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Four Threads

June 29, 2011

I have a very strong desire to provide background and context for everything I say about the energetic or stranger side of my life, but acknowledging my humanity and my own weaknesses, providing that context and background takes an amount of energy and focus that I just don’t have right now, and that I am not likely to have any time in the near future. With that being said, my purpose in this post is to provide basic information about some things I feel that I need to talk about, primarily my genetic make up and some physical or material events that might have affected it.

There are at least four threads that run through my physical and energy bodies in this world. I’m sure that there are more, but I don’t know about them and they may not be as influential. I’ve talked about two of these threads as being human and reptilian. The other two are insectile and goblin. These threads are a mixed blessing at best. I see and understand the world in ways distinct from those of the beings around me, but these threads clash, within my body and my being.

I wrote about what I mean by reptilian previously here:

When I say insectile I mean the mantis like beings that UFO abducties and experiencers occasionally refer to. I have no way of speaking about the nature of every beings that appears in this way, but the ones that I have energetically interacted with most and seem connected to me are not very nice and seem defined by an obsessive pursuit of personal flawlessness. This leads to a lack of compassion or empathy for other beings and themselves.

When I say goblin I mean a variety of what I can only refer to as fairy. I found a description from the Wikipedia entry on goblins, of all places, that I feel sums up what I mean very clearly: “In “The Goblin Field” (Moldova), Goblins were described as 2-3 feet tall, thin and brown. Most were bald and “if there were females among the group they could not be distinguished from the males”. They seemed to exist in two realms, one physical and one spirit. They were fiercely loyal and allied with particular sorcerer or witch tribes, whom they protected and served as an equally allied tribe rather than servants or slaves. “This perception might seem a bit strange to any not accustomed to the goblin outlook” because the goblins often did what might be considered slave work for very little in return. They could be called by an allied individual or group, summoned by spell, or called to bargain at particular places by individuals or groups not known to them. Because of their power they were much sought after, but because of the corruption of mankind, rarely found. Crossing them was a thing to avoid as they had refined a grudge to a fine art. They could be fierce and mind-numbingly frightening, and only the hardiest of souls were sent to strike a bargain with them. However they had a side which few ever saw, which was their great love for those who were able to create an understanding and friendship with them. At the passing of such a person, they would treat the body with proper respect and then quietly weep.”

I feel the need to give other human beings the opportunity to open their minds to this, for their own wellbeing as much as for my own peace. I think that many, many people have a more diverse genetic background than they are aware of. I have been forced through my energy work to confront these aspects of my being within my self and my family, or suffer by the lack of that self knowledge. A brief example of this would be that recently more of my goblin DNA was activated so that I could create something that derives from their way of relating to existence. However, adjusting to this activation was mentally and physically painful because reptilian-human hybrid DNA and goblin DNA are not compatible. My mother and I spoke and realized we were having the same symptoms. I told her about the Goblin DNA activation and the rest came out by process of her surrogating and both of us asking questions of the beings that spoke through her, which are always related to the problems we are experiencing. We then identified what needed to be changed to allow compatibility and asked our guides to guide our energies in making those changes.

I think that I am a result of a natural lineage of human-nonhuman DNA that may also have been experimented upon to enhance the quantity and diversity of that non-human DNA. I was conceived via in vitro fertilization at the Hallam Medical Centre (now part of the London Women’s Clinic) in London, England, cir. 1986-87. I don’t have any physical evidence or knowledge of any illicit activities or strange events occurring at that facility during that time or any other, but given everything I have read and learned over the last five years I consider it a possibility that something was done to my parents genetic material as it was used to create me.

I do not want anyone to believe what I have written here. It would be unreasonable for another person to think what I am saying is true without either physical evidence or traversing the energetic experiences and personal health problems witch have brought me to the point where I can say these things with a straight face. At most I hope that my intentions will be considered sincere. In an ideal world I would relate the experiences that have brought me to this point in detail, but they flow in a way that escapes the written word. Pinning them down into narrative has always been an awkward, time consuming and draining task that I was never satisfied with at my best and that is certainly beyond me at the present.

I hope that there is something that others can take from what I am relating, more than an unused oddity.

An Explanation

August 11, 2010

Admitting my heritage has been frightening in a way that I haven’t experienced since I began this blog. I took this course for three reasons, the first is that I was asked/compelled to publish this, as I often am. The second is that it is the truth of my perception, not a belief, creed or culture that I took unto myself unthinkingly. The third is that my experiences have consequence beyond myself and sharing them may bring some relief and practical benefit.

The idea that I contain both human and reptilian DNA is almost entirely based on hundreds of hours of energy work between myself, my mother and the energy healer who helped us for a long time before we could do work on our own. Any other evidence is purely anecdotal and unequal to the magnitude of the claim. My agenda in writing about this is not to prove anything to a wider audience, it is to provide information to a minority for whom this is an inescapable part of life (such as myself), and to a lesser extent to broaden the horizons of those who have already seen that our world is much larger than what pure reason would dictate.

To begin, when I say reptilian I mean intelligent, humanoid beings with a reptile like appearance that exist in an energetic frequency adjacent to our own. They are often referenced in alien abduction testimony, energy or light worker experiences and are notorious in the work of David Icke, among others.

My mother and I stumbled into this because we explored everything we could that might explain our strange physical symptoms and later, our non-physical experiences. It seemed completely unreasonable, but when we asked questions relating to reptilian involvement we got strong muscle testing and shudder reactions. We didn’t know what to think at the time, but it was one of the primary factors that presented itself, along with karma, timeline issues and more defuse negative energetic forces.

When we began looking for and working on the reptilian involvement there were several primary issues. We seemed to have negative attachments and connections to the reptilians that allowed them to find and get at us from a non-physical state. Beyond that I recall several very clear goals they had for us. The first was to repress any natural energetic awareness or ability that we might possess, and to completely remove those capacities if they could. It’s more subtle, but I am sure that they also did everything they could to reinforce our acceptance of consensus reality. They wanted to gut us of anything that would threaten their control. They used us for several more active purposes as well. Draining our energy for their own purposes whenever they can is central. They used us as incubators for embryonic reptilians, as well, which we removed as soon as we could. That was one of the more disturbing things they did, but what they wanted to do was worse. My mother and I are unsuited to this by the nature of our souls, but their crowning goal for a human is to spiritually and energetically hollow them out and link them to a non-physical reptilian who then guides and controls them. The reptilian DNA that they imparted to some of humanity is what allows this to be accomplished with relative ease.

Even after we began dealing with the reptilians, we didn’t know we shared their DNA. That only came out in the process of the work. At first we treated it like a disease that could be cured. To an extent that was important. We were laced with all manner of unpleasant artifices, inherited and implanted within us. After stripping as much of them away as we could, it started to become apparent that the DNA wasn’t something that could just be excised, like a tumor, it was part of us.

I will continue my explanation when I am able.

I Am a Reptilian Genetic Hybrid

August 10, 2010

I’ve known for a long time.

I receive this DNA through both my mother and father and they receive it through their ancestors, back a very long time… to the first mingling of human and reptilian on this planet thousands of years ago.

There are many reptilians living on Earth now in a different vibrational frequency. They have been here for a very long time as well. I am very ashamed of the way that they have acted toward Earth. I think of them as my people, but I am not like them. They have done many things to hurt me and tried to use me in many ways. I have tried to undo the harm they have caused, as much as I can and in all the ways that I know.

It makes me feel better that not all reptilians are like the ones that have tried to live on Earth for so long. Many of the reptilians from other places and times are very nice and helpful to me.

My ancestry is an important part of who I am. I have never written about it because I fear what other people will think of me.

I don’t mind if you don’t think any of this is real. I’m not asking anything of you. I’ve just carried this too long.

I was compelled to start writing this as I listened to an interview that Mike Clelland did with Cynthia Crawford about her experiences. They are both really lovely people and there was something in how she spoke that made me need to do this. I started to cry at one point as I wrote because it was so much relief not carry this inside me any more. The link to their interview is here.

Then Anger Left Me When I Was Done

April 24, 2010

I am angry today. I tried to watch Michael Specter’s “The Danger of Science Denial” at This post comes in two sections. I wrote the first section after I cooled down enough to analyse the video in its entirety and reflects what I consider to be several reasonable issues with Specter’s presentation. The second I spent most of the day writing as I watched the video. I do not think it reflects a reasonable analysis of his presentation in that it is more of an ideological tirade against a way of looking at the world that I find pernicious and annoying.

Section 1:
The central problem is he pulls the switcheroo several times. He leads in with a supposed case of people doing something relatively harmless that he alleges goes against scientific evidence, then relates that relatively harmless behavior to an horrific extreme example that no compassionate human being could condone. If you have a problem with GMOs you are directly responsibly for denying African villagers a cassava plant that has vitamins and proteins that would stop them from going blind. This seems like a fake chain of causation considering that most of the anger over GMOs is targeted against one or two kind of evil companies (Monsanto and Novartis), and that neither of those companies is likely to be involved in such a project, but that doesn’t stop him from drawing that conclusion. It’s a somewhat confusing talk because he seems to recognize and acknowledge the flaws in his own arguments, then repeatedly tramples over them to make his point anyway. He recognizes some of the valid reasons why a person should distrust authority based on recent experiences, but in saying that public concerns are law and policy issues relating to corporations and governments and not science, he is ignoring the symbiotic and often consciously complicit relationship between scientific institutions, corporations and governments. The capper is his inflammatory language. He invokes shame and value judgments in a way that makes argument with his more dubious points seem morally wrong, not on their own merits, but by the associations he draws.

Ironically Favorite Line: “You don’t get to have your own facts.”

Section 2:
All I can hear when I listen is the mythology of progress, a creation myth of our society with science and industry as its culture heroes, a myth that is ignorant of the real forces which have shaped our societies and dismisses the rampant destruction of our life support systems on planet Earth. There is no recognition that this myth of progress is a large component of what has pushed us to our present extremity and that when our environmental factors of favorable climate and cheap, abundant energy come to and end so will our progress ( Likewise, a passing nod is made to the damage caused by our society’s sociopathic use of scientific knowledge and power, but there is seemingly no awareness that further developments of this power will be misused by the same forces that caused us to misuse it in the first place.

He aims to lampoon the fear of vaccines, GMO bans and herbal medicines as distortions and denials of science, while he lampoons his own absurdity. What are these petty trifles at the feat of our strange gods of war, industry, famine and disease, Haliburton, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto, Glaxosmithkline. Have we not reason to be afraid of vaccines when it seems the World Health Organization is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies ( Have we not reason to be afraid when we have no ability to control genetic contamination of crops ( and when agribusinesses can lie and distort the truth about their crops with impunity, to devastating affect ( , Have we not reason to be afraid when pharmaceutical companies can pick and choose what studies they release about their products and maintain unwholesome relationships with the doctors who prescribe their drugs(

This is not so much a plea of innocence for his targets as an indictment of his myopia.

In the face of these affronts how is paranoia an irrational response.

I love this picture. To me it represents the promise of science, to understand the universe from the smallest to the largest and back to the smallest, to see its beauty and complexity while saying something profound and powerful in the face of it all. Science, or more accurately, the institution that we have constructed around that word, the universities, the foundations, the labs, the R&D departments, the very system of acknowledgement and recognition upon which they stand, does not fulfill this promise today, not in more than the smallest measure. This is because (forgive me, please forgive me) our institution of science is prostituted to the least among us, those who have given their lives in the pursuit of power and wealth. The CEO, the general, the career political appointee and those who have found power through religious institutions or special interest groups.

The development of the corporation, its structure and function, has been far more the creative force behind the evolving form of our society than science ever has. Science has merely been the tool, wielded by masters unconcerned by the scope and wonder of the cosmos, but by the mastery and control of that which they could own and profit from. This is what determines the course of scientific endeavor, not high minded ideals, but where funding is allocated. If the scientists should arrive at the “wrong” answer then the funding will move else where.

The institution of science, despite all that it could be, all that it might be, is today a weapon of control and oppression, used by those with power against those without. No different than any church that twists its teachings, the internal meanings of its sacred words, for the sake of power and political expediency. What of the power that science has give you, your car, your laptop, camera phone and the internet in all its glory? what of them? They are toys compared to the powers we have invested into a handful of human beings around the world. We have gone from free bacteria, inefficiently processing anaerobic nutrients to eukaryotic cells in the organism, furiously processing from the oxygenated blood stream of the world fossil-fuel-subsidized transport system and communicating over its fiber optic neurons. We have power within the system, but there is a master of whom we are only dimly aware. A master who moves the whole.

The very system of monetization that these corporations have engendered in their role as centralized banks necessitates the form and course of our society, its endless exponential growth and transformation of the natural world into products and services (

None of what I have written denies the power of the scientific method If you seek to understand or control the physical world, but science is not free.

“Science is so powerful that it drags us kicking and screaming towards the truth despite our best efforts to avoid it. And it does that at least partly fueled by our pettiness and our rivalries. Science is alchemy: it turns shit into gold.” – Peter Watts

Watt’s quote exemplifies an ideal that even under the most adverse conditions the scientific method will, through its hard attrition of peer review and defense of academic territory, somehow manage to edge toward the truth. I think in someways he is right, but he also left academia in part because his work was being distorted, both by those who funded it and by the activist NGOs that misrepresented it to the public. For the record, I doubt he would agree with the point I am trying to make, or enjoy that I am making it.


Newton was one of the first great scientists, he was also one of the last great mystics. He wanted to know God through understanding the calculus. There is a false division between those who think that everything in the universe may be understood and controlled and those who think that the universe is inherently beyond our understanding and control. As William S. Burroughs said “the road to the Western Lands is the most dangerous in the world” and the Western Lands are not a pleasant afterlife, they are a metaphor for achieving awareness of the ultimate immortality of the spirit/consciousness, beyond form, and are thus completely indivisible from an ultimate perception and understanding of reality as it is. They are part of the one and the same that is beyond the power of my words to express or to reach. There is a point on the road beyond which neither your analysis of reality nor your fundamental beliefs will carry you. This is the unknown, the mystery. Eventually our fear and self entrapment will dissolve in the winds of time, but how and when is up to us. Will you fall into it or will you fly.

Forgive me for this act of polemics that I have committed. This attempt to colonize the minds of others. I am, to paraphrase what Alan Watts once said, like a bird whose nature it is to sing. This is the song that comes out.


August 28, 2009

I went on two long trips recently, the first to Quebec, which I’ll talk about soon, then another, much longer one. I’ll be talking about the second one here.

First I’m going to be very straight with you, as Alan Watts might put it, and tell you how this started. It would be very easy to ignore the real beginning because it doesn’t fit with most preconceived ideas of how something serious should transpire. I found myself watching NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, the gorgeous animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s breath taking and makes the ecology of its world a central part of the plot, which strikes a deep chord with me. The heroin is a personification of fierce love for all life and the capacity to envision a better world when she is being told on all sides that it is impossible. As I watched I felt that something was holding me back. Some part of me couldn’t accept seeing a world where some of my deepest desires were playing out and succeeding. There is usually a rational part of me that guards against absorbing simplistic interpretations of reality, but that wasn’t what I was feeling. Some part of me could accept that the future could really be made a place worth living in by choice and effort, as opposed to some revolutionary technology that would let humans be exactly as they are now, but without destroying the world in the process. To summarize, I couldn’t accept that humans themselves could change.

Nausicaa was a beautiful film to the last frame and touched on many topics that reminded me of the past life issues I’ve helped people deal with. I was still thinking about what had been holding me back during the film when I became aware that a being wanted to talk to me. I allowed it and saw it was presenting itself as a non-corporeal being associated with the wind and sky. I asked the Music and verified that it was presenting itself truly, more or less. I tried communicating verbally at first because I was tired, but just realized it would be faster to use non-verbal. It sent me a rote/data-package on what it wanted me to do. It involved entering a design into a matrix that governs what forms can enter the human consciousness as it develops. I examined it for a minute or two. It seemed to have to do with kinds of energy derived from the wind and more spiritual/energetic relationships to that idea. I asked the Music and verified that entering this design into the matrix would be optimal. Only incarnate humans can change that particular matrix, so the being couldn’t do this for itself. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. There are loopholes, like what this being asked me to do. It was fairly easy to enter the design into the matrix and carry forward the energetic alterations to their furthest extent. After that there were energies in the Earth that needed to be flowed out and transformed. The sensation of these energies was similar to the block I had experienced during the film, essentially “No. Things don’t get to be okay now. To much has been done to me. There must be pain.” I allowed this energy to flow out and be healed and transformed into positive energy that would help shift the course of history on Earth.

I thought I had finished what needed to be done at this point, but I had a residual pain on the top right side of my head. It felt like there was a seem in my skull running front to back and that someone was pushing on it. After trying to understand and heal that to little result, I called my mother so she could help me get clearer answers from our guides. The power of minds genuinely working in unison increases logarithmically in an energetic sense. Very quickly we realized this wasn’t going to be an average session. She become extremely fatigued the moment we began to work, so much that we had difficulty communicating at times. after explaining what each of us had been working on up until I called, and then poking around for a few minutes, I started to very clearly perceive that there was an entity that was messing with us. Eventually I discerned that this entity had been bound by a human being a very long time ago to attack a particular kind of DNA that runs in my family. This was done out of anger, but for understandable reasons. I’m not ready to talk about the specifics yet, but in general terms we restored that DNA to its original function. After restoring the DNA my mother immediately started to experience the fear that the entity was now having. It was very afraid because with the restored DNA we look very much like spirits that existed a very long time ago that it would never want to harm. I asked, and my mother confirmed, that I should release the entity from its duty and retuern it to the air and earth from where it came.

Once the DNA had been completely restored and the entity unbound there was much more work waiting for us. What I had started earlier for the Earth wasn’t finished. The restored DNA makes us part of changes that are happening in the Earth, even more than we already are. As part of that we are guided to help these changes. First, these took the form of a long series of intuitive treatments for the Earth itself. Linking it to other energies (sun and moon), giving it new forms for living beings, in some sense returning a voice that had been taken from it. This was very trying for both of us. My mother was still experiencing a profound fatigue. The kind of deep tiredness that makes you want to cry. I was struggling with what needed to be done and hoping that when I figured each step out confirmation would come through her shudders and body reactions. There are some parts of this that I can’t talk about because anonymity protects them. Particularly trying was when Mars wanted to be included in these connections but I new it wasn’t right. What needed to be done wasn’t a connection to Mars, but the creation or support of something like a membrane around the Earth to keep certain kinds of harmful energies and connections out.

Next I was drawn outside our solar system. I have no idea where I was, but I saw other stars from a vast distance, shrouded in darkness and their worlds dead or in stasis. My mother was making pained sounds from the effort of staying awake and focusing on our work. I focused and flowed light to wash away the darkness around the stars. “Should I open the worlds?” I asked. “Yes.” came the almost automatic reaction from her. This took more time, flowing the energy that would allow life to reawaken and become linked to the network of stars and the consciousness of all life. Then a connection needed to be made between these worlds and Earth and made to last beyond my involvement. Then we were done. I could come home from so far away. I stretched back toward Earth, but something wasn’t right. Eventually I realized that in flowing energy for so many worlds had I built up a residual shell of negative energies that couldn’t be brought back through the membrane around the Earth. I let go of this shell, making sure it was taken into custody, and slowly descended through the membrane and back into the local Earth energy system. Very thankfully my mother could then go to sleep. She had not directly experienced everything that happened, as I had. She had just felt it in her body and heard what we were saying. I said good night.

I was shell shocked. I felt stretched beyond the limits of my ego. My soul carried all this lightly, but psychologically speaking I couldn’t take the rapid change in perspective. I couldn’t take the flux. I’ve done a lot of work very much like this, but never so much, so far and so intense. I’m still recovering. Looking back over my description I realize that I’ve provided the external perspective without the internal meaning. Through this work with the Earth and beyond I had been changed very deeply. My inability to think that human beings can change is gone. A great deal of fear is gone to. I was shown that a different world is possible, not just different trappings for the old human foibles, but a genuine change in who we are, as humans, as societies and as a world.

The unfortunate thing is that after being shown how different things can be, I have to come back into how things are, where mowing the lawn, polite social lies and horrific ignorance and cruelty pass for normality.