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Drone Democracy

February 25, 2012

Robotic and tele-presence technologies are subtly, but radically altering the political dynamic of public involvement and government oversight in warfare.

The membrane between political power and technological development has always been illusory, from agriculture, to iron, to assault drones and wars waged as open secrets.

P. W. Singer has a new article that outlines the relationship between the use of drone technologies and their de-democratization of warfare:

Falling and Never Reaching the Ground

February 24, 2012

Logic, rationality, clarity and sight are lenses. Definite form is the necessity of each, containing both their revelations and their limitations. This applies from the realm of mathematics and formal logic to the realm of spirit and mysticism.

David Malone: “The problem is that today, some knowledge still feels too dangerous. Because our times are not so different to Cantor or Boltzmann or Gödel’s time. We too feel things we thought were solid, being challenged, feel our certainties slipping away, and so, as then, we still desperately want to cling to belief in certainty. It makes us feel safe.

At the end of this journey the question, I think we are left with, is actually the same as it was in Cantor and Boltzmann’s time. Are we grown up enough to live with uncertainties or will we repeat the mistakes of the twentieth century and pledge blind allegiance to yet another certainty.”

Hatha Girls

February 13, 2012

Hatha Girls is the name that Patricia Wilson and Laura Byrnes use for their work as mediums, healers, intuitives and whatever else they are called upon to be on any given day by their guides and helpers.

I’ve been friends with them since October of last year and I haven’t regretted it for a moment since then. They are both the real deal through and through. Their experience is hard won and they are both kind, potent and very brave.

If you want to work with them my advice would be this: Be honest and don’t play games. They will see through you. Go to them if you want to become more than you are now. They’ll go the distance with you if you’re ready to take the trip.

History, History

February 13, 2012

Why do we kill each other and why is there pain in this world? The answer’s always the same. History, history. We are the product of our past. Form flowing through time. Why does god make a world of pain? The breath within all things didn’t make you buy a time share on the suicide machine. History, history. The product of your past is a choice you make over and over again, but time is an illusion. The past isn’t a factory of choices, it’s just an idea you are living over and over again. Make a new choice and make a new past. Don’t blame god for crack, hurricanes and cancer. Being here is a choice, even if you don’t know how to stop making it. It doesn’t mean you are bad. It doesn’t mean you are good. It means you are here, on planet Earth, where all the cool kids go to matter, live and die.