The Taste of…

Disproportionately in regard to feeling and spirituality I think people want either the taste of holiness or they want to taste of sexyness. Their is either a desire to pray and meditate, or to dance and kiss and imbibe. Both are part of my journey, in one sense or another, but I want neither.

In my experience there are very few people who have the desire to:
1. Meditate
2. Find a state of clarity
3. Ask themselves “what do I now contain that entraps me or captivates me, whether it is horrific or sublime.”
4. Externalize those things in a way that is compassionate and full of awareness until they have been truly and fully externalized from one’s consciousness.
5. Spend days of fasting and meditation dealing with the internal consequences of externalization.
6. Repeate the process until it becomes a part of you, like breath or thought.

Very few people want to do that, but for me that is THE process. If I do not become transparent to my petty limitations and needs then they will stand in the way of whatever healing may happen here.


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