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The Relationship of Consciousness and Energy in Forming Experienced Reality

July 25, 2014

Imagine two planes, each lying along the others surface. Every point of each plane is in contact with with the other. The first pane is consciousness. The second plane is energy.

Consciousness is a non-digital, non-mathematical, wholistic, continuum that cannot be separated into parts. it is defined by quality.

Energy is a digital, mathematical, dualistic, continuum that is by its nature separated into parts. It is defined by quantity.

Descending from the plane of consciousness are an infinite number of infinitely regressing singularities within the plane of energy. Each singularity represents a whole field of consciousness at any given moment. The structure of these fields of consciousness existing within the plane of energy is fractal. At each level there are an infinite number of irregularly spaced fields regressing outward and inward from any single perspective.

Every singularity of consciousness within the plane of energy remains connected through the plane of consciousness, though the perspective of each singularity is unique.