My Chorus is a sea of many guides that sing to me with one voice of many tones. They sing to me with voices woven into the Music from beyond the World.

They did not speak their name to me because in their place they have no such name. The name chorus came to me because it fits them. They sing to me about my life everyday and help to guide me through it. They help me most of all to remember myself and to allow what I feel to rise up through all layers of self-unknowing.

I needed to give my chorus a name because I used to say “the Music told me…” when I have become increasingly aware that there are many nuances to the Music and where it comes from. My Chorus are part of the Music that speaks to me with definite forms. The Music itself speaks in ways that move in so many directions at once that it seems formless to human beings. I perceive it as formless, but I am accustomed to formlessness, and it does not hide meaning from me.


2 Responses to “Chorus”

  1. Quanta Says:

    You have again voiced with natural eloquence a subject that doesn’t lend itself well to everyday vocabulary and syntax. I sense that the chorus really is guiding you, and I trust that they are doing right by you and by the world. I’m with you. Thank you.

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