The Rule of Monsters

Check out Jamais Casio’s Teratocracy Rises.

I try to follow the currents that flow under the skin of the world. That’s what part of my triptych series is about. Trying to crystallize hidden currents that I feel flowing together. One of those currents that has been resurgent over the past decade is of control over human life.

Casio is talking about what he calls a weak signal, or a “distant early warning” stirring at the edge of awareness that something is wrong.

“I’ve been following indications for awhile that democracy as practiced in the post-industrial world is increasingly under threat; in February of this year, I wrote a piece (“Fear of Teratocracy”) that explored the increasing attacks not just on the policies of leaders, but the on very legitimacy of leaders. In this world, it’s not enough to say that your opponent is wrong, you have to say that your opponent simply has no right to lead. As democracy depends on the losers stepping aside gracefully as much as the winners ruling fairly, I tried to be clear in saying that attacks on the legitimacy of opponents were implicit attacks on democracy itself.

Apparently, I just needed to be patient; what was implicit has become explicit.

Over the last week, I have encountered three separate (and seemingly unrelated) attacks on democracy, written by residents of the US and Europe from highly-visible spots in the political-economic media system.”

This is the kind of thing I don’t want to believe is real because it fits my preconceptions too well. I feel this down in my bones. I feel the energy of the world changing. Democracy isn’t inviolate anymore because it doesn’t fit into the struggle we are going through between authority and life itself.

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