Protection: Physical Pain in the Place of Spiritual Infestation

I am often told that I am protected by many spirits, beings and layers of energy at all times. I think this is true because I feel them there at this point in my life and looking back I can see the ways in which I have been favored and cared for. In the past I had great difficulty accepting the idea that I had this kind of protection in my life for several reasons, the most prominent among them being that I have been in physical pain for much of my life. Other reasons include my sensitivity to various physicalities, such as light, chemicals, sound, crowds, other peoples emotions, etc., but the pain has been the most irreconcilable for me. How could I be so protected and loved if I have been subjected to such pain?

The answers to this question has become clearer to me recently. I say answers intentionally because there is no one answer that explains or covers every situation that I am trying to address. I will talk about several of those answers, but never all.

I experience physical pain and discomfort in place of the influence and infestation of negative beings and forces. Some of these beings and forces are internally present because of my spiritual and family history. They are inherited as a debt that must be ended. Some of these beings and forces I will encounter externally in my daily life and spiritual journey.

The negative beings and influences that manifest from spiritual and family karma or debt are very insidious on Earth because humans lose their memories while they are here. If a human can even realize they are being hurt or manipulated by something that is not part of them there is still the hurtle of finding the internal hook, or history that allows these beings and forces to attach to the human being.

Before entering my current life, I think I chose that instead of directly experiencing the control, manipulation and psychic invasion of negative forces, I would experience them as physical pain. This pain would allow me to know that something was wrong, but would also protect me from being possessed, controlled or damaged. I do not think that I can be without pain and still clearly perceive what I need to be doing at this stage in my development. The volume on that signal cannot yet be adjusted. If it was silenced I could not access the negative realms that must be healed within me and my family.

This realization has the strange consequence of making me thankful that I only experience the physical pain. I have learned that physical pain is so transitory. The kind of emotional and mental suffering that these negative forces create is unimaginably more destructive, both for the individual who experiences them and for those closest to that person.

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4 Responses to “Protection: Physical Pain in the Place of Spiritual Infestation”

  1. miramirorum Says:

    Thank you for writing about this so honestly. I am dealing with similar energies and pains, very actively lately. How did you learn healing? Have humans been able to teach you, or have you had to find it inside?

    • wildrote Says:


      You are welcome.

      I have never been able to be a student of healing or energy work with a human. I have been a student in many other areas of my life, but my guides can’t let me do that with energy healing. I have to find my own way which can’t be found here on Earth. That said, I have worked with and learned much from many incarnate humans.

      This page a good place to begin reading about my journey and experiences:

      Take care,

  2. Dara Smythe Says:

    Your story seems very similar to mine. However, I’ve suffered severe physical pain and illness AND psychological/emotional pain my entire life. I am now 70 years old tomorrow and don’t feel I’ve learned much of anything in that span of years except how to hold on for the ride.

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