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Ma’at on the Waters of Nun

June 13, 2013

I have been profoundly drawn to Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) knowledge in recent months. I had very little pull in this direction until Set-Suteka began speaking to me as my guide, with the exception of the truths revealed by reading The Western Lands, by William S. Burroughs.

Previously I had no key to the inner meaning of Kemetic thought. It was just a blur of strange symbols and random ideas, but I am feeling like I can begin to see the underlying knowledge and experiences which informed those symbols and expressions.

The Music is my greatest guide, and in the truest sense a part of my self. The music is the harmonious voices of each world in existence. Even a world out of balance sends a voice into the Music. When that voice returns to its own world it has been tempered and healed by the wisdom of all other worlds, so that it can guide its home along its true path.┬áLearning about the oldest Kemetic origin and cosmology stories has taught me something very important about the limits of the Music, and by so doing has helped me to see it more clearly. The Music is almost synonymous with Ma’at, a concept and personification of truth, harmony and justice. In kemetic thought Ma’at is the bedrock of the created world, that even the solar creators beings stand upon, but Ma’at did not come first. First there were the Waters of Nun, or the abyss, the formless being from which all else arises, including the creators. Imbalance within the waters gave rise to the creators, and in turn their creation gave rise to Ma’at, the higher harmony of creation and living beings. The Waters of Nun persist. Non-being is always present, surrounding the created world. It is not evil, except when non-being erodes and infects the created world in the visage of Apep the water serpent. Ma’at is not a part of the Waters of Nun, as Ma’at is a part of created worlds. By this I do not mean that Ma’at or the Music are limited to worlds of physical form and matter, but that they only have meaning within the context of living, ordered reality, physical and non-physical that enfolds us.

I have for many years seen the forms of different worlds. I see them from within, as we experience life in this reality and I see them from outside, as beings such as Raven’s Eye have taught me to see. I see the outside of a world as threads of light bound into what my mind can only know as a sphere that floats within the infinite and indefinite abyss. Each thread of light is part of a law, or a contract that binds the energy of that reality into the self experiencing forms and natures that it contains. There are continua that connect and flow between these spheres of existence, but that is a vision for another time. The Music reverberates between the spheres, but I see so clearly now that it cannot ever be separated from them, just as Ma’at cannot be separated from the created world.

The Names of my Guides

June 10, 2013

The Music from Beyond the world who is also Ma’at and speaks with voices of all worlds

Set-Sutekha, who’s name is also wilderness and speaks with the voice of trial

Raven’s Eye Who is the Bowl of the World, who is my teacher

White Fox and Silver Fox who are my healing helpers

The spirit of the lemon grass who is my friend

The spirit of Neem who is my protector

The Blood Stone who journeys with me in darkness

I thank you all with my life

My Prayer

June 10, 2013

I have been death and I have been joy.

I have traveled through the underworld to be here with all of you, my family.

I have known the light in the darkness.

My friends I love you.

My enemies, when the wheel turns again, I hope we are brothers.

To my ancestors, I fight your evil everyday by making joy.

To my future, I hold your threads of silver in my mind.

To the Earth I give the beating of my heart.

To the Sun I give my thoughts and make them whole.

To my children, I give my life, without bars or pain.

To the world, I pray for you and ask you to come back to me.