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Warnings in the Beautiful Night

September 26, 2012

The following is magical text. Reading it makes you part of it. Please do not read it if you do not wish to be part of it. Its character is transformation. If you don’t know how to work your own fate you should probably turn back, here.

I don’t like you very much. I feel that because you refuse to acknowledge your inner reality, and the pollution and detritus thereof. You will not see that what you feel and create within your self is a radiance that touches every other in your life. Your self denial is denial of every other being. Your self hatred is hatred of every other being. It touches us with a sick caress. It is unwelcome and unwanted. You have been given opportunities to be larger than you have been in the past. You passed them up. You have been pushed to open. You pushed back to close. Eventually it will no longer be your choice, because your choice stops with the conceit that you are a separate being that does not touch another.

I cry out “touch me with the eyes that see.” I cry out “touch me with the ears that hear.” Because the blind eye burns and the dead ear scolds with cold.

This is my poison. Help me. I give it up. Enough. I cry out.

You are sublime. You were made in the image of beauty and love. You hold the image of god in your heart. It is a flame and flower that does not die. You exist. You are present in place, time, substance and meaning. Please, there is a gift waiting for you. I know it will hurt. I am sorry. I am hurt too. I wish it upon no one, but if you do not take it, then you will take away a tiny part of god and everyone and everything will die by that.