Sacred Fire

“Withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.” – Slacker, 1991

I used to be a healer. I still am, but I can’t look into human eyes any more and say “I’ll help you to be whole” when all those eyes see and want is their own pain. Humanity is cannibalizing itself. They are screaming “won’t someone end the suffering!” Still unconsciously, habitually, tearing away another junk of flesh to be consumed and burned on the hidden and profane alter to ignorance and craving that we carry inside of us. I have known this in the sanitized reign of quantity, statistics, distant geography, economic “realities” that would make Kafka blush, but now I feel it in the universal microcosm of every human soul. The Western Lands seep with blood and infected shit.

I have the light and fire of god beating in my heart and beating in my brain. It was the greatest gift to all things. Once you see it lives within, you can’t abuse it. You can’t. I can’t give power to the wretched, even within myself. I can only give myself to the ones who have suffered enough to let go of their suffering.


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