Hatha Girls

Hatha Girls is the name that Patricia Wilson and Laura Byrnes use for their work as mediums, healers, intuitives and whatever else they are called upon to be on any given day by their guides and helpers.

I’ve been friends with them since October of last year and I haven’t regretted it for a moment since then. They are both the real deal through and through. Their experience is hard won and they are both kind, potent and very brave.

If you want to work with them my advice would be this: Be honest and don’t play games. They will see through you. Go to them if you want to become more than you are now. They’ll go the distance with you if you’re ready to take the trip.

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3 Responses to “Hatha Girls”

  1. HathaGirls Mediums Says:

    Thanks for your loving words and support Chris. You are an amazing and wonderful part of our family. We thank you and send you much love across the miles. Always, all ways.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Chris you are an amazing and wonderful gift to the world. Human words fail to describe you. Laura and I are so happy to meet you ((again)). We truly and dearly love you. Thanks for making us smile, making us see our true selves, and giving us motivation and encouragement…and a kick… when we need it. You are truly loved, love. ~P

  3. wildrote Says:

    Thanks Patricia.

    You and Laura are always welcome because you have always done the same things for me.

    We’ll talk soon.

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