Community House Keeping

While I’m on the topic of house keeping I wanted to make another point.

This is directed toward the conspiracy and alternative community, of which I am a part. Russia Today (RT) is not an acceptable source to be taken uncritically. RT is funded by the Russian government and seems to very directly serve that government’s interests. One of those interests is in projecting the image that America and the West are morally and financially bankrupt. RT’s habit of giving high-coverage platforms to Western conspiracy thinkers and pundits, as popular as it makes their clips in the conspiracy news circuit, does not give RT credibility or remove the bias that informs that decision. I personally want to hear from many of the alternative voices that end up on RT, but their presence becomes part of a larger media and propaganda agenda.

For another look at some of RT’s agendas I would suggest reading this article:

What I’m saying here can be applied to every major news source of which I am aware. They all serve the interests of their funding and owners, but RT is particularly unsubtle about pushing its chosen images and has a popular presence in the English speaking internet conspiracy community.


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