Aetheric Arts and Rigorous Intuition

I’ve added two new links. The first is for Aetheric Arts, a blog by Joseph Max about radionics in general and specifically devices of his own construction. It’s a lovely resource for anyone who finds radionics too mystifying, obscure or filled with absurd charlatanry to venture an interest.

The second link is for the blog called Rigorous Intuition and written by Jeff Wells. It runs a wide gamut of topics, from ufology, to deep politics to ritual abuse. I’ve spent the last week working my way through the tip of the iceberg in just the “The Military-Occult Complex, ritual abuse/mind control, and ‘High Weirdness'” section. Each of Jeff’s posts is well researched, well written and well considered as far as I have read. There is a new home page in the works for Rigorous intuition, but it’s not quite there yet.


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2 Responses to “Aetheric Arts and Rigorous Intuition”

  1. josephmax Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the kind words and the link!

    Only one thing: my name is Max, not Maxwell!

  2. wildrote Says:

    I apologize for the confusion. When I try to write you name half the time it comes out as Jordan Maxwell for some reason.

    The name and tag should be fixed now.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

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