If you just open the door sometimes you catch a breeze.

One of my personal opinions based on my own experiences is that the majority of the full human potential exists in regions or fragments that only partially overlap. Modern society and the set of skills and frames of perception that are necessary to interact with it define a very narrow spectrum of these regions. Through habituation our consciousnesses learn to identify with a limited set of regions that becomes “I,” the ego in the social context. What we identify with as “our” thoughts are usually merely the mental energies internal to this small region. Throughout time and social habituation these thoughts and mental energies can become more disjunct from the greater identity and being, or they may become more integrated through actions and choices like meditation and exploration of the inner and outer self.

It is my opinion that when we make a choice, and we make it real, it can open us to potential that we didn’t necessarily know existed. I emphasize “make it real,” because the extent to which you enter a reality or a situation where it is possible is the extent which you might find a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed. An example of this based on the video with Welles. I could not do what he described for several very definite reasons, the first among them being that I have an overriding knowledge of my place and purpose in this life. That knowledge comes from outside of my own ego. I am a shaman, I see into people and I help them, but I don’t tell the future and I could never lose myself in trying. The bedrock reality of what I am prevents me from pretending to be anything else in a superficial way.

Via Dedroidify, Via Alienpunk.



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