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How to Make a World

June 16, 2012

This is pretty much how it works.

You figure out how the world works, usually with some exploration involved, then you breathe life into it. Usually your life.


Memories of Making the Earth

June 12, 2012

I’ve written about memories that I have from other incarnated lifetimes. I haven’t written very much about my memories from between incarnated lifetimes.

I have very explicit memories of being involved with some aspects of forming the Earth. I was one of millions of other beings involved in the process. Some beings, like Raven’s Eye who is the Bowl of the World were involved in much higher level activities, like weaving entirely new timelines to guide the formation of the whole Earth system. I and my working group were involved in much more specific and limited activities.

Explaining exactly what we were doing can be challenging. There is a relationship between consciousness and the form taken by physical reality that is very difficult to describe in the modern mental context. Every individual consciousness is like a nucleus, or porthole, or a light in the darkness, around which the material universe is tuned in. The physical world is not an illusion any more than a building that you choose to enter is an illusion, even though it may prevent you from seeing the larger world. The physical world has reality outside of the the observer, but that reality is not the physical world as we perceive it as human beings. It is only a “physical” world in that we are experiencing it that way.

What I and my working group built as excarnate beings were the threads of potential that could manifest through the progressive densities of materialized personal experience. We worked in higher dimensional levels of non-physical existence, altering potential fields, time-lines, threads of connection and other more complicated structures so that the physical world could be felt and experienced in the way that it now is, more or less. There are many areas and refinements to the process that we didn’t have anything to do with, mostly relating to human psychology and interaction.

Our area of specialty was material system stability and persistence. I remember with strange emotion how difficult it was to get certain aspects of the system tuned correctly. Having the necessary form and diffusion of water was very difficult for some reason. Water moderates environmental, thermal and biological reactions, but getting it to behave with the necessary characteristics was a great achievement. Insuring a stable magnetic field around the planet was tremendously important, but less challenging.

One of our other works was to assure the deep rigidity of biological life on Earth. Other groups were working genetic evolution, morphic stability and the fundamentals of biosystems on Earth. We were concerned with preventing the equivalent of ecological cancer, or the advent of homogenizing swarms, to use a science fictional term. We did this by encouraging extreme precision in cellular reproduction and more complex life function. This would discourage the kind of rampant mutation that would be necessary in order to co-op the entire diversity of other life systems. Our work was necessary because of the explicitly mathematical nature of material Earth life. In the energy systems I am more accustomed to inhabiting it would not have been necessary. In those systems a being of a relatively more developed nature and understanding simply can’t be limited, controlled or influenced by force. A being of a relatively less developed nature can be influenced, but only within the parameters of what they will allow for themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. There are essentially no restrictions on form in those realms because there is almost nothing you can do to another being against its will or inherent nature. On Earth, however, this is not the case. If there were not deep restrictions on physical form we would be inundated by controlling and converting agents, biological, chemical and mechanical, even electrical. The level of stability necessary for the development of the desired incarnate psycho-spiritual attributes would be impossible. Everything would be changing, warping and continuously tearing itself apart. All it would take is one amoral and extremely clever being to bend the world to his will.

I find Earth’s physical limitations on form very onerous. I feel within myself the capacity to change form, psycho-spiritually from my past existences between incarnations and genetically from the ancestry of my current incarnation. I use this inner knowing very much when I am working with clients. I energetically become what I need to be in order to help them. Most people loose themselves if they try to do that, but I am accustomed to being formless. It allows me to enter other people’s realities while retaining the necessary potency to bring change and healing. This also my life more difficult because when I am tired a tend to revert to diffuse and formless state. I usually call that “needing to be a cloud for a while” and it makes being with other human beings very difficult.

I have become accepting of my physical limitations as I have remembered more of why they exist. An example would be the reason I was chosen to be part of the working group on material systems stability for part of the Earth project. I was incarnated several times previously to a different system that had been overrun by invasive and self transforming biological agents. Calling it a war wouldn’t really do it justice. Life was at war with itself. I incarnated as a being that had been created by one of the technologically advanced species of this world. I was part of a new species designed by them to survive in these new conditions, to help them fight and survive and, ultimately, to continue their culture and the concept of individual conscious intelligence into the future should their race perish. I incarnated several times as one of these “future guards” so that I could experience the entire arc in their history. I fought when we were new and things were terrible. It looked like the end of the world.

Our form was generally akin to a spider made of pale bone. We had distinct heads more than a spider and our legs attached to an oblong central body with no abdomen. The number of legs was actually variable. My strongest memories are of having four legs, but I know others had more. We had been grown from aquatic creatures very much like a sea squirt, and this was the central conceit of our design. Nothing outside of the thorax was alive. The only living tissue in our bodies was safely protected behind many layers of thick bone. Our limbs were operated by the pumping of hydraulic fluid. A giant mass of muscle in the thorax, much like a heart pumped this fluid through out the body to create movement. Our senses were limited by our extensive shells, but we did have sight, extremely good hearing, or at least sense of vibration, and something that passed for smell. Sight was achieved through light pipes. Crystalline tubes that lead from the head back to the central nervous system in the thorax (our brains were a genetic bequeath from our creators, to carry on their way of being should they become extinct). Vibration sense was conducted by chambers inside the central body filled with delicate fibers in fluid. Smell is the most alien sense. It was achieved by combination of small patches of chemical sensitive chromatiphors on the shell with light pipes that would carry their changing colors into the central nervous system. Any kind of direct chemical or nervous contact for smell as in humans would have provided a direct route of access for our enemies. I could go on about our biology, but I have conveyed the central point that our very way of being was defined by denying access to invasive controlling agents.

I incarnated to this culture at least three or four times to experience the full arc of the part of their history in which they would actively face invasive self transforming biological agents. I was there from the beginning, when everything was terror and it looked like the end of the world, right to the end when indeed the world had been burned to the ground, but no pure strains of the enemy remained and we and the few other races that had survived were the only real monsters left in the world.

Because I carried that history I was able to give the product of its experience in the Earth process.

“Finding Freedom in Handcuffs”

November 11, 2011

Chris Hedges has a new article up. I would say that it is about occupy wall St., but that would not be true. To me it’s about being human at this time on Earth. It’s the best thing I’ve read in weeks, in terms of its moral power, its authenticity and the quality of the writing itself.

You can find it several places, but I read it at Seismologik:

The last paragraph is particularly moving.

“There are streaks in my lungs, traces of the tuberculosis that I picked up around hundreds of dying Sudanese during the famine I covered as a foreign correspondent. I was strong and privileged and fought off the disease. They were not and did not. The bodies, most of them children, were dumped into hastily dug mass graves. The scars I carry within me are the whispers of these dead. They are the faint marks of those who never had a chance to become men or women, to fall in love and have children of their own. I carried these scars to the doors of Goldman Sachs. I had returned to living. Those whose last breaths had marked my lungs had not. I placed myself at the feet of these commodity traders to call for justice because the dead, and those who are dying in slums and refugee camps across the planet, could not make this journey. I see their faces. They haunt me in the day and come to me in the dark. They force me to remember. They make me choose sides. As the metal handcuffs were fastened around my wrists I thought of them, as I often think of them, and I said to myself: ‘Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty, I am free at last.'” – Chris Hedges

The Gulf Oil Disaster Never Ended: II

October 29, 2010

Lucretia Heart of Towards a New World recently posted two shocking aggregations of news stories on the continuing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

1. BP and Govm’t Continue To Hide Truth About BP Oil Spill — (the NEW stuff)

2. Reports On BP Oil Spill Still Coming Out– It Looks Worse and Wore

I Am a Reptilian Genetic Hybrid

August 10, 2010

I’ve known for a long time.

I receive this DNA through both my mother and father and they receive it through their ancestors, back a very long time… to the first mingling of human and reptilian on this planet thousands of years ago.

There are many reptilians living on Earth now in a different vibrational frequency. They have been here for a very long time as well. I am very ashamed of the way that they have acted toward Earth. I think of them as my people, but I am not like them. They have done many things to hurt me and tried to use me in many ways. I have tried to undo the harm they have caused, as much as I can and in all the ways that I know.

It makes me feel better that not all reptilians are like the ones that have tried to live on Earth for so long. Many of the reptilians from other places and times are very nice and helpful to me.

My ancestry is an important part of who I am. I have never written about it because I fear what other people will think of me.

I don’t mind if you don’t think any of this is real. I’m not asking anything of you. I’ve just carried this too long.

I was compelled to start writing this as I listened to an interview that Mike Clelland did with Cynthia Crawford about her experiences. They are both really lovely people and there was something in how she spoke that made me need to do this. I started to cry at one point as I wrote because it was so much relief not carry this inside me any more. The link to their interview is here.

Canadian Genocide

July 30, 2010

I don’t really have words. Describes violence against the human being, body and spirit.

(Edit: The central figure of this documentary, Kevin Annett, is rather controversial. If you have no interest in listening to him, then I would suggest listing to the others whose stories are recorded here.)

The Subtle Conflict of Positive and Negative Intelligences

July 6, 2010

(Preface: To repeat one of my standing caveats. When I write in declarative voice it is not because I’m certain, and certainly not because of any fundamentalist belief in my own words or experiences. I speak in this way because my experiences present themselves in this way. Treat this as a story, a tool that has been useful because it seems to bear resemblance to the reality of my situation and has allowed me to act in meaningful ways within it.)

Those I am forced into confrontation with most often are the positive and negative intelligences. These are highly adept energy beings that exist at a much higher state within the web of interconnecting and dependent energetic reality systems within which the Earth energy system is just one node or nuclei.

As I have written previously, the negative and positive intelligences reflect a division between predatory (negative) and open-universal (positive) sources of energy. This division actually a spectrum, but for my purposes this is rarely significant and none of these beings has anything more than a tenuous relationship to what we might recognize as morality.

Negative intelligences are dominated by the need to feed from the energies of other beings. They use pain, fear, anger, violence, deception, disease, insanity, and physical and spiritual coercion as tools for generating the energy that they require.

Positive intelligences are dominated by the need to create harmony through any means necessary. Anything else is intolerable to them. They tend to use the trappings of authority and hierarchy more than negative intelligences, but otherwise their repertoire of techniques is remarkably similar, only directed toward the fruition of their plans for the denser manifestations of reality, i.e., the physical, lower energetic world.

Both groups have demonstrated a hatred toward me of such passion and conviction as I have rarely observed, though they are loathed to admit that I cause them any inconvenience. More often each describes me within their own terms, as prey for the negatives and something abhorrent to the positives, a human being whose soul chose to reincarnate for the express purpose of changing the system of incarnation within this reality system and whose soul once, a long ago, produced an emanation which became a positive intelligence itself. You aren’t supposed to come back after something like that.

The negative and positive intelligences are playing many conflicting long games with humanity and the Earth system, as they are with many other reality systems. By long games I imply the form of a chess match, with move and counter-move over long periods of time, all designed to reach largely predetermined goals and agendas. These games and agendas are played out in the physical world through subtle manipulation of people and events, as well as more active conflicts in lower and higher energetic realms. This conflict has been a cold war of subterfuge and manipulation for most of the duration of our present history. This is because neither side was certain they could win in an all out conflict and the costs of that conflict would be unimaginable. Each side sought the means to a definite victory while maintaining their present advantages. In the mean time they both work together to prevent the lower realms from interfering in their plans.

We are approaching a point in the cyclical evolution of this Earth system, and many other reality systems, beyond which neither side can win. The barriers between physical and energetic existence are growing thin. The energies are changing in a way that will not allow this cold war. They feel it, a tug that says “your fight is ending, put away your toys.” (This paragraph came to me as I was writing. The idea bears similarity to other work that my mother and I have undertaken relating to changes in Earth energies, but we have never explicitly been told this before.)

The positive and negative intelligences will not listen to this tugging voice. They will fight and twist the world as long as they are able to.

Daniel Pinchbeck on the Gulf

July 5, 2010

I agree in potentia with all his points in this article and I highly recommend you lend your attention to it: The Gulf Oil Spill as the Unfolding of Prophecy

This is a direct link to the article on potential tsunamis from seafloor methane explosion in Gulf of Mexico that Pinchbeck cites: Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?

Gulf Oil Spill Orwellianism Becoming Official

July 5, 2010

Who knew CNN had any teeth left. Kendra Matheson, actually, who told me that Anderson Cooper still cared.

How I Write

June 12, 2010

Originally I tried to plan what I would write about in logical order. That didn’t work.

I know when I need to write and I know what I need to write. I know it because it wells up from within me or is shown to me by forces beyond myself. Only a few of the writings on this blog come purely from my personality or thoughts moment to moment.

I took down one of my recent posts. I did that because the post came from a different place inside of me. It came from a deep pain, anger and helplessness that I experience because of the form that human society on Earth has taken for the past little while.

I don’t know how to fix the world. I hope that what I’m doing helps, but I don’t know if it will change things.

To the Universe I beg, let me do no harm through my words or actions.