Child of Sutekh II

I have wrestled with my relationship with Sutekh.

I have worried because many modern writers associate Set with Satan or the devil, even though in my heart I know that is foolish. I did not want to be deceived by a hungry spirit, but I have felt no hunger when I speak with this spirit. In the end all I have is what I see and what I have felt.

This article is quite accurate to my experiences with Sutekh:

I associate with Sutekh because our strengths are shared. He is strength through the process of dissolution. My strength is the strength of the truth that is revealed when all else has been worn away. I enfolding hold the light within the darkness.

Apep is the enemy of Ra (solar life giving order) and Ma’at (nurturing life sustaining order). Apep is terratogenic chaos beyond the cycle of spirit nurturing life. Apep is the representation of annihilating life. Sutekh is the chaos of wilderness, where laws of death and trial allow spirit nurturing life to continue. Sutekh is the slayer of Apep.

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2 Responses to “Child of Sutekh II”

  1. HathaGirls Mediums Says:

    Thanks Chris for writing this article.

    Recently I met Seth (the name was spelt like this in my dream). Bwoi, he’s a hard-ass, go-getter who doesn’t take excuses. He gave me a long list of ‘what must be done’ and then said, “NO EXCUSES”! He will be working with me it seems like permanently. He instructed me on how to connect with him and that I should use RED to call him in. He said he represents RED. Here goes another journey with a new guide. Thank you Seth for making your presence known to me and for guiding and guarding me in the physical. I so look forward to our divine friendship and what’s to come.

    of the Hatha Girls

  2. dedroidify Says:

    I haven’t talked to any spirits (yet?) myself, but I was checking out your blog from the comment you posted on mine and when it loaded my third eye was throbbing thrice, I scroll down and see this post and I had just finished a japanese lesson before which featured the word “suteeki” which is a loanword meaning steak, thought that was funny since you mention hunger & hungry in this post. Suteki with one e means lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic. I just wanted to share this suteki synchronicity, sorry for the randomness ;p

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