My name is Christopher Taylor. I write Wild Rote. I am a shaman and energy healer. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I can be reached at: Chrisdtaylor (at) eastlink dot ca

This is my girlfriend’s blog. She’s pretty amazing. You should probably go read it:

5 Responses to “Chris”

  1. Quanta Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this new photo – love it love it love it –

    Let it GROW, let it grow, let it grow….!

    Chris, thank you so much for sharing yourself. No comparison….

  2. zaichikmoy Says:

    you need a new photo!

  3. wildrote Says:

    Once I let you give me a hair cut.

  4. josephmax Says:

    Thanks Chris! I’ve added a link to Wild Rote on my blogroll. You have an interesting mix of modern Energetics and Shamanism here – which aren’t really so different, when you get down to it. The drums and fetishes of the shaman are now the instruments and pendulums of the radionicist.

    • wildrote Says:

      Thank you for the link.

      There isn’t much a of a difference between the essence of verbal/kinesthetic energy work, the material components of shamanism and radionics. It’s all about form and meaning. Flows of energy, qualities and resonance.

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