The Analemma

Disturbances in the outward flow of events often reflect the invisible and imperceptible movement of our own being.

Note an outward constant in motion: The sun.

Note a set of fixed points in the continuum through which that constant cycles: A fixed time of day.

The result is the infinity sign of the analemma. A time lapse that reveals the sun’s relative position to the observer at the same time of day throughout the year. This outward sign does not reveal the motion of the sun. It reveals the motion of the Earth, to which we are oblivious by the fact of our intimacy and inseparability. The loop of the analemma is caused by the orbit of the Earth around the sun. The twist in that loop is caused by the tilted axis of our world as it orbits. By looking outside we have seen something that was invisible about ourselves. Inner and metaphysical truth are no different. The difficulty is in realizing that what we are truly observing is ourselves.


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