Falling and Never Reaching the Ground

Logic, rationality, clarity and sight are lenses. Definite form is the necessity of each, containing both their revelations and their limitations. This applies from the realm of mathematics and formal logic to the realm of spirit and mysticism.

David Malone: “The problem is that today, some knowledge still feels too dangerous. Because our times are not so different to Cantor or Boltzmann or Gödel’s time. We too feel things we thought were solid, being challenged, feel our certainties slipping away, and so, as then, we still desperately want to cling to belief in certainty. It makes us feel safe.

At the end of this journey the question, I think we are left with, is actually the same as it was in Cantor and Boltzmann’s time. Are we grown up enough to live with uncertainties or will we repeat the mistakes of the twentieth century and pledge blind allegiance to yet another certainty.”


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