Dalhousie Green Laser Returns

For the first time in many months I saw the green laser from Dalhousie university shooting up into the sky, the one that spawned my posts “Cylindrical UFO Over Halifax, Nova Scotia (Possibly Explained as of Aug. 18)” and “Identified Aerial Phenomena Over Halifax, Nova Scotia“. However, I would have known it was back even had I not gone for an evening walk. There are eight variations on “green laser Halifax sky” in my stats section that logs search terms people use to find Wildrote. I’ve also had 75 (now 102) hits, which is three to four times the daily average. I’m gratified that at least people seem to be paying attention to what is in the sky.

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One Response to “Dalhousie Green Laser Returns”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Yeah I saw it Sunday evening the 18th of July 2011 / 19th Monday morning. With the way the clouds moved causing a fading effect I thought it was a Comet or meteorite or other phenomenom. I came to the conclusion it was local when it did not move position as the night went on and morning dawned. A co-worker said it looked like a laser as he pointed out the slight straight beam from the ground projecting to the sky. Cool stuff but surprising when not seen before.

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