Child of Sutekh

Many, many months ago I was doing a healing with a friend of mine. After we were finished working a being came to me that felt very different than usual. My head and whole body were ringing like a huge bell, waves washing back and forth. the being had a message for my friend, that she was one of his children in a metaphysical sense and that it was the echo of the Egyptian god Set. After I had conveyed this message it told me that I was also one of his children. It took me a long time to figure out what that meant.

Please take this as helpful fantasy because I really know nothing about Egyptian history. Set, or Sutekh, as the name I preffer, was a god of desert, storms and foreigners, all things that don’t fit into Egyptian society. He was an abivalent, but central figure before his vilification after the unification of upper and lower Egypt and the occupation by the Hyksos. He was loud, unruly and caprecious, though his strength slew Apep, the serpent of chaos and darkness, every night as Ra’s bark traveled through the underworld. I asked myself in what way could I be a child of Set. I do not posses many of the traits that he is well known for, being rather quiet and not great in physical strength, nor having any real affinity for deserts or storms.

The answer did come and my guides were quite happy when I found it. The key was “things that don’t fit into society.”

I’ve read about so many societies in which the spiritual and energetic world are seen and felt as part of life. Vajrayana Buddhism, Daoism, some forms of Christianity, Sufism, tribal cultures from every continent except Antarctica. I’ve learned tremendous amounts from reading about them, but there is largely consistent aspect of their cultures that goes against everything that I am. Structured, defined heirarchies. Roles defined by tradition and custom. I have spent the majority of my life strying to escape modern Western culture in one way or another, but I realized that if I had been born into any of these other ways of being I would have had to escape just as much. I am a child of Sutekh, and I will never fit. I will always be a subversive element. It’s been worked into every part of my journey that I can’t follow anyone elses path. I can’t have a mentor and I can’t be a follower, adherent or disciple, even when I want to be.

I come from a place of no masters and I will be free.

Photo is care of Per Sutekh:


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