Jesse Moynihan on The Secret Sun

Go have a look. Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun has an interview up with Jesse Moynihan, creator of the webcomic Forming.

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4 Responses to “Jesse Moynihan on The Secret Sun”

  1. mike clelland Says:

    Hey – I think it was me who turned Christopher Knowles onto the FORMING comics by Jesse.

    I posted a link onto his facebook page, and he immeditly commented (something like ‘WOW’)

    beautiful stuff,
    Mike C

  2. wildrote Says:

    Excellent work, Mike.

    It always gives me a kick when I find out that I and the little pocket of the internet that I associate with have been following the same things independently.

    Take care,

    PS You’ve got a lot of great stuff going on over at Hidden Experience. I’m really looking forward to catching up on some of your pod casts.

  3. mike clelland Says:


    I originally found the FORMING comic at this site, when you posted a link to it – then I sent it over to the Secret Sun facebook page – then Chris Knowles said WOW!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog. There is an interview with Whitley Strieber that is great!

    Mike C!

  4. wildrote Says:

    Ha ha, that’s pretty funny. I never considered Jesse’s work got around to Chris Knowles from here.

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