Arsen Darnay’s Notes on Rebirth

I find Arsen beautiful because he won’t let go. He carries that mentation, that examination of the past, present and future, with him until he has worn it down to its barest lucidity. He doesn’t release himself to walk in the half-formed worlds of resonance and shadow that I do. That’s also a quality that frustrates me sometimes, but as he writes there is more lucidity and less frustration.

His most recent post that deeply caught my eye is More Notes on Rebirth.

The part of most interest to me is this:

“Origen ultimately derives this cycling from the operations of free will—which is at least a coherent sort of doctrine. It assumes that each of us, individually, caused our own fall rather than, as it were, getting our original sin by mere genetic inheritance. The alternative, that of being created in a fallen state, at birth, is, for me, incoherent. In the latter instance all we must try to explain is why we don’t remember the initial act that sent us to a realm where, every morning, we have to put on socks.

Just a handful of those who remember having lived one life before also remember the intermediate state between lives in another and always rather magical realm. And some very few among them also recall having been urged by one or several angels to come back to earth again. Why? Because, evidently, they needed to do so to develop further. Those are interesting cases. In most others, it just happens.

So what does all this suggest? Is the model developmental? If so, the engineering of such intricate machines as bodies would not have been done by the fallen creatures themselves but would be part of the divine plan (which, of course, is the orthodox teaching, but I find it hard to believe); this is a big subject; I will have to enlarge on it later. Something more complex is going on here. I suspect, however, that I’ll have to wait until my own border crossing before the structure that brings us here and receives us back over there—and what’s really behind it—becomes clearer. I’ll put this in that notebook I’ll take with me when I die.” – Arsen Darnay

It is a good thing to hear the way that you see the world, more or less, spoken in new or different words.

I have not finished my own commentary, but the first reaction from my own experiences that I want to articulate is this. Holding memories between radically different states of being is a triumphant act of intention, effort and transformation. As there are many shades of existence within physical reality there are many and more shades of existence outside of physical reality. The journey from the origin of our souls is so long, covers so many transformations and changes that to recover that knowledge is the work of a lifetime. I do think there is an origin for every soul, as there is for every individual and particular being, no matter how complex and extensive. I have glimpsed my own.


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