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Warrior Space

February 19, 2011

Where I come from, that is, where my energy body comes from, I am considered a warrior. It’s part of my energy body’s name, as best it can be translated: Sleeping Decadence Warrior. One who fights sleeping decadence. But I am not a warrior here incarnate. I am so blessedly weak here. Where I come from is peace and harmony and light. Being a warrior there is to shoot like a falling star into the darkness and to transduce light. The discipline is to stay within yourself through the darkness. To remain your true self, unconsumed.

Being a warrior on Earth is different because this is third chakra space. This is warrior space. Where I come from, if you fight you have already lost. You have lost yourself. On Earth, everything is a struggle. I am as I have always been, but to be a warrior in my home is to be a healing on Earth.



April 5, 2010

Every kind of karma is just a repetitious higher dimensional energy pattern that souls and energy bodies carry with them. Karma is generated when a soul manifests, such as in physical incarnation, and then, through intense involvement with that manifestation, begins to identify with and absorb the patterns of that manifest system (human existence). The soul will then carry these patterns forward through successive lives until the soul, or one of its manifestations, truly transcends the pattern at the higher dimensional state where it is carried. Transcendence of these patterns can be achieved in many forms and by different means, but the essence is carried in Albert Einsteins often heard “A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” Many souls must incarnate numerous times to grow beyond any individual pattern of karma, their physical form unconsciously confronting the pattern over and over again, until the solution and resolution of that pattern have become ingrained at the soul level. Factors that can accelerate this process include conscious recognition of the pattern, conscious desire to end the pattern, preferably made manifest in speech, writing, or symbolic act, and the reciprocation of the these factors from any other souls that are part of the karma pattern. Additionally, the assistance of an individual capable of consciously interacting with the higher dimensional realities where karma resides and who knows certain techniques for ending it, will drastically accelerate the process.

The manifestation of karma within a human life does not occur evenly from birth to death. Karma is a cyclical or repetitive energy pattern completely stored in a higher dimensional state. To manifest, the structure and complexity of the human life must be similar to the structure and complexity of the karma pattern. Only very potent karma, or karma based on a physical energy, can manifest a birth, simply because the structure and levels of complexity are too divergent for most patterns to transfer from the soul to the physical level. As a person’s life develops, physically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and energetically, more karma can manifest. This process is aided by the structure of the human system of incarnation, which is designed to provide, wherever possible, the opportunities that each soul needs to further develop. At least, that is how it’s supposed to work on a good day, when there isn’t interference.

To be simplistic, there are two general ways in which human beings deal with their karma, bottom-up and top-down. Most humans work from the bottom-up. They live out their karma again and again within their life and throughout each successive incarnation until the lessons are imprinted within the soul. Bottom-up takes a long, long, long, long time to work, and it really chews you up on the way. The only advantages are that you don’t need any special training or to work at being conscious, you just follow the script. The top-down approach is much less common, being represented by most of the worlds sacred and mystic traditions that involve any amount of inner work and development. Techniques such as meditation, ritual, intent and occasionally the use of entheogens begin processes that, among other things, allow the soul to end and erase its own patterns of karma and subsequently their manifestations in the physical world. Top-down is much faster, by which I mean it will probably only take most of your current life to work through the major issues. It also doesn’t chew you up as much. It still does chew you up because it is usually a difficult and demanding process to deal with your karma. It takes a lot of patience, stamina, compassion, humility and acceptance, as well as intelligence, sensitivity and a continued awareness of your life patterns to address karma. Most top-downers are just bottom-uppers who have achieved enough consciousness to know they don’t want to go through their karma yet again. There’s really no other reason to put up with the trial and effort of it. Keep in mind that top-down and bottom-up are just two stereotypical extremes on a an infinite spectrum and that any real person will fall somewhere between the two, if that spectrum is even valid to describe their life. I’ll provide an example to demonstrate this.

I think it is very difficult (not impossible) to recognize and address karma until it has somehow manifested in your life. You allow karma to manifest by living a human life. By human I mean bearing the pattern inherent to our seven chakras that represent the psychophysical, energetic and social development of a human being throughout life. Put more simply.

1st Chakra: Develop your physical body, go running, take up tai chi or boxing.
2nd Chakra: Get a girlfriend/boyfriend, join a social sport, learn how to give a speech, go back to school.
3rd Chakra: Develop yourself professionally, exercise your personal authority.
4th Chakra: Enter a more intimate level of a relationship, connect with another person on a deep emotional level.
5th Chakra: Hold a higher vision (archetypal, mythical, ancentral) and manifest it, artistically, socially or even physically.
6th Chakra: Take up a new spiritual or mystic practice.
7th Chakra: Go fish.

In other words, to manifest your karma so you can clear it, you have to engage in systems which, on at least some level, have the potential to generate more karma. Once manifest, the karma can be addressed. This tends to create cycles in which a person will increasingly become engrossed by one of these human journeys and their karma associated with it until a critical point is reached, conscious recognition of the karmic patterns occurs and the person begins the process of ending the karma. Sometime after the karma is ended, the person will begin another cycle, possibly even with the same aspect of the human journey, but with all new karma or a deeper layer of the same karma.

Though I have used a specific term “karma,” which for me is a very precise kind of energetic from, there are many other kinds of past life issue which follow very similar patterns. Negative timelines and acquired dense or negative energies are two common kinds. Also remember that I am ignoring the role of energy beings, forces and intelligences that can often play a profound roll in the causation and resolution of karma and other past life issues. I do this because to include these would geometrically increase the complexity of the topic. More on the topic of karma/past life issues and on the beings, forces and intelligences that might interact with it can predominantly be found under the “Energy Medicine” tag.

The specific procedures for ending karma and negative timelines can be found in my post: To Heal the Past and Guard the Future: 1

Tribal “Stages” of Consciousness

October 8, 2009

Speaker describes five stages of tribal consciousness. A tribe, in this context, is the group of anywhere from 20 to about 150 people that represents any one human beings community that they interact with regularly. The tribe is a more complicated concept than that, but work from that.

The five stages described line up very well with the first five chakras and the states of consciousness that they represent.

Previously, I’ve referred to the fifth chakra state of consciousness as the political state of consciousness. I doubt that many others think of it in that way. It is more often thought of as the centre of true personal and cultural identity, as opposed to the transitory personal and culture identities that we may receive in the second chakra state of consciousness. I choose to think of the fifth chakra state of consciousness as the political state of consciousness because that it the state from which political situations and decisions can best be addressed. Your true identity is present (true values and ideals in the context of this video) yet you have transcended the state where you are holding yourself to be truly separate from the world and the other perspectives that live within it.

My only point of difference worth noting is that to me, looking at these kinds of consciousness as a linear progrssion is a mistake.

Techs to Politics (3rd to 5th chakra)

August 8, 2009

This is a perfect (edit: intellectual) description of how 3rd chakra states of consciousness relate to 5th chakra states of conscioussness.

Technology is Political, by Jamais Cascio

3rd chakra consciousness (technological) is all about a personal, individual experience of reality, the choices that derive from it, and the energy to enact those choices. There is only one vision, yours. What you can see and touch is reality. 3rd chakra has great power in terms of understanding and manipulating the world within a single vision, or reality tunnel. 3rd chakra consciousness fails when it mistakes it’s vision for the only vision.

5th chakra consciousness (politics) is all about the direct experience of your culture, its past and future, the choices that can be made within its context and the energy to organize them. 5th chakra has great power in terms of aligning and optimizing the interaction many visions for the evolution of a society, or the achievement of a goal. 5th chakra consciousness fails when it mistakes control of these many visions for the goal itself.

Edit: The description I’ve given here is a very 3rd chakra way of describing chakras, which are generally perceived in 6th chakra state of consciousness where higher dimensional, seemingly metaphorical realities become tangibly real. An example of this would be that the 3rd chakra is also directly linked to the energy of the sun

Biospheres and a Shift to Fourth Dimensionsal (Heart Chakra) Consciousness

August 6, 2009

I view the shift of consciousness that Poynter describes as an entrance into direct perceptual awareness of the fourth dimension. This can be seen as the intellectual description of opening the heart chakra. To experience and truly understand ones unity with life itself throughout time, and beyond that, all being, is the entrance to true empathy.

Lived Experience

July 14, 2009

I was just leaving the grocery store. I felt a pang in my heart chakra. I felt forces gathering and energy wishing to flow and I allowed it. The energy pulled up from the ground and down from the sky and met in my head. My sense of ego, place and time washed away and I knew that the Earth and Sky were communicating and expressing their love for each other through me. Overwhelming.

And it faded away. Only a moment had passed. I was just standing in the middle of the parking lot with my shopping cart. For the people walking around me nothing had happened.

I have no idea how to express that I never bought into a culture (Edit: Intentionally). That this is just my experience of being alive. After the experience fades I can go find ten scientific papers saying energy medicine doesn’t work and a smaller number saying it does. Neither of those facts changes that my own mother has been crouched and whimpering in empathic terror with the soul of someone we are working on who is being tormented by insectile beings from a world on a different vibrational frequency. It doesn’t change that I was the conduit for the light that stopped them. Within their own contexts those experiences are as intensely perceived to me as the computer in front of me, and I can’t just turn them off and walk away.

The Big Picture

May 28, 2009

Stace Tussel over at Inter-Intelligence Communications picked out part of an e-mail as something that she wanted to see expanded into a full post and I agreed. The portion that she picked out is in italics.

“It’s quite difficult to convey the way in which I now view reality because it isn’t causal, or at least not in the way that one would usually mean that. I’m certain that I’m genetically and neurologically predisposed to have shamanic/schizotypal experiences, but my energy body and soul also have a shamanic nature. Those three bodies, or parts of me, became associated by resonance. The information structure of my soul resonated with the information structure of this physical body and its probability-cloud path through space-time, and whatever other local dimensions I inhabit. One way of stating this underlying principle is that there are many systems in place that govern the interaction of the information from which they are composed. At the physical level, information slows in the physical way, and at many other levels information flows in its own way that can be intuitive or arbitrary or anything in between, but ultimately all information is in resonance with all other information. There is no separation and consciousness with it’s potential to manifest any set/process of information can tune into any other set of information that exists. This means that, if the manifest component of consciousness is just more information, any being can enter into communication with any other being through resonance of their information systems. This is how I communicate with my guides.”

You are born into this physical system. The physical is an information/energy system, as are all systems. Ours is beautifully complicated and operates in a way that is easy to model, for the most part, with symbolic logic, or mathematics. For some people the physical layer is the only perception of reality that can reach them. Perception of physical reality is the most basic kind of perception for incarnate humans because we agree to experience physical reality as it is, without selectively permitting sets of experience at an energetic level. That is, if you don’t want to have a physical experience, in most cases you have to physically avoid it or tune it out at a neurological level. To incarnate is to agree to this, whether your soul understood or not.

Beyond the basic physical information/energy system there are many other, more subtle systems that are just as much a part of the agreement to incarnate. A rough guide to these could be taken from Robert Anton Wilson’s 8 circuit model of consciousness. The general pattern is one of progressively accepting the experience of ever more subtle kinds of perception. I’m going to skip the various mental/emotional spectrums of perception as these would be much more familiar to most incarnate humans. The beginning of the genuinely rare ranges of perception are what I would call “local non-physical information/energy systems.” The “local” implies that these systems are still tied to our understanding of the physical system, but exist outside it’s obvious or inherent framework. An example of this is the energy body with its system of meridians and chakras. If you are a conscious being, meridians and chakras have very little to do with your ultimate nature, but they are an essential part of the energetic experience you are having on Earth and might be having in any number of similar dimensions. Meridians and chakras are an intermediate layer between our local physical system and what lies outside.

Archetypes are another intermediate layer. Most humans have 13 archetypes that are drawn from the collective consciousness of the human species. These achetypes are templates, or stage directions for the soul and energy body that help them interact and learn in human terms. When a human dies, its archetype templates would optimally be released back into the collective consciousness of humanity. Nothing would be lost because they are information that can be drawn on by anyone. This doesn’t actually happen because there is no training on how to let go when you die in our society. As a general rule Souls don’t have archetypes, only energy bodies. This is because, as I’ve written previously, souls don’t fit into physical reality. The soul needs the energy body to make the intermediate connection and project into the physical. Credit to Caroline Myss for doing a great deal of work on archetypes.

Beyond these local non-physical information/energy systems are many states of reality that are only indirectly linked to physical reality. I refer you to the appendixes in Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys, where he outlines the various states of consciousness between physically locked-in and what I refer to as “open energetic reality.” These indirectly linked energetic systems vary extensively, but some examples are the “afterlives” of numerous religions and the energetic realms where many “alien” beings operate while interacting with Earth. The afterlives are consensual realities, primarily created by their occupants, but are often influenced by more powerful and aware beings that either try to help or feed of the beings that enter their realities. At the higher end of this spectrum you get the local negative and positive intelligences that play their big, long games behind the scenes.

Beyond this point everything gets even more difficult to talk about. The second to last stop on this travelog is what I think of as the membrane between our energetic system, in the broadest sense, and open energetic reality. Our energy system isn’t just Earth, or even just our universe. It’s a hodge podge of related dimensions and realities that exist at a bewildering number of levels, physical and energetic. None the less, they are all connected and related and fall under some kind of unified jurisdiction. Outside of this system is open energetic reality, a state of being where each soul creates its own reality in a way that I don’t think I could ever fully convey here. Being connected to our local energetic system means that a being is always forced to have some kinds of experience because it is never entirely separate from everything else. In open energetic reality your only connection to anything else is your baseline information resonance with it. Put another way, you can experience and find almost nothing but what you can imagine, but simultaneously, you are completely free to experience that which you can find and imagine. If you can imagine the outline of an energetic system like our local one, you can find it. That’s its ident, to use Monroe’s terminology.

We all dance to the music of our true homes, and mine comes from there.

A few words on the development of perception:The capacity to allow experience of that which is governs how much can be experienced. This capacity goes beyond conscious choice. You are part of all levels of reality and thus all levels affect your ability to experience. Your body/mind/emotions/energy body/soul/ beyond are all part of this. You can’t simply decide to experience all that is, but whether you will try to experience more is a decision you make every moment of your life and that will affect all its levels. Bear in mind the metaphor of light penetrating a crystal. The crystal is your own being and ability to perceive reality. The light is non-conceptualized direct perception of that which is. The crystal becomes clouded and distorted by various needs and forces that exist within your own being. If you hold onto physical reality, there will be a dark cloud at the centre of your crystal, into which only the smallest fraction of light will enter. If your emotions control your perception then your crystal will have a color which will not permit the full spectrum of light. If you are injured in your mind then your crystal will crack and entire view plains will be obscured. If you have evolved your being to the ability to experience all that is while not being deformed or changed by that experience, your crystal will be clear and you will see and act with true clarity, beyond thought.

Paranoia and Love

May 4, 2009

Care of Dedroidify

I’ve found RAW’s last comments in this video to be particularly true. Because of my negative experiences I still hedge into fight or flight/paranoid reactions, even though I’m consciously trying to balance that reaction into compassion and safety in my own light. A band of color in my mind’s eye is still very easily interpreted as a snake/worm, and a curl as a flitting parasite. This reaction is compounded by my experience that there are actually negative beings and forces that feed from and manipulate incarnate and excarnate beings.

Finding a balance between the paranoia and universal acceptance can be surprisingly difficult. Either path frees you from having to take a harder middle way. Every experience and action needs to be considered in its own light. Cautious compassion is the way I would describe the conscious response I try to cultivate. Always ask your guides if you are dealing with a being that does not have your highest good at heart, even if it seems benevolent and shrouded in light. If you find it is not benevolent, or just doesn’t have youd highest good at heart, ask if you can help it reach a state of harmony and compassion.

I’ve been told that one of the reasons I have so many negative experiences is that instead of freeing itself to focus on higher forms of interaction, my soul chooses to be an energetic warrior against the forces that enforce an unaware state of being. I found this strange because as an incarnate being I’m the epitome of not being a warrior. I’m completely non-violent, and I’ve essentially given up adversarial argument as an effect means for me to evolve anything I want. In an energetic sense, however, I use light to stop negative forces and send them into the custody of the Universal Healing Energy, or whatever force can help them. If the negative forces are not conscious I often return their energies to an unformed state. I do this much more than I use energy purely for the purposes of healing. Take that for what you will.