“Finding Freedom in Handcuffs”

Chris Hedges has a new article up. I would say that it is about occupy wall St., but that would not be true. To me it’s about being human at this time on Earth. It’s the best thing I’ve read in weeks, in terms of its moral power, its authenticity and the quality of the writing itself.

You can find it several places, but I read it at Seismologik: http://www.seismologik.com/journal/2011/11/7/finding-freedom-in-handcuffs.html

The last paragraph is particularly moving.

“There are streaks in my lungs, traces of the tuberculosis that I picked up around hundreds of dying Sudanese during the famine I covered as a foreign correspondent. I was strong and privileged and fought off the disease. They were not and did not. The bodies, most of them children, were dumped into hastily dug mass graves. The scars I carry within me are the whispers of these dead. They are the faint marks of those who never had a chance to become men or women, to fall in love and have children of their own. I carried these scars to the doors of Goldman Sachs. I had returned to living. Those whose last breaths had marked my lungs had not. I placed myself at the feet of these commodity traders to call for justice because the dead, and those who are dying in slums and refugee camps across the planet, could not make this journey. I see their faces. They haunt me in the day and come to me in the dark. They force me to remember. They make me choose sides. As the metal handcuffs were fastened around my wrists I thought of them, as I often think of them, and I said to myself: ‘Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty, I am free at last.'” – Chris Hedges


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