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Community House Keeping

June 27, 2012

While I’m on the topic of house keeping I wanted to make another point.

This is directed toward the conspiracy and alternative community, of which I am a part. Russia Today (RT) is not an acceptable source to be taken uncritically. RT is funded by the Russian government and seems to very directly serve that government’s interests. One of those interests is in projecting the image that America and the West are morally and financially bankrupt. RT’s habit of giving high-coverage platforms to Western conspiracy thinkers and pundits, as popular as it makes their clips in the conspiracy news circuit, does not give RT credibility or remove the bias that informs that decision. I personally want to hear from many of the alternative voices that end up on RT, but their presence becomes part of a larger media and propaganda agenda.

For another look at some of RT’s agendas I would suggest reading this article:

What I’m saying here can be applied to every major news source of which I am aware. They all serve the interests of their funding and owners, but RT is particularly unsubtle about pushing its chosen images and has a popular presence in the English speaking internet conspiracy community.

Neighborhood House Keeping

June 27, 2012

There are two sets of adds making appearances on websites I frequent. The first is for the website The second is for the Institute for Humane Studies. is a front designed to publicly attack the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for its pro-animal rights lobbying. is funded and run by a larger front organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which is owned and run by Washington D.C. area, for hire lobbyist Rick Berman. He began his lobbying career working for the tobacco company Philip Morris perportingthe safety of cigarettes and progressed through, among other things, take downs of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for brewing companies and union busting.

The Institute for Humane Studies is a libertarian study center at George Mason University. My personal opinion is that it is a clearing house for legitimizing and mainstreaming concepts and perspectives that ultimately benefit the private corporations that fund and manage the institute through its board of directors, which include Charles Koch, of Koch brothers fame, and Art Pope of Americans for Prosperity.

I have taken all of my links and references from because it seems to be a pretty good one stop shop for shady political and funding information and I had sink full of dishes to do tonight. You should look for a wider spectrum of sources.

I am pointing these ads out because I feel responsible for what I choose to be involved in. If these ads show up in places that I go I need to say that I think this is wrong.

More Odd Disappearances in Wilderness Areas: Follow up Interview

June 26, 2012

Due to popular demand David Paulides was invited to do a follow up interview on Coast to Coast AM. He talks about more anomalous disappearances, this time focusing on the Eastern US.

The Analemma

June 25, 2012

Disturbances in the outward flow of events often reflect the invisible and imperceptible movement of our own being.

Note an outward constant in motion: The sun.

Note a set of fixed points in the continuum through which that constant cycles: A fixed time of day.

The result is the infinity sign of the analemma. A time lapse that reveals the sun’s relative position to the observer at the same time of day throughout the year. This outward sign does not reveal the motion of the sun. It reveals the motion of the Earth, to which we are oblivious by the fact of our intimacy and inseparability. The loop of the analemma is caused by the orbit of the Earth around the sun. The twist in that loop is caused by the tilted axis of our world as it orbits. By looking outside we have seen something that was invisible about ourselves. Inner and metaphysical truth are no different. The difficulty is in realizing that what we are truly observing is ourselves.

Dan Mitchell’s New Blog: Transmissions from the Imaginal

June 18, 2012

Dan Mitchell has a new blog focusing on, in my own words, the structure of the human spiritual journey. It is commensurate to his usual high standard of writing and he seems more sorted out emotionally than came across in Luminosity much of the time.

Here is the link, which can also be found in the blogroll sidebar:

How to Make a World

June 16, 2012

This is pretty much how it works.

You figure out how the world works, usually with some exploration involved, then you breathe life into it. Usually your life.

Memories of Making the Earth

June 12, 2012

I’ve written about memories that I have from other incarnated lifetimes. I haven’t written very much about my memories from between incarnated lifetimes.

I have very explicit memories of being involved with some aspects of forming the Earth. I was one of millions of other beings involved in the process. Some beings, like Raven’s Eye who is the Bowl of the World were involved in much higher level activities, like weaving entirely new timelines to guide the formation of the whole Earth system. I and my working group were involved in much more specific and limited activities.

Explaining exactly what we were doing can be challenging. There is a relationship between consciousness and the form taken by physical reality that is very difficult to describe in the modern mental context. Every individual consciousness is like a nucleus, or porthole, or a light in the darkness, around which the material universe is tuned in. The physical world is not an illusion any more than a building that you choose to enter is an illusion, even though it may prevent you from seeing the larger world. The physical world has reality outside of the the observer, but that reality is not the physical world as we perceive it as human beings. It is only a “physical” world in that we are experiencing it that way.

What I and my working group built as excarnate beings were the threads of potential that could manifest through the progressive densities of materialized personal experience. We worked in higher dimensional levels of non-physical existence, altering potential fields, time-lines, threads of connection and other more complicated structures so that the physical world could be felt and experienced in the way that it now is, more or less. There are many areas and refinements to the process that we didn’t have anything to do with, mostly relating to human psychology and interaction.

Our area of specialty was material system stability and persistence. I remember with strange emotion how difficult it was to get certain aspects of the system tuned correctly. Having the necessary form and diffusion of water was very difficult for some reason. Water moderates environmental, thermal and biological reactions, but getting it to behave with the necessary characteristics was a great achievement. Insuring a stable magnetic field around the planet was tremendously important, but less challenging.

One of our other works was to assure the deep rigidity of biological life on Earth. Other groups were working genetic evolution, morphic stability and the fundamentals of biosystems on Earth. We were concerned with preventing the equivalent of ecological cancer, or the advent of homogenizing swarms, to use a science fictional term. We did this by encouraging extreme precision in cellular reproduction and more complex life function. This would discourage the kind of rampant mutation that would be necessary in order to co-op the entire diversity of other life systems. Our work was necessary because of the explicitly mathematical nature of material Earth life. In the energy systems I am more accustomed to inhabiting it would not have been necessary. In those systems a being of a relatively more developed nature and understanding simply can’t be limited, controlled or influenced by force. A being of a relatively less developed nature can be influenced, but only within the parameters of what they will allow for themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. There are essentially no restrictions on form in those realms because there is almost nothing you can do to another being against its will or inherent nature. On Earth, however, this is not the case. If there were not deep restrictions on physical form we would be inundated by controlling and converting agents, biological, chemical and mechanical, even electrical. The level of stability necessary for the development of the desired incarnate psycho-spiritual attributes would be impossible. Everything would be changing, warping and continuously tearing itself apart. All it would take is one amoral and extremely clever being to bend the world to his will.

I find Earth’s physical limitations on form very onerous. I feel within myself the capacity to change form, psycho-spiritually from my past existences between incarnations and genetically from the ancestry of my current incarnation. I use this inner knowing very much when I am working with clients. I energetically become what I need to be in order to help them. Most people loose themselves if they try to do that, but I am accustomed to being formless. It allows me to enter other people’s realities while retaining the necessary potency to bring change and healing. This also my life more difficult because when I am tired a tend to revert to diffuse and formless state. I usually call that “needing to be a cloud for a while” and it makes being with other human beings very difficult.

I have become accepting of my physical limitations as I have remembered more of why they exist. An example would be the reason I was chosen to be part of the working group on material systems stability for part of the Earth project. I was incarnated several times previously to a different system that had been overrun by invasive and self transforming biological agents. Calling it a war wouldn’t really do it justice. Life was at war with itself. I incarnated as a being that had been created by one of the technologically advanced species of this world. I was part of a new species designed by them to survive in these new conditions, to help them fight and survive and, ultimately, to continue their culture and the concept of individual conscious intelligence into the future should their race perish. I incarnated several times as one of these “future guards” so that I could experience the entire arc in their history. I fought when we were new and things were terrible. It looked like the end of the world.

Our form was generally akin to a spider made of pale bone. We had distinct heads more than a spider and our legs attached to an oblong central body with no abdomen. The number of legs was actually variable. My strongest memories are of having four legs, but I know others had more. We had been grown from aquatic creatures very much like a sea squirt, and this was the central conceit of our design. Nothing outside of the thorax was alive. The only living tissue in our bodies was safely protected behind many layers of thick bone. Our limbs were operated by the pumping of hydraulic fluid. A giant mass of muscle in the thorax, much like a heart pumped this fluid through out the body to create movement. Our senses were limited by our extensive shells, but we did have sight, extremely good hearing, or at least sense of vibration, and something that passed for smell. Sight was achieved through light pipes. Crystalline tubes that lead from the head back to the central nervous system in the thorax (our brains were a genetic bequeath from our creators, to carry on their way of being should they become extinct). Vibration sense was conducted by chambers inside the central body filled with delicate fibers in fluid. Smell is the most alien sense. It was achieved by combination of small patches of chemical sensitive chromatiphors on the shell with light pipes that would carry their changing colors into the central nervous system. Any kind of direct chemical or nervous contact for smell as in humans would have provided a direct route of access for our enemies. I could go on about our biology, but I have conveyed the central point that our very way of being was defined by denying access to invasive controlling agents.

I incarnated to this culture at least three or four times to experience the full arc of the part of their history in which they would actively face invasive self transforming biological agents. I was there from the beginning, when everything was terror and it looked like the end of the world, right to the end when indeed the world had been burned to the ground, but no pure strains of the enemy remained and we and the few other races that had survived were the only real monsters left in the world.

Because I carried that history I was able to give the product of its experience in the Earth process.

Astana: Bad Impressions

June 6, 2012

I think you should go read Jamais Casio’s post Astana: Impressions, then I think you should go read Casio’s live tweets from the final round table of politicians, Nobel laureates, CEOs and media figures.

“The most notable part of the event was the roundtable discussion on the final night, bringing together political leaders (current and former Prime Ministers and Presidents), a half-dozen Nobel Prize laureates in economics, a couple of executives and a couple of media figures to talk about the world’s economic situation. About a quarter of the way in, I started “live tweeting” the event — I simply couldn’t believe what was being said, and I knew that others would have the same kind of aghast reaction.” – Jamais Casio

“Again, a single telling example: in the 90 minutes of the discussion, unemployment was mentioned once (about 45 minutes in), and briefly, while inequality or similar concepts never came up. What received the most attention was the need for even more austerity (and how to handle the annoying groups of citizens who don’t like it), alongside casual discussions of tossing Greece out of the EU.

Here’s the problem: AEF is a prime example of how the global conversation about development and economics takes place without much regard for anything beyond the interests of the most wealthy and powerful. This is hardly a surprise; what was surprising was the utter lack of subtlety about it. Nobody bats an eye at the obsequiousness of Nobel laureates and global media executives towards the President-for-Life of an up-and-coming petrokleptocracy. Jokes are made about how democracy is ruined by having to rely on voters. The fate of the planet gets decided over bad (and infrequent) coffee and semi-functional translation.” – Jamais Casio

This post and series of tweets is of interest to me not for the content and portrayal of figures of institutional power and authority. I could read about far worse elsewhere. For me it’s about the author. Jamais Casio is what I might call unrelentingly reasonable. He is not a conspiracy theorist, or even that cynical. He is progressive and practical. When he sees this type of misanthropic and anti-human policy projected openly and without artifice of concealment then I think that something has changed in the world. Maybe not an avalanche, but a slow, burbling creep that’s starting to lap at the base of the collective neo-cortex.