Sacred Fire II

Suffering-for-its-own-sake has nothing to do with light, clarity, truth or knowledge.

Suffering-for-its-own-sake is part of the incurving nature of shame, of separating yourself from all that is with darkness, pain, recrimination and isolation.

The locks on our hearts are old and born shut with rust, rime and deep time. Some of them can only be touched in the light shed by the dying embers of life, or found in the unending vacuum of despair. Violence, or the slow creep of the unbearable, are sometimes the only keys.

Open the locks, 1 by 1. Inch by inch worm. It lets in the horrible night and day, but it’s the only way… Out. The truth will smash you open. If you keep looking you’ll see that it was just a clay doll full of insect puzzles. Where am I? Chase the stars and they’ll always run away. Let them come in the night. Lucid light. Behind the eyes. Felt in the lymph. Seen as clear as day.

The light of god is terrifying and absolutely amoral. It will compel the truth from you. The truth of your own nature, beyond literal fact. The light is utterly annihilating. It will move through you until there is absolute clarity throughout your being, or you close-off, or you die.

Ordinary human life protects us from the light of god. It must, or we could not be born and live as beings of fragile living flesh and blood, fragile emotion and need. Our forms must grow in the amniotic protection of this physical world.

The sacred fire is one pole of the process that the light of god engenders within physical life and matter. It is a process by strong resonant transfer. Energy reordering matter into higher states of refinement and potency. It is an inherently consumptive process. It is not life nurturing.

That which is transformed through the process of the sacred fire takes on a nature that elides the less refined order from which it came, revealing the grains of more refined nature within it. The process of the sacred fire is traversed many times and all conditions of refinement are by degree. Refinement is not known through comparison or reaction, but through the actions born of self nature.

The physical laws of this universe bear no internal relationship to the process of the sacred fire or the light of god, but in the presence of those forces there is distinction, but no separation between the transformation of the spiritual and the physical.


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