Menace, Transformation and Hope

There is a comic that I found several months ago that in many senses perfectly encapsulates the feeling or the tone of many experiences like shamanism, contact and abduction. I’ve refrained from posting or linking to it because one of its frankest aspects, one of the ways it most accurately portrays the feelings that I have and that I see in others, is the terror, confusion and pain of the experience. It’s so easy to get caught up in those feelings that I choose not to feed into them, but the truth is that, along with everything else I talk about, those feelings have been my constant companions and I need to talk about that. I don’t need to invest them with power, or make them into something more than what they are, but to see them with clarity and to articulate them only as what they are.

This is just a window, nothing more. When you get the message and feel what it means, you don’t need to hold onto it anymore.

I don’t know who the creator of this comic is. The site I got it from did not have a credit and it was too large to put into Tineye. If you know who made it please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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