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A Personal Belief as an Essentially Gnostic or Manichaen Person

January 26, 2018

It is my personal belief and lived reality that by experiencing this Earth and facing the adversities that it presents to us we have the opportunity to find the keys to transcending it and returning to that which is perennial, innocent, wise and imperishable.

What a person experiences in this world is a journey through a portion of their soul. We walk through our lives as if they were the hallways and rooms of a great house that is our soul. In one journey we may only see the rude darkness of its cellars or the finery of its halls and chambers. The individual human personality, or its survival of physical death, are only tangential to the process of transformation undertaken by consciousness journeying through the soul.

If you deny your journey through the world you will never progress. If you become lost in the world then your journey will never return you to your source. This world contains darkness and light because it is your soul, which contains darkness and light. When you are done with the darkness you are done with this world.