Glass and Cloth and Light and Wind

“Why do you talk about integrity? What happened to ‘dissolving in the winds of time?’ Why do you speak at cross purposes?”

Because English isn’t sight or sound or taste or the thousand other things which create each moment. It’s an arrow that moves in only one direction at once.

The point of letting go isn’t to disolve and disappeare. It is to become more than you are now. Or to remember what you have always been.

See the great edifices of the Earth. Stone and immovable. Without gravity they come to nothing. What pulls them down is what holds them up. In the void they come apart so easily. We are no different when struggle, whether for food, or station, or knowledge, is all that we know. When we step outside we come apart, and if we are lucky, are put back together differently than before.

A structure, of itself, that does not rest upon another. It is self sustained, but open. It is not a reaction or a pre-meditation. When a glass is placed upon a cloth we see the pattern of the cloth, but the glass is not changed. When the cloth moves in the wind we see the wind, but the cloth is not changed. Be as that.

What wind should you allow to move you? Perhaps the wind which is of the process that brought you to ask the question.

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