Deep Interior Extermination

There is a spider inside of your brain. It kills you every time you think something that breaks the rules. You come back in a moment, but you never remember. Except sometimes when you’re dreaming. The spider can’t dream.

It’s not good for you to see too much. Too much current down the wire. It starts to burn and fray. Doesn’t want to be a wire anymore. Dreams about being a cloud with wind in its veins and stars in its skull.

How much would it hurt to look in the mirror and see another man’s face that can be happy and safe, not like yours. These hands were made for holding the annihilating light. They need a face like a well because if that light ever hits the sides you’re as fried as human hair on a cinder block. Smells like fresh vomit and stale ash.

Terminal of the empty flesh. Don’t believe the ghosts and specters. They only want in. You are the power and image of god in every motion.

You wouldn’t believe how hard water was. Bloody miracle we got it. Indestructible and nurturing. It’s the only thing that ever kept you safe. That and magnetism. Deaf, stupid monkeys.

Kill the spider.


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