Life Style

I have a negative reaction toward people who treat spirituality as a lifestyle choice. I loath the culture that surrounds almost all spiritualities, but I don’t loath spirituality. I love people, but I hate what they do.

What I’ve done with my life wasn’t a choice that my personality made. It’s just been tearing me apart since I was a small child and then reached down out of the sky one day when I was 18 and made it impossible for me to live a safe or reasonable life. This is a disease. This is a sickness. It burns everything away. My dreams and plans for my life. My delusions and petty qualms. My pride and my fear.

I ask myself “why can’t it be different?” and sometimes I know the answer, that in my heart I sit in a cave listening to the Music and that my life is a reflection of that.

Edit: A not that I did not want to make in the body of this post, but that should eb made is that my personal reactions to spirtuality as a life style choice have nothing to do with truth. They are a reflection of my own psyche and are often contravened by my own spiritual experiences that get me involved with things I would have otherwise avoided.


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