but now I will just focus on one basic technique for safely tuning into and communicating with non-physical entities.

Before anything else you need to decide what force, being or entity you want tune into and communicate with. My two suggestions in this regard are 1. try talking to various aspects of yourself first, such as your autonomic nervous system, or inner self. This will help you start to self monitor what the various parts of your being think and feel. 2. Tune into what most workers call the Universal Healing Energy. The UHE is exactly what it sounds like, a universal force devoted to all energies of healing and the highest good of every being. For the left-brained: No, I don’t think there is actually a UHE, but if you tune into that concept it will put you in touch with the force or being most closely matching it that you are able to mesh with at this time. For the right-brained: just forget what I told the left-brainers and tune in that universal healing energy.

Once you have decided on what you are tuning into, it helps to carefully write down some of the questions you want to ask. For this technique stick to questions with a yes or no answer. Your intention to ask a question isn’t enough for most energy beings to understand, you need to actually word your questions to start. The words themselves aren’t important, but the coherent thoughts that they create are what energy beings can understand. Until you learn to think much more coherently than most ever will, you’ll need to word you questions.

Examples of questions:

Bad questions:
1. Where did I leave my car keys?

2. Will the Mets win tonight?

Good question:
1. Even though I think I’ve resolved it, am I still angry at my sister on some level?

2. Do I have any blocks in my energy systems? Are they in my energy body? Are they in the left arm of my energy body?

3. Is there anything that my soul wants me to know? (<– Specifically for UHE)

4. Did I make any agreements before incarnating in this life. (<– Specifically for UHE)

You need to be in an aware, yet clear and receptive state. Any personal need or desire will interfere with getting clear answers. Using whatever relaxation or meditative techniques you prefer to clear yourself beforehand is advised, particularly if you aren’t used to communication with energy beings. When you feel centered, say the following outloud “I know wish to communicate with (insert:my inner self, the UHE, etc.) and only (insert). I wish to ignore all deception and interference. I now wish to tune into and hold the signal of (insert).” As you say the last sentence begin to mentally reach out for the being that you want to contact and try to hold a connection with them. If you feel like you are forcing the connection something is probably wrong and you shouldn’t continue unless you are very confident of your energetic senses and abilities. Alternatively you may feel nothing, which is fairly normal and you should continue to the next step.

Place the thumb and middle finger of your right hand together to form a loop. Place this loop between your left thumb and middle finger and bring them together to form another loop linked to the first. At this point understand that if the answer to your question is “yes” that one of the loops will break when you try to pull them apart, and that if the answer to your question is “no” that the loops will not break when you try to pull them apart. You should now verbally ask a test question such as “Am I (insert your name)” and other simple things that you know the answer to already. The only way this can really go wrong is if you aren’t using your real name. Use the method described bellow to get answers to the questions. If these test questions work you can now verbally ask the first question that you have written down.

After asking the question, try to pull apart the loops you have made with your fingers and thumbs. Only use about the same amount of force to hold them together and pull them apart. If you are getting good answers it won’t take much force to get a positive and almost no amount of force will break a negative.

You are now ready to start figuring out how to make this work for you. Everyone is different and I suspect you will need to modify this technique slightly to get it to work for you.

I didn’t create this technique. I originally learned it from the energy medicine worker who I mentioned in my post on initiation. It is a variety of what is called “muscle testing” in energy medicine. I suspect a text on some of its uses could be tracked down through cross referencing those two terms.

Final pieces of advice: Never be too sure of who or what you are really talking to and never make deals. They never work out.

The Anatomy of Plural Identity

April 5, 2009

My laptop is functioning again, more or less, and the node has played itself out into a new stable state, unfortunately for the worse I suspect.

One of the largest shifts in my perspective has been the transition from a singular identity to a plural one. Two years ago I thought of myself as a singular entity, occasionally known by different names, but mostly just Christopher Taylor. You could relate this concept of singular identity to viewing the world as composed of solid, definite and distinct objects(identities). I presently view my self as composed of no less than five definite, but not always distinct, identities that flow in and out of eachother. As well as a much larger number of freighteningly autonymous subsystems.

These five primary identities are my:
Incarnate self
Energy body
Inner self
Higher self

The incarnate self includes all aspects of my being that exist within the the time-space energy system, that is, all apects of my physical body, brain function and electromagnetic systems included. This identity can function normally without interaction with the other informational/energetic identities and systems, but would not qualify under my techincal definition of consciousness without interaction from the other identities.

The energy body is the primarily three-dimensional energetic system that directly interacts with the incarnate self. It guides many aspects of the incarnate self’s life, including the biophyscial, mental-emotional and also to a limited extent the chance and synchronystic events surounding the individual. The energy body is the primary focus of many energy medicine modalities and techniques such as acupressure/puncture, Reiki, chakra work, etc. The meridian and dantians of chinese medicine are located within the energy body, as well as the chakras of Kundalini yoga and some Buddhist practice. In my perspective the energy body is the limited portion of the soul that can be projected into the time-space energy system. The soul itself is too complex, by comparison, to be completely absorbed in the incarnate experience, thus the focus of consciousness is shifted down through the energy body to the incarnate self. The energy body can incarnate multiple times, and is thus sometimes confused with the soul. I emphasize that multiple incarnations of the energy body are not assured, as there are many behavoirs that souls exhibit toward their energy bodies. Most souls incarnated on this world develop an energy body over the course of may lives, usually up to the mid-teens, then reabsorb that energy body to integrate its lessons and experiences intot he greater whole. After this, the soul will have to create a new energy body if it wishes to incarnate again.

The inner self is a subsystem of the energy body, distinct from, but inherently connected to it. The inner self is intelligent, but often has a child-like and capricious nature. It maintains many of the bodies energetic sub-systems and helps with autonomic functions. They are often very helpful if they are treated with respect, attention, and helped to develop in a fun and playful way. I should emphasize that respect without understanding of the innerself’s needs and desires will not be helpful. The inner self is one of the most immediate ways for a sensitive, adept, mage, shaman or whatever you want to call it, to gain access to information about the energetic world.

The higher self is sort of a representation of the most-developed potential energetic self of the individual, based on current circumstances. It is an actual being that can influence and direct the individual, but it is also just a potential that can be changed by choices and events that occure here and now. The higher self is roughly synonymous with the eighth chakra that sits above the top of the head. Check Alberto Villoldo’s book “Shaman, Healer, Sage” for a more in detail explanation of the eighth chakra, though I disagree with several aspects of his perception. The eighth chakra is the inner, yin aspect of this identity, the Higher self is the outer, yang apect. I have observed that very few people have a higher self that is optimal for any positive purposes they might have. I don’t interpret this as learning through negative experiences so much as just a non-optimal state of afairs that should be addressed as soon as possible.

In my vocabulary, a soul is an information/energetic system that developed a level of of complexity sufficient to generate something called a consciousness field. More accurately, a soul has developed a level of complexity that creates a local purturbation within the single consciousness field that encompasses all dimensions, that I am aware of. Consciousness is the only state of being that I am told by my guides is not composed of information. Not being composed of information, it has the potential to move through, and experience, all information and energy. This is the essence of what a soul is. I know of no way to destroy or end the consciousness created by a soul, even if the energetic/information system surrounding the consciousness purturbation is dispersed it will only reform later. The consciousness purturbation can will its energetic/information system into non-existence, but this is an active process. Once the purturbation stops willing itself out of existance it will begin to experience states of being again.

The soul is the identity that agrees to enter, or somtimes just falls into, a time-space energetic system such as this physical universe. Alternatively, souls are actually being created within the energetic system of this universe and are developing through incarnation and other processes the level of complexity necessary to function in the external energetic/information reality. Our time-space energetic system has interesting qualities of nursery, prison, farm and school, all depending on perspective and the nature of the individual being in question.