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Mind Spread

March 31, 2013

Best talks I’ve seen recently:

Jamais Casio probes the future:

Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan Experience:


Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

March 7, 2013

I have been traveling through a real darkness over the last months.

I feel like I am coming out of it now. It’s been very difficult, but I know it will make my work better. It’s a sign of who I wish to work with. My clients are going to look into my eyes and see “that man knows the pain that I am feeling.” It’s a sign of who I want to be. I want to be able to look into my clients eyes and say “I know the pain you are feeling.”

I have to thank Laura Burns and Patricia Wilson of Hatha Girls for helping me through the last leg of my ongoing journey. As I’ve said before they are the real deal, powerful healers and mediums, and I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of my development or my life if not for them. Working with them has not only helped me through this, but also helped me to develop tools that will help to protect me from the negative and wounded energies I need to work with and keep me from burning out in the future.

I have been able to choose tools to bolster and enrich my work that I previously could not because of my karmic history. I have been freed to improve my work in ways I couldn’t before. Months ago I asked my guides for “a practice that gave me separation from the unalloyed process. A gateway that I would have to choose to enter, instead of an unbidden power.” I see this as a continuation of that quest. I have spent years learning to hold an inner fire in my hands. Now, because I have moved through another part of my self, I can learn to hold that fire in a new way.

When you are afraid or uncomfortable with your light, your truth or your darkness, then those aspects of your being will make others uncomfortable. When those aspects of your being seduce and beguile you, then they will seduce and beguile others. When those aspects of your being have become transparent, neither sought nor rejected, but held like seeds in an open hand, then they will grow and bear gifts for you and all those in your life.

I have chosen another journey for myself. It feels good.

Child of Sutekh II

March 3, 2013

I have wrestled with my relationship with Sutekh.

I have worried because many modern writers associate Set with Satan or the devil, even though in my heart I know that is foolish. I did not want to be deceived by a hungry spirit, but I have felt no hunger when I speak with this spirit. In the end all I have is what I see and what I have felt.

This article is quite accurate to my experiences with Sutekh:

I associate with Sutekh because our strengths are shared. He is strength through the process of dissolution. My strength is the strength of the truth that is revealed when all else has been worn away. I enfolding hold the light within the darkness.

Apep is the enemy of Ra (solar life giving order) and Ma’at (nurturing life sustaining order). Apep is terratogenic chaos beyond the cycle of spirit nurturing life. Apep is the representation of¬†annihilating¬†life. Sutekh is the chaos of wilderness, where laws of death and trial allow spirit nurturing life to continue. Sutekh is the slayer of Apep.