I Speak….

…And I feel the meaning, but I don’t know it.

Bad audio and out of synch on the first video.

Better audio and in synch.

I have been wanting to make video of myself speaking in this way for a long time, but it’s not an easy thing to do. I do not control it, only allow it to happen. My impression is that I am not channeling, or speakign for another being. The Music says that number of different languages, for lack of a better term, have been given to me. I am aware that there are at least four different ways of speaking that come to me. I am reluctant to project or put labels on everything, but my guides can be rather stern with me if I don’t make things explicit when they need to be explicit. In this case I explicitly need to say that I feel that these four ways of speaking correspond to different kind of beings are part of my make-up in one way another.

The first kind of speach to clearly and coherently manifest was the speech the Music has me use. It is a set of whistling tones from the back of my throat. I had to go through a long period of development to be able to make these sounds. They are not very dramatic or aesthetic, but they are important in my energy work. They are the ones I have the most conscious access to, but they don’t like being recorded.

The second feels like a reptilian language and the third feels insectile. They came mixed together and I was less aware of their development. The reptilian is hisses and guteral sounds. It very emotional in a way. It often comes out if I am frustrated when my mother and I are working with a difficult being. The insectile language is more like a series of clicks with some breathy whistles. It’s less emotional but very exact.

The fourth is what I spoke when I talked to the goblin like being I mentioned in a previous post. This the primary element in the videos in this post, though there are also reptilian and insectile elements.

My impression is that these kinds of speech or languages are not like our own, where one sound or word has a definite and repeatable meaning. I can make the same sound with different emotion and context and it means something completely different, almost as if the sound is just a carrier for what is behind it. Yet how things are said does matter. I am often aware that I have said things in a broken way. A way that doesn’t do what needs to be done.

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