Blemish in the Line of Duty

I was working with someone recently and I was guided to ask them to look at the sixth chakra point on my forehead while I worked, which lead to a few very intense moments for me, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Several hours later, after we had finished working, I noticed in the mirror that I had redness and small, paler raised patch in the centre. It looks like a minor sunburn or an allergic reaction, but it’s been rainy all week, I spent all day indoors, we were working in the middle of the night and I certainly haven’t been applying anythign strange to my forehead. It doesn’t hurt but I am very aware of it now that I know it’s there.

It’s kind of frustrating, but also kind of amusing that of all the thing’s I’ve been through over the years this is the one that leaves a mark that other people can see.

Have a look.



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