The One Thing That I Believe

In the infinite complexity and diversity of all being, every being is connected to every other and is ultimately whole.

That is the only thing that I know I believe. I hold that one thought above all evidence. It’s a part of me. I wouldn’t be Christopher Taylor, or Sleeping Decadence Warrior, or any of the other names if somewhere within me there wasn’t a burning fiber that said “NO” and looked to the stars every time someone or something tried to put me in a cage.

I’ve been in places where there is no energy medicine and there are no shamans. I have been in places with no sky and no stars. I’m not talking about the sight of stars outside. I’m talking about the stars inside your skull, inside the lucid light of your heart-mind. I’m talking about places where they say you aren’t ever get out and you aren’t getting any help from synchronicity or your spirit guides. Concentration camps for the soul where the rules twist you down deep and take away everything you ever had that wasn’t bolted down. All you have in those places is that sliver of light inside you that says “NO” and looks up every time they put you down and try to make you into something that you can’t ever be.

There are a lot of corollaries to my belief. The first is that there is no end, only change. The second is that time is only important when it is happening and that failure is temporal. The third is that no one is lost forever, though they may need to die and change many times before they can see again. The fourth is that the most ultimately harmful thing you can do to yourself and others is to lock yourself away from the infinity of being, regardless of whether the means is through shame, chosen ignorance, fear or the craving for illusion. The fifth is that you can never be separated from the truth and all being, only in this moment can you experience that through a sequence of self choices.

There is pain and loss in my universe, and when you do a kindness there is no ultimate rule that kindness will come back to you, but there is no waste in my universe. Though you watered the dessert and nothing grew, you gave of yourself and it mattered. Never stop growing. Never stop opening yourself. Never stop deepening. Never be afraid to change, but always try to make it good. I have seen the faces of evil and the masks of god. Being afraid doesn’t keep the darkness out and there is always something worth seeing if you can see through other eyes.

This is what I believe.


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