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Anya Briggs / Presidential Comission for the Study of Bioethics

May 31, 2011

Anya Briggs of Anya is a Channel was selected to be part of the public commentary for something called the Presidential Comission for the Study of Bioethics. She is the first person to speak in the video.

To find out more about Anya and her commentary check out a new radio interview that she has done. She talks about some of her experiences that hasn’t before now and puts all of her experiences into a very solid context:


May 31, 2011

I’ve been posting a lot of darker stuff recently. I just want to be clear that you really don’t need to take part in that. It doesn’t have so much to do with ultimate reality as it does with where I am in this moment. If you are in a very particular place it might help you. Other than that it’s just something that’s happening in my life.

This is another one of those things. There is no reason to watch unless you know what it is like to be pushed down into a tiny box and told that you will never see the sky again. No passage, no portal. The only way out is passed the walls they’ve made for you.

Sleeping in the Sky

May 23, 2011

I had this… It wasn’t a dream, just something that came to me driving in the middle of the night.

Imagine if you could float in the air. You had a long tether and a sleeping bag. You could sleep in the sky at night.

You could just let go and wake up anywhere.

World Peace Game Revisited

May 19, 2011

They finally put the video for this lecture on youtube so I can embed it.

Routes Up the Mountain

May 19, 2011

My previous post about people wanting the taste of things , combined with some reseach I am presently doing, reminded me of this quote that I thought very apt.

“There was a little old woman, about 70, sitting in the front row of one of my lectures. She wore a little hat with strawberries and cherries on it, a black patent-leather bag, and oxford shoes. The audience was all flower children. I thought somebody brought their grandmother. I would tell a far-out story, I would look over, and she would be nodding yes. So I would get a little more outrageous, testing my limits, and she kept nodding. I thought maybe she had a neck problem. At the end, I egged her to come up, and I said, ‘What have you done in your life where you know this stuff to be true?’ She leaned forward very conspiratorially and said, ‘I crochet.’

It blew my mind. Up to then, it was ‘you meditate in Burma sitting on the full moon on your head after fasting.’ And she crochets. I finally realized that there are lots of routes up the mountain.”

-Ram Dass

May 19, 2011

My guides must get so sick of me.

I have had so many experiences which take me to exactly where I need to be, but I loose that in my mind because the path isn’t all clear mountian peaks and I have to walk through the swamp.

Child of Sutekh

May 19, 2011

Many, many months ago I was doing a healing with a friend of mine. After we were finished working a being came to me that felt very different than usual. My head and whole body were ringing like a huge bell, waves washing back and forth. the being had a message for my friend, that she was one of his children in a metaphysical sense and that it was the echo of the Egyptian god Set. After I had conveyed this message it told me that I was also one of his children. It took me a long time to figure out what that meant.

Please take this as helpful fantasy because I really know nothing about Egyptian history. Set, or Sutekh, as the name I preffer, was a god of desert, storms and foreigners, all things that don’t fit into Egyptian society. He was an abivalent, but central figure before his vilification after the unification of upper and lower Egypt and the occupation by the Hyksos. He was loud, unruly and caprecious, though his strength slew Apep, the serpent of chaos and darkness, every night as Ra’s bark traveled through the underworld. I asked myself in what way could I be a child of Set. I do not posses many of the traits that he is well known for, being rather quiet and not great in physical strength, nor having any real affinity for deserts or storms.

The answer did come and my guides were quite happy when I found it. The key was “things that don’t fit into society.”

I’ve read about so many societies in which the spiritual and energetic world are seen and felt as part of life. Vajrayana Buddhism, Daoism, some forms of Christianity, Sufism, tribal cultures from every continent except Antarctica. I’ve learned tremendous amounts from reading about them, but there is largely consistent aspect of their cultures that goes against everything that I am. Structured, defined heirarchies. Roles defined by tradition and custom. I have spent the majority of my life strying to escape modern Western culture in one way or another, but I realized that if I had been born into any of these other ways of being I would have had to escape just as much. I am a child of Sutekh, and I will never fit. I will always be a subversive element. It’s been worked into every part of my journey that I can’t follow anyone elses path. I can’t have a mentor and I can’t be a follower, adherent or disciple, even when I want to be.

I come from a place of no masters and I will be free.

Photo is care of Per Sutekh:

The Taste of…

May 18, 2011

Disproportionately in regard to feeling and spirituality I think people want either the taste of holiness or they want to taste of sexyness. Their is either a desire to pray and meditate, or to dance and kiss and imbibe. Both are part of my journey, in one sense or another, but I want neither.

In my experience there are very few people who have the desire to:
1. Meditate
2. Find a state of clarity
3. Ask themselves “what do I now contain that entraps me or captivates me, whether it is horrific or sublime.”
4. Externalize those things in a way that is compassionate and full of awareness until they have been truly and fully externalized from one’s consciousness.
5. Spend days of fasting and meditation dealing with the internal consequences of externalization.
6. Repeate the process until it becomes a part of you, like breath or thought.

Very few people want to do that, but for me that is THE process. If I do not become transparent to my petty limitations and needs then they will stand in the way of whatever healing may happen here.

Blemish in the Line of Duty

May 12, 2011

I was working with someone recently and I was guided to ask them to look at the sixth chakra point on my forehead while I worked, which lead to a few very intense moments for me, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Several hours later, after we had finished working, I noticed in the mirror that I had redness and small, paler raised patch in the centre. It looks like a minor sunburn or an allergic reaction, but it’s been rainy all week, I spent all day indoors, we were working in the middle of the night and I certainly haven’t been applying anythign strange to my forehead. It doesn’t hurt but I am very aware of it now that I know it’s there.

It’s kind of frustrating, but also kind of amusing that of all the thing’s I’ve been through over the years this is the one that leaves a mark that other people can see.

Have a look.

Gods and Alien Machines

May 10, 2011

Alien machines masquerading as gods. Sometimes I just love being me because I’m in a position to get the joke.

For anyone who doesn’t get it look up VALIS and Philip K. Dick, or Solid State Intelligence and John C. Lilly. Look up gnostic archons while you are at it.

Actually, allow me. Replace autobot with ECCO and decepticon with SSI:

“Later on, as the frequency of his use on K increased, Dr. Lilly began having contact with another alien intelligence agency, which he called (SSI), short for Solid State Intelligence. SSI was a supercomputer-like entity, much in the same techno-mystical vein as Philip K. Dick’s VALIS. But unlike VALIS, SSI was of a malevolent nature, at odds with ECCO. SSI’s apparent goal was to conquer and dominate all biological life forms on Earth. To combat SSI, ECCO enlisted Lilly in this archetypal battle of good against evil, charging him with the mission of alerting the world at large to these solid state beings of evil intent. To further confirm the dual existences of these two opposing alien intelligence networks, Lilly was given a sign, and message, in the autumn of 1974. Flying into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Dr. Lilly saw the comet Kahoutek out of the southern sky. Momentarily the comet grew brighter. At this point a message was laser-beamed into Lilly’s mind, which said: “We are Solid State Intelligence and we are going to demonstrate our power by shutting down all solid state equipment to LAX.”

Dr. Lilly shared his foreboding message with his wife Toni, who was seated next to him. A few minutes later, the pilot instructed the passengers that they were being diverted to Burbank due to a plane that had crash-landed near the runway and had knocked down power lines, causing a power failure at the airport.”

Taken from here.