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Dan Mitchell’s New Blog: Transmissions from the Imaginal

June 18, 2012

Dan Mitchell has a new blog focusing on, in my own words, the structure of the human spiritual journey. It is commensurate to his usual high standard of writing and he seems more sorted out emotionally than came across in Luminosity much of the time.

Here is the link, which can also be found in the blogroll sidebar:


Sex, Death and The Inner Work

July 6, 2011

I would suggest reading Dan Mitchell’s recent posts starting with Spirituality Of The Dead, Apocalypse Lingering, And The Posthuman Self.

Of particular note for me are his comments on lust and the fear of death as over-whelming elements in transformative inner work.

Luminosity Returns

September 16, 2010

Dan Mitchell has resurrected his old blog, Luminosity. As some will remember he had an extensive set of fascinating writing on his own liminal experiences, both in the past and in his current life. He took that blog down after reporting a very intense series of events that seemed to challenge his sense of reality, as so often happens with more direct contact.

“Burning The Darkness”

May 1, 2010

Go to Luminosity. Read Burning The Darkness.


April 4, 2010

A new blog has come to my attention through Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience. Luminosity is Dan Mitchell’s blog, documenting his numerous encounters with beings and forces that seem to transcend our perception of reality. These experiences most closely fit the popular mold of the UFO and abduction phenomena, but very much in the vein of Mac Tonnies “The Cryptoterrestrials” there is much more going on and the truth of these events seems to be far stranger and more complex than we yet imagine.

I fully recommend reading the entirety of Dan’s writings, but I will draw your attention to three of his posts in particular. The first is They, which is potentially one of the better descriptions of the zeitgeist I find myself living in. the second is Metaphysics and Emanationism: Possible Explanations, or more accurately the comments on the that post. Lucretia Heart of Toward a New World drops in to express her differing views on the phenomena based on her own experiences. It’s very good to see two intelligent, articulate first hand experiencers contrasting their conclusions. The third is Dan’s most recent post, RH Negatives, in which he relates one of his most revealing encounters. I will leave you with a short excerpt of that post:

One night this summer several hours after I went to sleep, I woke up and found myself standing in my backyard. There was a being holding on to my right wrist. This experience is as real as any memory I ‘ve ever had. It spoke to me intuitively in the same manner the “Tooth Fairy” being spoke to me as a young child. The first thing I “heard” was,

“You will only see me peripherally. I do not want you to turn your head or you will be frightened. Do you understand?”

Well, I was already frightened to some extent but I wasn’t terrified. What I did see out of my peripherals was completely unbelievable. This being appeared to look almost like a praying mantis that stood approximately 8 feet tall. Yet at the same time, I was noticing that it would change shape instantly back and forth into a very tall man that was somewhat disproportionate. It’s shape was in a constant state of flux. I was told that I would have the chance to ask several questions and that I would be given the answer in a manner that I could understand.