Neighborhood House Keeping

There are two sets of adds making appearances on websites I frequent. The first is for the website The second is for the Institute for Humane Studies. is a front designed to publicly attack the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for its pro-animal rights lobbying. is funded and run by a larger front organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which is owned and run by Washington D.C. area, for hire lobbyist Rick Berman. He began his lobbying career working for the tobacco company Philip Morris perportingthe safety of cigarettes and progressed through, among other things, take downs of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for brewing companies and union busting.

The Institute for Humane Studies is a libertarian study center at George Mason University. My personal opinion is that it is a clearing house for legitimizing and mainstreaming concepts and perspectives that ultimately benefit the private corporations that fund and manage the institute through its board of directors, which include Charles Koch, of Koch brothers fame, and Art Pope of Americans for Prosperity.

I have taken all of my links and references from because it seems to be a pretty good one stop shop for shady political and funding information and I had sink full of dishes to do tonight. You should look for a wider spectrum of sources.

I am pointing these ads out because I feel responsible for what I choose to be involved in. If these ads show up in places that I go I need to say that I think this is wrong.

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